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  1. Wow/////////////////////////////////// Hunter you made me sneeze.
  2. I expect you are approvable. You should know by now, if you have followed this forum for any length of time, I always shy away from trying to predict an APR.
  3. What is the length of the terms this settlement shall pay till?
  4. Nope.......that status will no longer be used.
  5. REMINDER! Account Status 05 (Account transferred) to become obsolete for reporting Effective April 2022 As noted within Exhibit 4 (Account Status Codes) in the Credit Reporting Resource Guide (CRRG®) since 2020, Account Status 05 (Account Transferred) will become obsolete for reporting in April 2022. Refer to the Transferred category within Exhibit 6 for a list of Special Comment Codes that should be used instead of Account Status 05. Refer to Frequently Asked Question & Answer 46 for guidance on reporting transferred accounts, and to Frequently Asked Question & Answer 47 for guidance on reporting sold accounts. All guidance that relates to accounts being transferred or sold has previously been updated to advise that the Account Status should be reported as of the time of transfer or sale so no further updates will be made to existing CRRG® FAQs (46 & 47) as a result Account Status 05 being retired. The Metro 2® Task Force recommends that data furnishers transition away from reporting Account Status 05 as soon as possible. If there are any questions, please e-mail metro2info@cdiaonline.org. Thank you, CDIA and Metro 2® Task Force Metro 2® Webinar: Retirement of Account Status 05 (Transferred) Dec. 8, 2021 @ 2pm ET Join us Dec 8, 2021 for the Metro 2® Webinar: Retirement of Account Status 05 (Transferred). Developed in collaboration with the Metro 2® Format Task Force, which includes experienced representatives from Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion, this webinar will discuss how accounts that are transferred internally or to a servicer should be reported, as reflected in the 2021 Credit Reporting Resource Guide®. The reporting of accurate data is an essential obligation of data furnishers under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Account Status 05 will be retired for Credit Reporting in April 2022. Presented by Pat Dubie, Training Consultant at Consumer Data Industry Association, this webinar will focus on the following discussion topics as they pertain to transferred accounts: · Use of the L1 Segment to identify the Identification Number and/or Account Number Change · Use of Special Comment Codes to identify the “transferred’ condition · FAQ #46 Duration: 45 minutes Cost: $245 per registration (incl. up to 5 individual participants login) Your registration includes: · Access to the scheduled webinar and all handout materials · An audio re-play file of the event accessible online for up to one year, which can be shared internally with your team · Free download of the latest version of the Credit Reporting Resource Guide® (CRRG®) · The webinar is a single sign-on experience. Register Today! If you can't join us for one of the scheduled webinars, you may register for the on-demand replay of this event. The on-demand replay as well as the handout material will be emailed to you approximately 48 hours after the purchase. To view CDIA's Metro 2® attendance policy, please click here. Legal Disclaimer: CDIA's teleseminars are educational in nature and do not represent legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney in your jurisdiction.
  6. Some creditors data management systems will accommodate a full middle name. Some will accommodate a middle initial. You can be identified either way.
  7. I don't even remember that one. You will have to give me more to go on to search for.
  8. Do you live in an ELT state?
  9. He does shit like that on purpose. Consider the vile source.
  10. credit cure software - Credit Forum - CreditBoards I assume this software still works on the latest version of windows.
  11. What Is Section 609? Section 609 refers to a section of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that addresses your rights to request copies of your own credit reports and associated information that appears on your credit reports. Section 609, oddly enough, doesn't have anything to do with your right to dispute information on your credit reports or a credit reporting agency's obligations to perform investigations into your disputes. There is no such "609 Dispute Letter" anywhere to be found in the FCRA.
  12. Nope. I couldn't even reading from the original thread. It was split from an 11 year old thread with the exact same title. Good luck.
  13. Although I hope it never happens to you, I do hope you never brick an EV. And that does happen and also happens on ICE vehicles. You in a world of hurt if that happens in an EV.
  14. Perhaps because the scores to which you refer are not real FICO scores.
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