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  1. If you can't get a medical forgiveness on the student loans, can you at least get them consolidated and put into an Income Based Repayment plan? those are often very low payments (if your income is low). On some of the other trade lines you mentioned, it might be helpful to know the original creditor as folks might have experience dealing with them.
  2. which CA? What letter did you send to the CRAs?
  3. Lending Club and Credit one were recently charged off (lending club has yet to report it hoping they dont, they sold the account and I'm speaking with those who now own the debt so they dont report it as a collection since I'm paying them) If lending club reports it as a charge off or closed what is the best course of action? Goodwill adjustment since I didn't know it was late? Or if its closed leaving it on there? I don't have any experience with Lending Club, but I would want to investigate to find out what happened that the expected payments didn't process. Was there an error in communication between LC and your bank? I think knowing exactly what went wrong is the first step because it can form the basis of any effort you make to resolve the problem. If you can prove some kind of bank error, perhaps LC will be more willing to work with you to ensure there are no negative hits to your report for the original charge off. If you want to work with the collection agency, you will want to get it IN WRITING that if you pay them, they will not report anything to the CRAs. Be careful, sometimes they use language which makes it sound like they will report good info, but instead you get the hit for a closed/paid collection. Given how recent this delinquency is, it will be appearing on your credit report for 7 years regardless. A paid collection is better for a mortgage than an open one, but no tradeline at all for a collection is the best outcome. Credit one I was thinking since they haven't sold the account yet to try and speak with someone higher up to do a settlement in exchange for a full delete off all 3 CRA's. Thoughts? Or likeliness of that happening? No personal experience with Credit One but I believe they are owned by a notorious JDB. I would think you might have more luck getting a PFD if you are able to pay the amount you owe them in full, but I don't know. You definitely want to be engaging with them in writing rather than on the phone to ensure that you have a record of any promises they make. If they are aware you are looking for a mortgage, I think they are likely to hold a harder line because they know that most mortgages will require a person to pay off outstanding debts and so they know you are negotiating from a position of weakness. How much do you owe them? How much would you offer to settle the debt? I have an amex that was closed and it almost paid off has 2 lates on it one 30 day, one 60 day from about 6 months ago. I called the backdoor number and a lady was extremely helpful told me to ask them to reinstate it and if they denied me to write a written response on why they should (due to the late errors) and to ask for a goodwill adjustment for the same reason.If they re-opened that utilization would be extremely low so that would be awesome. I have a B of A in good standing and under 30% utilization, a capital one in good standing and under 30% utilization, I'm an authorized user for my nrother who has a 10 year old AMEX with good payment history and utilization as well. Once this is paid off, it will help your utilization. Also, when it is paid in full, you might be in a better position to negotiate for a goodwill deletion of the lates. Certainly getting them to reopen the account would be a great boost- I would try to resolve the Lending Club and the Credit One situation first so that Amex will be looking at a cleaner file when assessing your request. The other issue was due to me being in the hospital I couldn't work and became late in my car payment and so got behind and it was rolling just 30 days eight times, but is now current. Do I have a good chance at getting them to do a goodwill adjustment on that? Alphera financial services/ BMW is the issuer. That basically sums it up so my two biggest issues are the charge offs and keeping them out of collections(which shouldn't be a problem).So to answer the other questions yes I do have a good mix of revolving account/installment tradelines If your account with BMW is now current, and you can document the fact that you were hospitalized and fell behind, you might have success with a goodwill letter explaining the entire situation and stressing your desire to ensure your medical concerns don't have a long-term impact on your financial future.
  4. Have you deleted old addresses from your credit reports? Getting rid of addresses tied to negative tradelines can be an effective starting point for credit repair. also, if Midland is reporting a different DOFD than your original creditors, I believe you can send them an "intent to sue letter" for FDCPA and FCRA violations.
  5. thanks Hegemony! reading over the Alliant info reminded me that my student loans might serve the same function- yea or nay? It sounds like the best plan is to just pay cash for the car and then focus on paying down CCs to reduce utilization. That is also the easiest thing to do so that's a win. Just for informational purposes, does anyone know if you can get a loan to buy a car from a spouse or other family member? I can see it being open to abuse but also see it making sense depending on the circumstances...
  6. Here's the situation: I've been living overseas for work but am returning home in a few weeks. I asked my husband back in the U.S. to keep his eye out for a car that I can drive for the year I am home (we'll be living in different cities.) I had been thinking to get car loan because it has been probably 10 years since I had an installment account reporting (I paid cash for my last two used cars). Husband went and found a car he thought was a good fit and bought it with cash (a 2009 Honda CR-V with 75,000 miles for $10,000). I have the cash to pay for the car, but wonder if the loan would be a good idea from a credit report standpoint? If the loan is a good idea, it is even an option to get a used car loan to purchase from a spouse? I have high CC utilization at the moment (about 93%) and can either use the cash I have on hand to pay for the car or to reduce that utilization to 65%. I'm also waiting for a lump sum reimbursement from work that will then reduce the utilization to about 30%. I am a member of NFCU and had thought to apply for the loan through them. I had two previous used car loans from SDFCU, and use them for my direct deposit, but don't have any revolving accounts with them as I do with NFCU. Thoughts from the experts? Should I just pay for the car and then work on paying down my balances? Or would adding the car loan be a benefit on my credit report? I also need to lease an apartment for the year, and am concerned the high utilization might impact my score and therefore my rental options. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. You might want to post more specific info on each negative tradeline so folks can better assist. (such as: What do the tradelines in question actually say? When are the dates of first delinquency? When are they scheduled to drop off? How is your utilization? Do you have a mix of installment loans and revolving credit?) The more info you can provide, the more folks here can target their responses.
  8. You might want to post more specific info so folks can better assist. What do the tradelines in question actually say? When are the dates of first delinquency? When are they scheduled to drop off? The more info you can provide, the better advice you can get.
  9. Is the information you posted coming from paper reports you got from the CRAs? If you can give more information about how the tradelines in question are reporting, folks might be able to weigh in with specific advice. Do you have an outstanding loan from Lending Club? Are you still paying on the BMW account?
  10. up 23 pts to 700 two CCs hit the one year mark, and I added one new account. will be interesting to see if anything changes next month given two recent CLIs.
  11. Was it automatic? Did you ask for 20K or 25K? I asked for $20K, got both screens, and then an instant approval message. I think if you get through those two screens, and get the 3-5 day message, you may be facing a HP because there is a chance someone is reviewing manually. If you get the instant approval, then I think no HP.
  12. I got both screens and went from $10K to 20K yesterday with no pull reporting as of yet. NFCU had softed my reports in late May I believe...
  13. joined NFCU 06/2012 and got the cashRewards for $10K in 07/2012. Use it every month and mostly PIF though not always timing payments right to make for low util reporting to CRAs. Just hit the love button asking for $20K and got an instant approval. Hoping it was not a HP as NFCU had softed my report last month. May be applying for a car loan in the next few months with them so feeling good about this CLI.

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