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  1. How should an officers list be filed once you have incorporated. We have a Nevada Corp. thats just been aging and want to start building biz credit, however we don't really want our names listed as Officers. Do we do an amended Officers list.
  2. the letter has both boxes checked?????? I am confused as well
  3. Got a question on rapid rescore. I have a letter from a CA referencing the CA account and the OC account to cancel/delete and paid in full, the accounts were opened in 01(rptd 02) and 04(rptd 05). Is it worth it to rapid rescore and get them deleted? I was told if you rescore old accounts it would cause the score to go down, what is condered old? Need to Know ASAP
  4. Does anyone have any idea when the last transcript will be posted or is it posted somewhere else. Thanks
  5. A good broker should be set up to shop the loan with one pull of your tri-merge credit report so you don't have several inquiries, You will have just the one inquiry from the broker. Here is one you could call and ask some questions Apex Mortgage 1 888-533-9111. They are licensed in 40 states and work with over 200 lenders. Good Luck, hope it all works out for you.
  6. gems

    Debt Validations

    Thank you soooooo! much for all your help. I will keep you posted on my progress.
  7. gems

    Debt Validations

    meant to say using regular white paper
  8. gems

    Debt Validations

    Thanks Idare, I think this will definitely get me on my way to decent reports. Now if I use the computer am I suing regular white paper, I was thinking of getting a little creative and use purple, yellow or orange since I have so much of it.
  9. gems

    Debt Validations

    Yes I have, don't know how long ago, maybe 4-6 months
  10. gems

    Debt Validations

    2 Capital One, 1 Spiegel, and the rest catalog charge cards.
  11. gems

    Debt Validations

    gems, maybe we should go back a couple of steps to make sure you're on track. 1) Have you opted out? Yes 2) Have you disputed any previous addresses and incorrect personal information on your report yet? Yes 3) How long since you've PAID on the above accounts? (Did you stop paying at about the same time as the DOLA?) Stop paying at about or before DOLA 4) Do you know the SOL in your state - and are these accounts all past SOL? 4 open, 6 written (I am in Cali) Try to answer those questions first, ok? I'll check back here and might offer you some different suggestions than the 1-2 punch described above, depending on the answers.
  12. gems

    Debt Validations

    Thanks. I am looking at an old credit report (10/2005) to start dispute process and want to make sure I don't wake a sleeping giant. I was thinking of disputing as obsolete with CRA, then do the DV (CA). Accounts DOLA #1 OC 8/2000 #2 OC 2/2000 #3 OC 7/1999 #4 OC 1/1999 #5 OC 6/1999 #6 OC 3/1998 #7 CA 7/1999 Want to make sure I am on the right track
  13. you could make her an authorzed user on one or more of your accounts, this will add history to her reports.
  14. He can add some secured accounts, or ask a relative or friend with good credit ethics to make him an authorized user on an account that is several years old, which will add to his credit report within 30-45 days of being added to the account. Of course he is not really going to be a user on the account, he just needs to get the payment history on his credit report to bring his score up. If/when he receives the card he should cut it up and give it directly to the relative.
  15. I have been told that too many open checking accounts (especially recent/new) may send a trigger to the banks, And you know they all communicate with each other sooner or later. May send a flag. Be cautious.

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