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  1. Welcome to CreditBoards . Siomeone will be along shortly with advice.
  2. MarvBear

    Card recommendations

    Welcome to CreditBoards .
  3. MarvBear

    what to apply 4?

    Let's move this to the main forum for more responses
  4. MarvBear

    Question for Marv

    Oh I forget. You will need to contact EX EQ and TU to set Up data subscriber services. They will instigate your establishment and inspect in for security. You have to meet all their qualifications. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk on a beach far far away.
  5. MarvBear

    Question for Marv

    You need to contact every bank and credit union that is even remotely local to you and see if the are willing to offer indirect financing to a non franchised dealer. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk on a beach far far away.
  6. MarvBear

    Auto loan missing from Credit Report?

    If you have visited a dealership, and the dealership has pulled your credit file(s), they would have given you a credit score disclosure notice. Did the dealership you visited pull your credit?
  7. MarvBear

    Brake lines vs. linings

  8. MarvBear

    Refinancing ?'s

    Depends on the lender. CU will use NADA retail and calculate their maximum advance from that. Banks generally use NADA clean wholesale to calculate their maximum advance. Both ways come out pretty much to the same number based on their guideline positions. My answer would be 100% so either way you should be covered. And that is just a SWAG.
  9. MarvBear

    Just found out I'm in EX Special Handling....

    I concur with Centex. I am still in Special Handling with TransUnion and have been since about sometime in 2004. Almost 15 years now.
  10. MarvBear

    How can I obtain my credit score without a US address?

    Can you not use the address where you moved? And Welcome to CreditBoards.
  11. It's 90 days, not 60 as the article represents. The chargeback is 100%
  12. MarvBear

    App for Marv - What say you?

    Chit! Sorry to the OP. My apologies.
  13. MarvBear

    App for Marv - What say you?

    Don’t close your credit cards. Your credit application indicates you have no subprime cards. Even if you did, just pay down to like $2.00, just do not close them. Close em and your score will drop.
  14. MarvBear

    App for Marv - What say you?

    I know I could get it approved. I would suggest a little skin in the game on your side though. $500.00 down would not even cover the doc fee we charge, let alone the sales tax, tag, title fees.
  15. MarvBear

    3 TL's being re-aged... help!

    Let's move this to the appropriate forum for more views and responses.
  16. MarvBear

    Epic negative equity on a car

    according to my calculations, final payment should be due December 2019.
  17. MarvBear

    Epic negative equity on a car

    What date was the contract signed?
  18. MarvBear

    Improper payment status

    moved to the main credit forum for more views and responses.
  19. MarvBear

    How do I dispute hard inquiries and get them removed?

    Well, after Chase gets thru blacklisting you for lying and the credit bureaus FUBAR your credit reports, then you have to deal with me. I'm worse. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk on a beach far far away.
  20. MarvBear

    "Official" abbreviations for banks?

    Could you not use the stock market ticker index for the particular items you are tracking?
  21. Welcome to CreditBoards.
  22. MarvBear

    Receivables Performance (ATT) Question

    So you are saying a collection tradeline on your credit file says Paid with a 0 balance? I always when I analyze credit ignore those. I don't ignore the ones that say 0 balance, account transferred. I certainly would not call. Hopefully, someone else can chime in with an answer you seek.
  23. MarvBear

    Bill gone to collections

    Welcome to CreditBoards Lots of people here to help you on your way.
  24. Reading the Fair Credit Reporting Act is a good place to start. Different items can of course vary. I just moved your post to the main credit forum for more views and advice. People will be glad to help you.
  25. MarvBear

    Receivables Performance (ATT) Question

    What does that tradeline say on a snail-mailed copy of your Experian report? And Welcome to CreditBoards.

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