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  1. Going to echo the idea that you don't need any new TLs right now. Your time/energy would be better spent on cleaning up the derogs as much as possible AND working on generating any additional cash to get those balances down. The baddies are probably dragging you down most, with utilization a close second. Also keep in mind that credit is a financial tool. Paying those balances down is in your best financial interest, regardless of effect on FICO. Work on those two areas and you'll make big strides.
  2. Just curious how many people actually play this game on a regular basis? I'm an admitted junky for the credit game but man what an inconvenience. Get statement, pay balance, repeat for me. Maybe if I was shopping a mortgage or something but on a regular basis?
  3. Just adding a data point since it's a unique situation: Was AU on 4 of GF's Amex accounts opened in 2006. All revolvers. Accounts were closed in 2009 after we refused to play nice during an FR attempt. Applied for Platinum & Delta Gold two days apart. Platinum was sent UPS and arrived with 2014 member since. Delta showed up shortly after with a 2006 member since. Called and requested a chip and sig platinum be sent and it showed up with 2006 member since. When the accounts reported they are both opened in 2006 on my reports. Thought it was interesting that the charge showed up without D* but the revolver has it. Really curious what would have happened if I'd only applied for the Platinum.
  4. So far this year: Amex Platinum Amex Delta Gold - $1000 (No 60 Day CLI but they'll approve upwards of $20k on my Platinum...ugh.) Chase Freedom - $4500 US Bank Perks+ - $3000 Barclays CLI - $4000 (Took the hard to increase limit on an older card rather than another new TL. $6k total here) Also got an auto CLI from BofA of $2k.
  5. Got mine a little while back, but I requested it while messing about with backdating.
  6. I think for most people it really doesn't mean that much. For anyone using their products for day to day stuff with modest cash flows (not talking wealth here...cash flow), there are better options out there. That said, the rewards/benefits/flexibility make for a great product for those who spend enough. Another thing that gets missed by most is the way Amex actually works. They get a lot of heat for FRs on forums like this, but that's also an indicator of how they function as a bank. They ACTUALLY do analysis. If you need something to happen and have the means, it can get done. I'm in business management and absolutely hate when my clients use other lenders for their day to day spending. With Amex, I'm an account manager for all my clients, can handle matter on their behalf, and not have to jump through hoops to do so. They can get a bit conservative at times, but once you prove you can handle the spending you need, they'll make it happen. No way could my clients (touring musicians, film makers, etc) run their day to day with a single card from any other lender I can think of. It's not unusual for me to get statements with balances $250k or more. This is why these types carry Amex. Those types carry the card, it's assumed prestigious, "amex=rich" idea spreads.
  7. I've got a few that I'd close if not for age. Have a Merrick card that started as a Hooters account when I was rebuilding. Was really happy for the TL at the time and used it despite the embarrassment factor fairly regularly for a while. Now it's in the sock drawer costing me 4 bucks a month until I decide enough is enough. Probably sooner than later. Shell and Home Depot are pretty worthless at this point too with no rewards and toy limits. At least they're not hurting me with AFs.
  8. I'm really surprised by some of the rates in this thread. I just got a loan through them for $14k @ 11.99 w/ a 677 on TU (Asked for $20k and got it but only took what I needed). Clean report with the score being down to utilization issues, but still. Only reported $55k in income, which they never asked for verification on. Seems they're all over the place?
  9. Yup! http://lifehacker.com/get-another-year-of-amazon-prime-for-79-even-as-a-cur-1543360940
  10. Amex (Platinum Charge specifically) has been my white whale for a long while and I finally got an approval!! I've been an on and off member here since 2004 and owe so much to this site. I started here with scores in the low 500s and have steadily built and repaired thanks to all I've learned here. I've also successfully purchased two very nice cars that would have never been attainable without the knowledge I picked up here. Basically this is just a big THANK YOU to everyone here
  11. I manage several account with CNB, all of which are on analysis for our firm. In terms of relationship banking, they are definitely great to work with if you have finances that warrant that relationship. For the average consumer (think broad definition of average here), there are better places to look in terms of establishing credit. As a matter of fact, I just closed a few cards held at CNB at the request of a client who saw no use for them. The rewards are average at best and online banking can be a bit cumbersome. I can also vouch for the ability to collateralize any of their products. Several of my clients have done this with both cards and LOCs using CDs, etc as security on the accounts. They do also offer some pretty great LOC rates.
  12. Recently helped mom by a car with one of these... It wasn't as painless as expected, but that was partly due to the dealer's hesitation to accept that it was an approval and not a pre-approved mail solicitation (they look a LOT alike) Had to wait 24 hrs for dealer to get verification from Cap1, and all went well after that. It was also a little tough because we bought a new car, and Cap1 is pretty tight on LTV. We had to negotiate the price of the car down like crazy to get into LTV requirements, but I can't complain about the results of doing so! Our strategy was that we had approval in hand with terms we were comfortable with. We then let the dealer see if they could offer anything better, knowing we always had a fallback we were satisfied with. I'd highly suggest this approach for plenty of reasons. Congrats on the approval and enjoy your new car
  13. The issue making the payments isn't due to the need for service. The payments are VERY behind due to irresponsible spending by our friend. It's a separate issue. But they're in a very tough financial spot that makes the idea of having the repair done under warranty very appealing. My main concern was a personal lack of understanding regarding the relationship between dealer service departments and lenders in a case like this. In this case the lender is third party to the whole situation and I really don't see the connection. The car would also likely be taken for service at a different dealer than it was purchased at originally.
  14. I'm asking this question to hopefully help a friend who's gotten herself in quite a situation... She's VERY behind on the payments on her car. I don't know if the lender has actually attempted repo, but know they'd have a challenge due to her home and work addresses changing since buying the vehicle. The car was bought with a subprime loan (believe Santander has the loan now). Now the car is acting up. However, the car is still covered by the Ford factory warranty. If she takes it in to a dealer for service, will there be unintended consequences? Seems to me that Ford is the one liable for the service and has no interest in the car. The lender paid for the car, and the lender isn't Ford Credit. However, I don't want to advise that she takes the car into a giant trap. Any advice/experience/etc would be greatly appreciated! Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend
  15. BMW Financial This seems regional. They wanted EX from me in CA. Which banks pull TU? VW Financial and Audi Financial

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