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  1. Rab

    Wright Express MC

    They are wanting at least 1 million of T&E expenses... A little too rich for my blood...lol...
  2. Anyone know if this card is still going and if so to what extent?
  3. Hey Starsky... Do you pay the $10.00 per month maintenance fee or is there a way to get it taken off? Also if you don't use the card does it still charge you?
  4. ****UPDATE*** Just got off phone with BP customer service. The Driver card is the same thing it just has YOUR name on it instead of Vehicle 1,2,3, or so on. I told her that that was okay that I did not need just a driver card. She told me she was going to send it anyway and for me to hold on to it. She said she has heard it should have full Mastercard priviledges within 3 months. Who knows but that is what was told to me. So it IS a NET 30 ( for now ).... You can use it for fuel and maintenance only.... You can get a soda or small items at the gas station....
  5. They do offer a Driver Card that can be used for anything. Thats what they are sending me now. The ones I recieved are Vehicle Cards that are for fuel and maintenance only. All you have to do is request a driver card and they will send you that one as well. No PG... I guess your business still has to qualify though.
  6. Yes I read that. I also do not know if it is fuel and maintenance only called them and can't get a straight answer. I asked could it cover travel expenses such as hotel or incidentals and she said that all depended on how I set it up.
  7. By Regions Bank... Just recieved cards in mail today. Did not know anything about Regions bank. Does anyone have any information on them?
  8. Rab


    Not 5 minutes after I posted this I got a call from a Dell sales rep. I explained the problem she cancelled previous order and did a new one. She said it should go through. I need 13 new laptops and after I told her that she was or seemed more than glad to help. She even said she would give it to a financial supervisor. So we will see. Will keep you posted.....
  9. Rab


    Tried back from number I used on application and they still say that they can not verify. Well all I can say is SCREW DELL. By googling the problem I am one of MANY who has had this problem...
  10. Rab


    No I called back from my cell number.
  11. Rab


    Applied for Dell yesterday and was approved. $20,000 lease and $4,000 line of credit. Ordered a couple of items such as a laser printer and such. Nothing fancy or nothing to draw attention. Got an email to call them for verification. Made the call and something was not right with the information I gave to them and what they were able to pull up. I asked them what it was and they told me they did not have to tell me. " Under the Patriot Act". I applied with our main address which is different than what D&B have. That one is our warehouse address. Made changes to D&B so will have to wait. Is there a way to find out what information they were looking at? I verified all address's listed we have 3 of them and verified all phone numbers buy to no avail.
  12. New Citi rates: Should you opt out? Posted Dec 03 2008, 08:03 PM by Karen Datko Rating: Filed under: banking, credit, Karen Datko, credit cards, credit card rates, credit card fees "Brainy Smurf" was pretty well gloating when MoneyMateKate announced that Citibank is upping her credit card interest rate. "I kinda selfishly thought to myself, 'Wow, sucks to be her,'" he wrote at Pants in a Can. Then he got his own letter from Citi. As of today, his APR is jumping from 9.96% to at least 16.99% (and 29.99% if a payment is late). What's up? He pays in full every month and he's never late. And didn't Citigroup just get a huge government bailout? Millions of Citi customers have been getting a similar letter, although terms may vary. (American Express and others are also making rate and fee adjustments.) For instance, MoneyMateKate said that even though she, too, pays her Citi balance in full every month, her new APR is three percentage points higher than Brainy Smurf's. She added, "They get a bailout and we get a financial wedgie." Citi decided it couldn't honor an earlier pledge made to Congress to no longer raise rates whenever it wanted. The New York Times reported that those Citi credit card customers who haven't had a rate increase in two years can look forward to one now. (U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., commented: "Banks appear to be repricing cards for economic reasons -- theirs, not their customers. Apparently a deal is only a deal when it doesn't cost the financial institution too much money.") What's Brainy Smurf going to do? He's taking Citi up on the offer to opt out instead of accepting the new rates. He can use the card at the former rate until it expires, at which point the account will be closed. "Sure, they'll close your account, but I'm sorry, better credit card offers are still out there and you should look for them," he said. "Debtmaven" got a notice too and is opting out. She wrote, "I'd been a loyal and well-paying (and debt-owing) customer for more than 12 years. Bye-bye to Citibank!"
  13. More on GE Two weeks ago, GE said it will restructure its finance arm, GE Capital, to save $2 billion and help eliminate its exposure to the financial turmoil that has slammed the division over the past year. GE will establish a framework for GE Capital to earn approximately $5 billion next year, down from this year's projected $9 billion, the company said, and to return to double-digit earnings growth in 2010. GE also reiterated plans to pay a dividend of $1.24 per share in 2009. "They are responding to the situation," Walter Hellwig, money manager at Morgan Asset Management, told Bloomberg Television. "That is positive." The company also said it expects book fourth-quarter charges of between $1 billion and $1.4 billion related to restructuring costs.
  14. Rab

    No Love From GE

    Thats what I needed to know. Just wanted to know if they have slowed down or what. Did you speak with a rep or just wait? I keep getting the 7-10 days and ref# Baa***
  15. Has anybody had any luck recently with GE? I have accounts with Staples, Bill Me Later Business, Ford, Graingers. Still no love. Any ideas?

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