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  1. Thanks for the pep talk, I do know in time I can come through this and get back to where I was. My question on most of my charge offs, the last date of activity on most are back at least 3 years ago on a few and 4 on others. If they are not willing to do a PFD am I going to see much more negative trending by bringing the last date of activity more current if I dispute and it comes back verified?
  2. I opted out and deleted all old addresses back in 05/06, the only address showing now is my home and my business address. I just ordered hard copies of my report from all 3 CRA's and I have spent the past few days reading back over a lot of the information I used years ago. Just updates on what I have done at this point.
  3. Sadly I could have gone through with the BK I believe and been in a whole lot better shape than I am now, that is even more sad
  4. I happily found this forum about five or six years ago and it was an amazing source to clean up a few baddies I currently had on my credit reports as well as an amazing source for new credit line sources. Thanks to all advice and actions taken during that time I managed to raise my scores from the mid 600 range to the upper 700 range and prior to the housing bubble collapse and the start of the down turn in the economy I had achieved close to 200,000 in available credit, cards, lines of credit and such. My utilization was below 15 percent and my business was starting to recover from th effects of hurricane Katrina. During this time period I decided to refinance my home to a home equity loan, fixed rate and accerated to payments to 15 years. I pretty much had to build my home from the ground up after the hurricane and even though insurance paid, I refinanced a pretty good portion of costs that did not get fully covered by insurance. At the time, my home appraised for 475,000 and I financed the additional along with what was left on my original note to come to 285,000 on a fixed rate 15 year note. My hope was to pay additional each month and hopefully accelerate to the payoff to 9 years. The price for doing so also meant that my monthly note went from 1,300.00 to 2,500.00. Well as luck or fortune or destiny, or karma, or what ever goes, the economy starts to go south along with the housing bubble bursting. The first thing that happened was several of my larger available credit cards suddenly dropped my available credit, lost about 75,000 in less than two months, so my utilization becomes higher, although no additional charges have been made. Well, then my scores take a hit and then a few of my mid level cards take notice and I am sure are also fearful of the economy and they start to adjust available credit lower as well. Within a 6 month period I went from close to 200,000 to just over 50,000 and my utilization went from under 15 percent to now close to 60 percent, scores fall again, dominos keep falling and then we get the BP oil spill that affects the economy of the gulf coast dramatically and my business starts to see a drop of 30-40 percent within the first two months and never has fully recovered to pre spill numbers. Yes, I filed a BP claim, but as of yet I still have not receieved the first penny. Well, one thing leads to another and now I am having to rely on credit even more as income is dropping, but I am still making all payments on time. By the time the spill is officailly considered stopped and the clean up is complete, I have taken a 150,000 dollar loss in business revenue and now I am sitting at 80 percent utilization on my credit accounts. My scores have now dropped back into the mid to upper 500 range and as I am struggling to keep making payments, contacting the credit card companies about my situation, the final blow comes in the form of a "your practice falls outside the normal ranges on certain codes" medicare audit. Good old Obama Care at it's finest, CMS has to find ways to make up for the money being siphered away and they do so by implementing pre-payment audits on practices. This drags out for almost a year and even with fighting Cahaba GBA tooth and nail on every charge, on every patient and even taking it before a judge law advocate on many, my losses, or more so their recoupment to help their obama care losses are over 50,000. The devistating part of the pre-payment is that it shuts down the normal monitary flow from CMS , so my practice sees another 30-40 percent of monthly revneue come to a halt. Well now my mortgage is in jepardy, credit union refused to do any modification what so ever and proceeded straight to forclosure. I was advised by my attorney to file a chapter 13 BK just to stop the sale and by time to work out something with the credit union, then volentarily dismiss my case after I reached some agreement on my house. I did and found a way to catch up the past due on my home, selling things, borrowing from family and let the BK drop. Well, that was the final straw for most remaining credit card companies as four more lowered my available to just above my balance, five closed my accounts even though still none were late and my scores droped more. Well, having to catch the motgage up, trying to keep my practice open and just survive payments finally started to get missed. So, here I am a few years later and I am trying to dig out of this huge mess. I have over 10 charged off credit card accounts, I was able to keep 3 from closing and paid settlements or paid in full on several others. SOL in Mississippi is 3 years and all of my charge offs are going on 5 years. My credit report is a picture of disaster as compared to six years ago. I do have a few good trade lines, couple of car payments, couple of business loans under my SS# and my boat purchase. I have three CC's current, but minimal available on them. My mortgage is on time and has been for a little over a year now, but has the lates and forclosure attached earlier. I have 5 collections, cable, that I wil fight as I closed the account yet was charged for thee more months even though there was no service to my home, a business cell phone under my SS#, and two medicals that I can't figure out where they came from. I am determined to come out of this funk that I have been in for the past few years and find my way back into the 700 club to stay. I pretty much know the route to take for the medical collections, and I feel like the other two will be easy to remove as I have proof there was not cable into my home during the months I was charged for. The ones that I have no clue on how to address is the charge offs that are still being held by the OC's. I have been trying to set aside money to make offers to settle and pay for delete on as many as I can, but initial offers to a few have come back null at this point. I know that most will fall off naturally in 2 years, but I just can't sleep at night knowing that my scores are where they are and in the case of an emergancy, I would be out of luck in being able to borrow anything. Any suggestions are welcome and any advice is as well. I am not new to repairs, but the minimal I had to do six years ago pales to the crisis I find myself in now. Thanks up front to all who read and make suggestions.
