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  1. I got one last year with the the same small $300 CL, the only thing that sparked my attention was that it was a World Elite MasterCard for what it's worth. https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/find-card-products/credit-cards/world-elite.html The benefits seem to be pretty good, just wish I can get a limit that would be conducive to the benefits that the card provides.
  2. Don't forget that the ApplePay on the watch is a separate list than on your phone, may be a way to add more cards.
  3. I got one of those pre-selected letters, took the bait and got a sad, sad $750 limit. The only nice thing about the card is its a World Elite MasterCard, however that line is not conducive of most of the "deals" that the service provides.
  4. It also took me a while to start getting CLIs on my Amazon and Walmart, remain persistent and they should start rolling in. All of a sudden my luv button started working, then they were more friendly via chat.
  5. This particular black one - hoot
  6. Who is going to steal your identity with a 750 limit lol, exactly. I look at it as the little pistol under my pillow for protection should they get to the rest of the arsenal (csp, venture, Amex, discover)
  7. Yep, first thought was that it was the cheapest looking card ever... Then I turned it around and saw the world elite and said hum. Love the 1,000,000 travel life insurance and free identity theft protection.
  8. If anyone is a credit slut, it'd have to be me 3 cards in 1 day - Venture1 $10k, Platinum $1k, GM BuyPower "World Elite" $750.00 Where's the nearest garden, or support group. eta: at least the BuyPower was a solicited pre-approval.
  9. Day 17 and another +1K to $7500 Happy Mother's day to all the mothers both naturally and emotionally.
  10. AMEX did the same thing for me too, my Everyday started at $500, tried the 3X trick and got a huge nada, and the same snarky reply upon recon. A few weeks later they auto bumped it to $1k (after using the PRG heavily and paying off). - Fast forward to March, went for a CLI again, again a big no. - Fast forward to Tuesday, Applied for a BCP, instant $2700. It may be best to get another AMEX. no-brainer if it weren't for the demise of BD*
  11. I don't know what they are on, but they did just give me a $10K VentureOne, then a $1K Plat. on Tuesday. Funny thing is my Pre-Approval for a GM Buypower was only for $750 (same day). The venture is my highest limit yet, Discover being the next highest at $6500, followed up with J. Crew at $5000.
  12. I have tried the pre-qualifier almost month never works, on Tuesday I just went for it, got a $10k Venture without the pre-qualifier.

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