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  1. Thanks - I occasionally still lurk but don't post so much because there is so much here, but as I grow and a new experience comes in to play I will post it. Correct - I didn't think of the balance chasing, so I should mention that I don't think I would do what I did if that were the case. During the whole financial thing I was balance chased all the way down. I wanted to keep those limits as high as I could so I was making minimums for what felt like forever. I just did this and my situation is I have it together and it has been for a while. I was going to start spacing it all out and pay things down over a few months but I wanted to "just see what would happen" for the most. Since I made this post a few days ago, I just got another boost and for the first time ever I pushed past 800. Something I should add to that is that I have been in the 700's for a couple of years now. I haven't gotten any real jumps in the past 12+ months, but this just boosted me. Along the way I even closed a card with a 20 year history. ( Good Bye Amex - Too many free cards out there. ) Ok I am rambling :-)
  2. Hi there Folks, I haven't been here in a long time, because I mainly never felt I had anything to contribute and my credit is on the straight and narrow. I have been through most experiences on here from rebuilding, to fighting CA's to being sued and winning. I took a lot of this to heart and went off fighting. Something I learned many years ago on here was to not pay everything off at once. For example, if you get an inheritance of 20k don't pay off your 10k and two 5k balances at once because your score will actually tank. I do not know if that is still the solid information on here or not, but since that was the word when I was here, I wanted to come here and share this.... Recently I was about to pay off approximately 30k among 4 cards. The highest balance was $8,900 with the highest minimum at $200. Remembering what I learned here, I was about to stagger my payments and pay these all off over the course of 3-5 months, but as I was doing the math, I said "F-It" I don't have time for thinking about that, I want these gone. I am sick of it. Let's see what happens anyway. Well guess what? Nothing happened negatively at all. The first month I got a 20 point boost and now on my second month I just got another 33 point boost for a total of 53 points on myfico over 2 months. My point... I saw the opportunity to share a possibly helpful experience, so I just wanted to share this if anyone was in the same boat and contemplating. Naturally your mileage may vary, but that was my experience and I came to the conclusion that paying everything off in full all at once was just a possible myth. Godspeed and keep on keepin' on.... V-Dude
  3. I am kind of in the same boat as you. I found someone who wanted to assume my mortgage, and I wanted to move so it looked like a win win. Fast forward 9 months now and they were denied the first time around (their baddie fell off their report) so I am giving them a second shot and I am sending off the second round of assuming the mortgage this weekend. I can see now how they are doubtful and starting to slack on the maintenance. At the same time, their lease is up in 3 months too, and I do not want pay a second mortgage. Naturally I want them to stay in there, until I can sell and not just have them move out. What I am going to do is one of two things: Plan A: I was letting them have the house for what I owed. My plan is to now negotiate a set price with some profit in there for me and keep trying on the assumption. Plan B: Go ahead and put the house on the market, and politic my way in to letting them allow, and work with me to show it. Politic my way = Hey, I was very helpful, I gave you first crack at the place. I was even going to give you any equity. When it sells, I will give you x months notice. etc... They do know I want to sell it, and seem understanding so I think my Plan B would work. Either way though, I am just going to stick it on the market and it is up to them how hard we play. If they make it difficult, I make it difficult and I will pursue any recourse I have on anything I can find that was not according to the lease. If I have to be a jerk and just sue for something to prove a point, I will gladly do it. Mind you, I do not want to play like that, but I am willing and my point is this... I think no matter what, both of us may be encountering an uncomfortable situation and we know what it is. I am preparing for that now.
  4. Nice to me since this is a FICO. I usually only use MyFICO, or Score Watch (years ago), and neither has/had a history. The previous Barclay's FAKO didn't keep a history either, so I like the 3 months.
  5. Nice and it says after 3 months a history will be available.
  6. I see the answers are already here, but I'll hsare my experience... Discover = Online Soft - if too much requested then notification of hard. Juniper/Barclays = Online Hard TU AmEx = Online Soft - if too much requested then notification of hard. Elan = Online Soft, but in 10 years I have never gotten an automatic like the other cards. JC Penny = Online Soft - if too much requested then notification of hard. I started another round this morning and wish I had asked for more. How much in general did/do you ask for? I usually go $1,500-$3,000 a pop. Today 5k. $2,500 Amex and $2,500 Discover
  7. Wow that is is the most I have heard! We had a client who charged 69%. Oddly these people justify it by saying they are helping people and offering a service. While in a conference call we made light of it and a joke about it, but they had this whole rationale that they were helping millions of people with bad credit, as well as the economy.
  8. V-Dude