  5. Thanks as always for the advice and help, I will go online and file the complaint and send it with a demand for deletion for not properly investigating and post when I hear anything back again.
  6. Updating the situation. Sent CRA initial disputes, all three verified with no communication from CA. Sent special medical DV with copies for each CRA enclosed, once green card was received sent the second dispute to all CRAs via CMRR. TU deleted, EQ and EX verified once again with no information still from CA. Fraud alerts placed on all three reports. Do I repeat the steps again at this point on EX and EQ or move to filing complaints and sending demand for deletion since they obviously did not follow the procedural request ?
  7. Mine do not show up when I sign on to what used to be my account. I have sent an email in reference to mine, but as of right now I lost all of mine.
  8. NOPE, I have seen what privileges membership has, and do not want to see it again.
  9. Just remember, Membership has it's privileges, yeah right
  10. I don't think AMEX loves anything these days, except maybe squeezing a lemon off long time customers.
  11. SptsMed


    Sounds like a good opportunity to fire off a CYA letter to BOA and see what happens. There are more than a few posts that covers that type assault.
  12. Dear Crusty Old Transunion CRA type person My name is Mad as Hell: My SS # is XXX-XX-XXXX. I am sending this dispute certified mail# XXXXXXX to make sure you receive it. My report # is XXXXXXXXX There is no such lien of record # XXXXXXXX from XXXXXXXXX Court for XXXX for $ XXXXXX. I have certified documentation from the Court that supports my dispute of this erroneous entry on my report. If this entry is verified, please send me the name and address of the provider or furnisher providing this data, and the manner in which it was provided in order that I may pursue additional legal remedies. Very truly yours, Mad as Hell Much thanks to Whychat, since it is his letter that does seem to work for disputing liens and judgments. Hope it helps
  13. I was considered an Egyptian by Penfed a few years back myself. Although I will say that my application for CC with them was near the end of a rather large application spree. I have talked with them since and from my understanding it is not the amount of available credit, but the amount of time that it has been on your file that matters more. I am right at the 3 year mark since my last major app spree and plan on hopefully removing my turban with them in about 6 months.
  14. I have currently been helping one of my brothers fix a few things in order to do a re-fi on his home. I have made him do all the leg work, write all of the letters and I also printed off FDCA and FCRA along with Phsydocs seminars and had him read them as well. I do believe after going through this process a few years back, it makes a big difference when you have to focus on the details, do the work and realize that it can take a while to fix. I believe that he will appreciate having done the work.
  15. Oh, and you will know if it hits your reports, once mine did, I started getting mail from every tax attorney in the area and the country. My biggest concern at the time was protecting assets and preventing levies on accounts. I wished I had acted sooner because in my arrangements I could have prevented the lien from ever being placed. And also, do not buy into the settling for pennies on the dollar unless you truly do not have the ability to pay the full amount, and then it is in a one time payment if you do. Sadly I learned the hard way to never have a run in with the IRS, but the 5K in retainer fees to the attorney was probably the best move that I ever made. Well, that and making sure I have a very capable CPA to stay on me about not getting behind on quarterly payments and finding tax breaks where I can. Best of luck to you.
