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  1. We're getting a VA loan, and that's who we're going through to hopefully make it to closing the end of the month. (not their fault on the delay, btw) So far, they've been really good in getting their act/stuff together, and even when we all came across a little bump on DH's credit they were very helpful in steering us in the right direction to get it cleared up quickly. If you got Jeff for your contact person, you're in pretty good hands. He's good to get on the phone when you need him.
  2. An ex (it's always the ex's, isn't it?) of mine had his family coming into town for Christmas one year, and they didn't know we were living together. For almost 3 years. I had no clue as I never really spoke with them. Anyway, he wasn't about to tell them, so rather than be a man and just come clean (we were 23 after all) he decided to have me pack up my stuff that couldn't be hidden in a closet, and take it with me to a local hotel. And the entire 3 days they were around I stayed there with my stuff like an salamander. He did come and visit me every chance he wasn't around them and would order me takeout stuff every night. And when they left, he had the audacity to tell me that THAT was my present: the hotel stay, or the "mini vacation" as he called it.
  3. this place sounds good thanks I've been there twice in the past few years... really good fried chicken and honey sauce! Of course, I'd never ever say they cheap, but definitely some good food there. And they have the space for a group, for sure. You'll like it.
  4. I agree that it 'depends on what you're going to do with it' There's a little difference between drinking it straight and mixing it. Skyy is ok.. I prefer Stolichnaya for both purposes. Luksusowa (sp?) is fine for drinking straight. Finlandia is really good.
  5. Congratulations there!!! I hope to be joining the 'closing club' soon too!
  6. I can't believe y'all didn't think of one: What Dreams May Come. Watching him go through hell literally to save his wife's soul was just so moving, it spoke of true love beyond death. A LOT of kleenex was used on this movie in my house.
  7. Sorry, should've clarified... VA loan, they can contribute up to 6% on those. conventional loans weren't as favorable for us w/o much of a down payment. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, btw!
  8. I agree with the "going back to school as an adult" idea. I went back to college when I was 34. I took 5 CLEPs and passed each one (English Comp 1, Humanities, College Algebra, Trig, and Sociology) The first two came easy to me w/o studying, just because "life lessons" took over there. But the other 3 I went and checked out study guides from the library.
  9. We found 'our' house (I say that, but really I'm ok if we don't get it) and are going to put a bid tomorrow possibly. They were asking 140K about 7 months ago. Dropped it to 130K about 3 months ago. Home is 50 years old, newly renovated, new carpets, windows, AC, 1 yr appliances staying. Only 1 bathroom though for 3 BRs, which is a killer in this neighborhood/city. Considering it's been available and empty for so long, and I'm sure the RE is pulling our legs when she says "it's been showing to a lot of people lately" (selling agent there), we're being cautious about this. We want to make a good low offer and if they reject it maybe we'll call someone's bluff later and get back in the game. If we're going to ask the sellers to pay all CCs up to $5,000, what would be a good offer? In your opinions with market trends lately and how long this has been or could still be on the market, what do you think the sellers would let it go for?
  10. FT Admin Asst. for a government-sponsored volunteer program PT photographer FT wife, mother, and cat-wrangler
  11. What the heck, I wanna play too! What is your name? H***** Four letter word: Harm Vehicle: Hybrid, or Hyundai City: Helsinki Boy Name: Heathcliff Girl Name: Hannah Alcoholic: Harvey Wallbanger Occupation: Hemotologist Something you wear: haute-couture (not really) Celebrity: Helen Hunt Food: Hickory-smoked ribs Something found in a bathroom: Hairspray Reason for Being Late: Hellish traffic Cartoon Character: Hong Kong Phooey! Something You Shout: Hells-bells!
  12. The $132,692 total IS including the funding fee. My husband does have a disability claim pending, but knowing the VA it wouldn't be processed in time to even consider having it waived. I'm wondering what closing costs I can realistically get the seller to pay here. That house is empty and been on market for over 6 months already.
  13. Hello professionals and readers! I've been studying this forum for some time, never posted before. BUT since I live in Florida and it's a buyer's market here, we're seriously going to buy something by the end of the year if we can. So, here's the deal. Hubby's a USMC vet, so it's a VA loan with USAA Both of our scores are around 650's, give or take some points. Loan is for $129900 6.250% 1.000% 6.600% $817.01 $4,196.73 Looking at a rate of 6.25%, paying 1 point, 6.6% APR. No down payment required. Purchase Price $129,900.00 Total USAA Fees $1,811.92 Total Third Party Fees $1,555.00 Total Taxes and other Unavoidable Fees $829.81 Total Required Advances $4,023.46 Your New Loan Amount -$132,692.00 Estimated Cash Required at Closing $5,428.19 (I hope I did that right, like I said I'm new to this) We gross about $60,000 combined, currently pay about $850 in rent and this looks to be a monthly mortgage of $1050 approx. yes, we were totally looking to stay within our means, and will say goodbye to our current zip code but we can't afford something $180K to stay here. So, opinions or advice? Thanks, I greatly appreciate any and all shared wisdom.
  14. I'm watching it. Very profound stuff... and it makes me realize in some respects why my grandfather NEVER talked about his experiences. If he really was there when everyone was being shot out of the air to the right/left of his plane, I can see how he might have taken some of what happened very personally and just tried to shut down a bit.

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