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  1. I going to try and move this to the main credit forum.
  2. I get the impression from reading your post the account is most likely too old to be reported per FCRA. You should determine if the account is obsolete.
  3. Well, go to a dealership and strike a deal on the numbers, and then go to as many credit unions as you deem appropriate with a copy of the bill of sale along with a copy of the window sticker. That way you oversee your destiny. You can accept or decline their terms/conditions as you wish.
  4. Why do you care now with all the inquiries you have?
  5. nonsense: You payment schedule is clearly stated in the REG Z box on the contract. If SE Toyota would put it in writing to you, then that might make a difference. If you pay online, their website may accommodate extra principal payments, I'm not sure, but my Honda loan had that ability. Still didn't change my monthly payment.
  6. The simplest answer is the more down-payment you make in cash, the lower your monthly note will be. I put close to 50% as a down payment on my last vehicle purchase in 2014.
  7. Welcome to CreditBoards. Folks will be glad to help you. You made your first post in the right place.
  8. Bigger usually equals more money. IMO. Just be prepared for sticker/payment shock.
  9. If I put ten used car managers and let them independently evaluate the worth of a vehicle, I would get ten different answers. I am really confused by your postings, WHY are you trading the durango since you like it so much for yourself?
  10. I always use up to the minute auction reports. I believe KBB and NADA are used by lenders to determine the advance percentages.
  11. You want a nice tidy total pkg presented to you where you like everything without doing any work. These F&I mgrs may not want to spin a deal to a bank for a look-see and kill their look to book ratio. I wouldn't at all. I can't spend ifcome. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
  12. How upfront and frank do you wish to have me be with you?
  13. I would recommend that you snail mail your documents. No way to prove they ever got a fax.
  14. How do I send a document to Experian? If you have a document that you would like to submit to substantiate a dispute regarding the information on your personal credit report, you can mail it to Experian's National Consumer Assistance Center at P.O. Box 4500, Allen, TX 75013, or upload your document at experian.com/upload to submit it online.
  15. (610)546-4771 Can I fax documents to TransUnion for dispute? Yes. Fax these documents at (610)546-4771, but note that it is for a dispute at the top by writing “Attention: CCD).
  16. Equifax is 888-826-0727 working as of now 10:34 am
  17. If you have good enough credit to be prime, then your loan pricing is usually based on one or two factors. #1 purely your FICO score. #2 combination of your FICO score and the LTV request. Therefore, based on nothing more than the scant personal information you provided, you should pay all the sales tax, dealer doc fee (if any), and any other state mandated fees as your down payment at a minimum.
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