  16. I think how has it will find its way on to your reports depends on how much presence Lexis Nexis has in your area. They are one of the companys that get paid to go digging through courthouse judgment rolls to find liens, judgments and such to sell to the CRAs. I had an issue with the IRS several years back and had the pleasure of a lien hitting my reports, pretty fast too. I had already signed a contract with one of the national tax relief companies to represent me and negotiate a payment plan. I do not know how much your debt with them is, but mine was over 35K and their payment arrangements were just not in my capability. The attorney that represented me got a much better structured payment in the full amount, but stretched over five years. They protected my assets, which the IRS can and is known to go after, and after one year of making payments on time, my lien was removed. It did drop my scores by almost 150 points across the board during the time it was on my report though. Good luck and my only advice is be very careful dealing with the IRS. You better dot your I's and cross your T's, they do not play.
  17. Thanks once again, I do not think I will ever have read these forums enough to ever feel like I completely understand it all LOL. I will post once he gets back the full results.
  18. Updating the situation from my original post. Not long after sending the first round of disputes out my brother got hit with two other CA placements on all 3 CRAs. He followed the same process with medical dispute first. Results so far, all 3 CRAs verified the first dispute, no communication of any type from the CA on that dispute. The second round of disputes very soon after that one for the new accounts were verified as well. One of them he received a call from the OC validating in which he sent the HIPPA letter with the insert to pay it to the OC. Sent money order, endorsed to the OC with all prevelent documentation. The other one he has not heard anything from as of this date. He sent the DV to all CA and as soon as he received the green card back in the mail, he attached a copy of the DV, a copy of the CMRR card and sent the follow up dispute to the CRAs. Yesterday he received two form letters, one from EQ and one for TU in reference to a fraud alert that had been placed on his credit reports for 90 days. Is this a new tactic by the CRAs to avoid actually investigating a dispute on medical collections ? It has only been about a week and a half since they received the second dispute. I told him it was probably a new form letter they are sending out, but I have not seen anyone else respond about getting on on here and I never did when I used this approach on my report 4 years ago. Thanks once again for the input and help
  19. Search for the SOL information for your state. Whychats website is a good source for that. DOFD is key in finding out if the collections are still within the SOL or past. Then as Pyran said, find out who you would owe and even if they have contractual rights to collect from you. Paying a collection agency wont help your credit, it will just show as a paid collection. I know you are time strapped in your mind, but you have six months. I would go read Phsydocs seminars several times, and then search this board for comments and posts about topics you read in there. It is a lot of information and I am still learning and debating thoughts in my head after several years, but the time to read and understand will pay dividends down the line.
  20. They said if I was having a hard time with the economy and all right now that they could place me on a short term program, up to a year, with a much lower interest rate to help me out. I said, well, I only have a 700 dollar balance on a card that used to be 15K with a nice new limit of 1500. I could pay it in full today, but I am afraid that CITI will lower my limit down to 500 to thank me for the payment. The CSR stated that it was not their policy to make those type changes to good customers. I had to fight back the laughter and finally had to say, well mam, the last two times I paid 2K and 4K, you knocked my limit down within a week following the payments. I appreciate the offer, but I think I will just pay 150 and see what happens next on the credit card merry go round.
  21. The only ones that I have made that level of payment, between 5.000 and 12,000 was to NFCU, USAA and AMEX, and never had any issues with any of those. Of course AMEX recently let me know just what privileges that membership has is all about, but prior to that, no issues.
  22. I went ahead and sent them the DV just in case, going with the one two punch route and hopefully the fact that it is only 6 months from falling off on its own will garner a fast delete.
  23. In the process of trying to correct a few issues on DW's reports. She has an old Sprint collection that the DOFD is listed as Dec of 2002. Calvary first reported in Dec of 2004. Time wise, I know it is WELL beyond SOL and should legally fall off in another six months. I am torn knowing that Calvary is a JDB as to disputing it as obsolete with EQ or going the one two punch route and DVing Calvary first. I have read a lot of threads about their tactics and am just looking for any insight prior to firing off something later this afternoon. Equifax is the only report it is on.
  24. Thinking that is what I might do, then if that does not budge them can go with the listing of errors next and finally the 623 letter. Thanks for the comments
  25. Trying to get a few things corrected on her reports to use in a mortgage pull within the next 90 days. She has an old Sprint collection reporting, which I do not even understand being there since she has been on my spring business plan for over 6 years and I honestly do not ever remember her having a seperate cell phone away from mine. Anyway, its from 02, I know there is a SOL for cell phones as well. There is also a charge off for Dillards Store, which she has never even had a credit card. The only thing I can figure is that maybe there was an NSF check at some point, but I do not see it listed as that. The last two baddies are older small medicals and I am already working on those. I have had her opt out, and no reason to change address since we have been in the same place for going on 10 years. Would I be better to try the one two punch first on the collections, or maybe move to the " Jack Attack" style of dispute out of the gait. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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