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  1. UPDATE: We closed on 2/17 with an FHA disaster recovery mortgage loan. Nothing short of a miracle. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So question: I am being sued for a debt (which in mine and my consumer attorney's opinion, is past SOL), and the debt is 20k. We are hoping to win the lawsuit and I have to pay nothing, but I am prepared to offer settlement of 10k if need be. Mine and my husband's combined incomes are about 200k, and we are ready to purchase a home. DTI is around 25%. Do I have to wait until this lawsuit is settled before I can apply for a mortgage loan?
  3. HEH. I knew this post would get flamed. I'm just here for the comments.
  4. Ditto. That's what I wanted to know. I'd love an update. I love these success stories.
  5. I do have copies of my report with dad's stuff....surely I've got some an older one of mine somewhere also. You know, I should have known better than to do it over the phone. I love a good paper trail. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Sooooo. My dad and I have similar names. Somehow, last year, our credit lines got merged. His report did not reflect any of my accounts, but my EX report had all of his stuff on there, to include auto loans, credit cards, installments, mortgage, etc. Not bad, right? Only....it was TOO much credit and his utilization isn't the absolute best. In an effort to straighten things out, I got on the phone with a lady at EX and, one by one, told her which accounts were mine, and which were not. Somehow, all my OLDER tradelines (closed or not) and some of my newer tradelines got deleted completely. I
  7. Thank you! You did a great thing by keeping up with your payments throughout school. I wish I could have. By the way did you go to CRNA school? No, actually I went to NP school. I needed to sustain income while in school so I figured I had better go that route. I'm employed as a hospitalist.
  8. Awesome progress! I'm trying to be like you when I grow up. Synchrony bank closed my account the final semester of graduate school. Like you, my income went from about $36k to $136k since last summer, so I continued to pay on time every month even though they closed it. I called underwriting and they said since the account was closed, that I needed to talk to customer service. Customer service flat out denied reopening the account unless I reapplied. Thanks, but no thanks. Again, good job! You give me hope.
  9. Yep, noticed this two nights ago. Too bad Amazon closed my account because I charged too much (within my limit) on it within a one-month timeframe. Ah well. Lol.
  10. This is very promising. Thank you for this advice...I had the same question as the original poster and you answered it beautifully.
  11. To update: I sent a pre-qual app to the dealer online. They ran Equifax just to "take a look" at my credit. He told me that there was only ONE lender that would finance me, and that I would need a couple thousand down. When I explained that Ford Motor Credit usually uses Experian, and that this was my highest score, I asked him to run the app through FORD MOTOR CREDIT via Experian and not a "dealer look see" via Equifax so I could properly weigh my options. I tried not to sound matter-of-fact, but hey, this is my money here. He seemed a bit intimidated. Lol. Thanks to CreditBoard
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