    Closing Question

    Thanks Folks - This has been the most stressful moment of my life, and that includes boot camp, among other things. Thanks for the help!
  9. V-Dude

    Closing Question

    Thanks everyone - we ended up closing! It was wild, because I went from waiting on a signed contract, to loan approval, to closing all within the week (actually about 3 days). It was like 2 weeks worth of work was literally done in 3 days. I got my final loan approval the 29th, docs sent the 30th, and yesterday got a call asking: "They want to close today, can you?" What a fiasco it was, but I am glad this is over. At one point, I had the bank on me for less than $5, and we lived off less than $100 over the last month+ not touching any cash or credit cards, so now I am more excited to get a hair cut and eat a nice steak as opposed to moving. This has been ongoing for the past 3 months, so thanks everyone for all the help along the way!
  10. V-Dude

    Closing Question

    Thank you! This has been a nightmare, so 'll take a few bucks in interest with a smile. I think it will be a lot better than having to come up with another document to support my file.
  11. Long story short, and after lots of drama, my closing date has been up in the air for over a month now, and we have been winging it. Today I get a message from my lender: The docs just got sent out, and it will be funded tomorrow too. Your agent will have to call in to the attorney's office to set up a time for closing. My question is, do we have to close the day we fund? I would love to, but I can't imagine the attorney will drop everything and run to me. Since we had so much drama, I want to know if it would be ok where they fund tomorrow, but my attorney says we can't do it until next week. Would this be ok if that happened? Yeah, I feel all sensitive and paranoid after all the drama in this experience. :-) On a humorous note, I promised my wife no more moves. At first it was half heartedly, but now I think it's for real. Thanks!!!
  12. I originally thought new accounts were only discovered when a new pull was done. The dreadded pull before closing. Now I learned from my lender that they subscribe to a service in which they receive alerts for when new accounts are opened. I never thought of that, but not surprised. I don't plan on opening new accounts, but my question is: Is there a service when a card is actually used? For example, my card has a $0 balance. I charge $100 and pay it off the statement cuts. My new statement has $0 and reports at $0. Is there a service that will alert this? What other alerts do lenders receive? Thanks!
  13. I thought I over heard that on the news last night, so thanks for the reminder/link. I was curious. You know, other than the FICO game, I know little about banks and the industry, but the more I learn, I disklike them over any other profession. I have never had a problem with a lawyer, and dislikes banks more so. They are just sick with their cute qurkly little names. My lender told me they had one called "No Income No Assets" and as long as you had a good FICO you were approved. They also told me that they were approving people for 3-400,000 and they were making minimum wage. Countrywide and BOA were our clients for a company I worked for in California and the company has since closed up. I loved that job too! Ok I am rambling, so I will stop and make my other post.
  14. My "Risk Score" was just updated on 10-16 with no mention of it being changed to a FICO, but I just had my scores pulled by my lender again yesterday and it matches. Lender TU Fico = 792 and Juniper TU Risk Score = 792 so maybe it is there now, but I think it is just coincidence. Here are mine: 1. Too many inquiries -(Currently true as I have about 4 recent ones up from zero) 2. Revolving account balances are too high in proportion to credit limits - (Using about 2%) 3. Too many bankcard accounts - (About 9) 4. Too many personal finance accounts (1 Mortgage, 1 Auto with balances. 1 Student Loan Paid Off)
  15. If anyone cares or anyone stumbles on this. I just had a pull from my lender and while Experian is 843 with MyFico, lender has a 794. TU and EQ are right in line with MyFico. While it was conclued that it was a different/new FICO model, I wanted to mention the difference in my score so others may have an idea.

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