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  1. Greetings!!!! Been a long time since I've been here. Kept my credit clean for 10 years and it's been nice. However i've bben periodically been dealing with an an issue since i've got my cell phone about 5 years ago. Periodically in cycles, I've been getting CA call for likely the previous owner of my cell number (different gender and ethnicity), About 6 weeks ago they've started up again.Despite telling them till i'm blue in the face that I don't know that person and to remove my number, it continues. I'm getting bent outout of shape now because my new job is night shifts
  2. Feb 2013 update:: Still doing good here. My score really hasn't moved t0o much since the top post.. I added a couple of credit cards for diversity and increase my available balances. Other than temporary mild dings my FICO scores today remain 805 Equifax and 806 Transunion- I didn't check Experian.. No lates -only one of my cards has a balance under $1000 (20,000 limit) others are stored and used randomly to keep active.. When the economy tanked- a few issuers reduced my available limit or raised APR rates. but as i rarely use them I figured just roll with it and keep them active and
  3. I had mine taken out at age 32 ( 8 years ago). I had chronic stones that i used a long Q-tip to push them out regularly for years along with regular strep throat. Finally saw an ENT that I knew from when I worked ER. Scheduled an Office visit and was scheduled for surgery- he was using some "shaving" technique that was sort of new then from what I understood. Surprisingly I thought I would be pretty nervous about going under/ surgery. I was actually pretty relaxed. I remember joking with the anesthesiologist about how long I would last concious after being injected with the knock out juic
  4. That's Barbed wire??? Looks like cut chicken wire at best........... or did he trace that pattern from an Etch-A-Sketch???...........
  5. Outrageously high!!! The high I'd seen when in the ER was .55- college student was being carried away from party as police were breaking it up. and stopped them to check him out. Very lucky cuz he would have been dead in the morning. turns out they were "Ice Lugeing" Where they carve a patterned channel on a block of ice and pour hard alcohol from the top. He was in a coma for 2 days and was given beer as he was being weaned off as he detoxed. But people can die from lower levels too. even in the .3 range...... I also somewhat common for hospitalized alcoholics to be given a ca
  6. I haven't encountered that - the pharmacy always asks to change due to the meds being on different tiers. Sort of a pain because you A) Don't have the formulary for the patients insurance.... even if you did have the formulary.. it changes too frequently- because i'm convinced a drug company "B" underbid the drug company "A" by a penny or two to be on the "preferred" tier formulary.... Don't get me started on the mail-order pharmacies.............. C )I have the pharmacy calling to get approval to change from Travatan to Travatan "Z" D) Same with Alphagan to Alpha
  7. Vehicle in California 1999 Honda Civic 2 dr hatchback. 245,000 Miles and runs great. Not a looker but was intact and ran well, just passed smog with flying colors!!. Interior is sun faded and paint needed help some- but was presentable. SO I follow a truck into a deadend parking lot and he stops in the isle in the middle of the run with a number of spaces still ahead that he can turn into. Then I see his reverse lights come on and starts backing up. It took a brief moment to reAlize what he was doing and for me to find the horn button ( it's off to the side of the steering wheel b
  8. unfortunately she's probably be let go for for taking matters into her own hands.........(but I totally applaud her - but "corporate" usually doesn't like this type of action)
  9. 1993 Dodge Ramcharger 360 auto w/ OD. (a518) 245,000 mi still going strong
  10. a local plumber beats your airline pilot.......... http://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/story/731370.html
  11. A Long Time Lurker here... MY success story is here: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=200474 Fico Scores then 801 and 812 in August 2006. Current Fico's --Experian 818 / Equifax 807/ Transunion 796. So now the question is now what?? In the current environment out there. I lot of who I have credit with are pulling tricks left and right. B of A 20,000----0 util 8+yrs old Wells Fargo 10,000---0 util 20 yrs old Amex 10,000 0 util 3 yrs old Citi (ha!) 4,000 0 util 3 yrs old Credit Union Card 4,000 15% util
  12. I've done this for pateints before - it's not too bad . I does take a while to get the meds. usually about 2 weeks. Each company is slightly different. Heres one I looked http://www.pfizerhelpfulanswers.com/pages/...id!|%25erid! Google "Patient assistance programs"- usually you can download a form give it to your Dr, prefilled out of course. some companies take the Dr's word that the patient is in need, Others request last years Tax forms to verify proof of need and Income requirements. Those also state that they report/verify to the IRS (I wonder if you get some 1099 for tax pu
  13. It has been alleged that when I was a young'un I "helped" daddy polish the chrome exhaust tail pipe that ran along the bottom of the passenger door on a pristine 68 Camero SS. It was "alleged " that I used sandpaper. I have no recollection of that event or the certain punishment that happened afterward. but I hate the sound of sanding for some reason .....
  14. I'm assuming it's Restasis, it's a drop to help increase your natural production of tears. Usually 1 drop morning and evening. Thing is, it takes a while to take effect. Up to 6 months ,though some of our patients notice improvement in about a month. Your Dr. should have written the presciption to dispense 2 packs - (one pack of 30 ampules per eye). It is not a cheap medication- over $100. Each ampule has more than 2 drops worth- you can, if your store it in a clean place, use it till the ampule is empty stretching the supply out an extra 1-2 weeks. This will save you some over the long h
  15. I worked in an ER and on an ambulance for a number of years-- never saw/heard/read of a case that the train swerved to hit them. I also agree with the poster about wanting to pummel a train engineer. I lived for about a year near a track with crossing and while most would blow horns appropriately there was one SOB who was PLAINLY EXCESSIVE and this was a rural area and the engineer had EXCELLENT visibility at this one crossing that wasn't used at night going to a rock quary. when i left a few people were actively talking about staking this train out and making thier unhappyness
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