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  1. Heck yes to the personal check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am obviously biased in my response because of my prior work history. When you walk into a dealership and say you are paying cash, that means I need to get my money county machine out, cause I'm going to be counting multiples of small sheets of green paper. If pricing is the most important thing to you, then talk about that first, don't beat rond the bush, be upfront, direct and polite, you would be surprised how much more pleasant your visit will be.
  3. If your disputes were based off of your free annual credit report, then the repository has 45 days plus 5 days mail time to send you the reinvestigation results letter. If your disputes were otherwise based, then the repository has 30 days plus 5 days mail time to send you the investigation results letter. The timing starts once the credit repository has received the snail mail. Based on what you wrote, it appears the appropriate amount of time has not elapsed.
  4. Yes, you still do all your disputes via snail mail from the snail mailed repository credit report that you have.
  5. For our members in Florida, I will make a recommendation that you do not source your next vehicle via Carvana. They may get their license pulled to operate dealerships in Florida. They are having significant title problems. Beware.
  6. Just be careful with Suncoast CU. they have a memory longer than a parade of elephants.
  7. Be honest on the application you complete. That question is not asked on any of the transmittal systems we use to send your application for decisioning.
  8. If I own an automotive dealership, then I can set whatever terms I wish for forms of acceptable legal payment. Getting an auto draft is not the same as walking in with cash and FYI credit unions are and have always been notoriously slow in dispensing funds related to an auto draft. Most of us do not want to wait on our money.
  9. I believe the "fee" is normally charged to the credit card. That being the case, whatever is charged during the billing period should be on your monthly statement. Just use your banks' bill pay service and pay from the statement. Others will chime in to help you out.
  10. My age is showing. Is the Original Poster talking about chargeoffs or chargebacks?
  11. Were any of your charge offs to Amex, if so how long ago?
  12. Because you are a newbie. When you reach member status you will be able to have access. You need a very small number of posts to go from newbie to member and your post count is always visible on a computer just below your avatar. Welcome to CreditBoards.
  13. Check out our sample letter forum, but use care in implementation. Welcome to CreditBoards.
  14. Welcome to CreditBoards.
  15. You already are. Just under your avatar your status is stated
  16. The data furnisher can program their e-oscar system to auto-respond to a dispute based on parameters they set. And contrary to how it sounds, a reinvestigation is actually the initial investigation that follows a dispute.
  17. Forgive me for asking, but do you understand what a Tradeline reinsertion is? I'm just trying to check with you to be sure. The Tradeline you claim to be reinserted, is it identical to the prior deleted Tradeline character for character? Also, a reinsertion implies a prior deletion, so do you have a copy of the reinvestigation results letter where the CRA stated the deletion?
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