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  1. i too was a little taken back, i filled bk in 2008, and had quite a few citi, HD, couple of Citi Business, Citi Diamond just to name a few. I recently app'd at Sears, in store and was approved for 6k MC. I felt lucky and went to Zales, 3K. Granted i haven't been late on anyting since 08, but maybe the give a second chance...
  2. Me too, BBRZ, $500--$700. It's been PIF since Nov 2010
  3. I too had the same problem, always "too many public records". And even when i was rencently approved for the Dillards AMEX, i applied again at Macy's and denied for the same reason. When i called in for recon, i was told (5) years. YMMV....
  4. I was denied and called in to talk to underwritting, I was told it would have to be 5 years after discharge. I have checking, savings, and auto and home insurance with them. I'm in the low 7's fico, doesn't matter. 5years seems a pretty standard, No Macy's, No PSECU, No USAA.
  5. My Journey.... Applied 12/21, singed and mailed app. Noticed a soft of 12/22/2010 Got welcome email on the 12/29/2010 ACH for $6.00 on 12/30/2010 Got memeber # off my Ach and applied for the Visa card, sicne i am 3 years post BK7. REvcieved message it had to be reviewed by loan officer. Just logged in to check status, and it changed to...you will receive a letter or a call with the decision. Guessing a denial? USAA Faco is 691, EX Vantange score is 701, with 30% UTL
  6. Well I'll be dipped in buttemilk and deep fried....After reading this I decieded to check on mine, and I got bumped up to 1k from $200.00. I think i used the card last about 6 months ago for a $10.00 purchase. I have a whole 166 points on this card. With the 5% off, and the new limit, i might have to go say HI!
  7. I wrote and faxed the general manger for a automotive group here in texas, I believe they have about 14 dealerships across the state.....Here's what i wrote...but is there any other ideas or suggestions on what i can do abou this? I wanted to let you know that I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, and the Texas AG, because of the treatment I received at your location on xxxxxx. After negotiations on a cash deal, and after I had keys in hand to my new car and emptying out mine, your manager XXXXXXX, decided NOT to go through the deal. First he said he was just losing too much money, after drilling him, he confessed that he had other offer’s on the car and could stand to not lose as much on this car if he waited to entertain their offers. I told him I was there today, ready to buy the car today, and that his other offers were not there. He told me he would hold it for me or put me in line, if the other offers fell through. I can’t believe that we had a verbal contract and a sales order was drafted, that he then decides he doesn’t want to do it. He even had the nerve to ask me to lower the value of my trade by $1000.00 or add that to my vehicle price to help him out! I was paying the Internet asking price on the car, and only asked for my trade to be valued a bit more, which he agreed to. Then didn’t want to. I had already cleaned out my car, and even remove my easy tag sticker from the windshield, which now, I will have to get a new one and pay $$$. Is there anything else i can do about this.....and no i don't have a copy of the buyers order, as the salesman was typing everything up, he handed me the keys to my new one and said i could start transfering???? SO BUMMED!!!
  8. 701 i believe was my score at the time, BK just turned 2 years old, nothing bad since BK, and 7 accounts listed as BK'd, all reporting correctly, zero balance, closed, IIB. Had 5 current open accounts with low utl. Yes, after a short letter stating the circumstance of my BK, and pointing out my good history before and since, they declined me again and told me to continue to pay, and look at the secured card they offered. Like i mentioned in my post " NFCU decline with 701 EQ Score" I think mine was a fluke, since almost a month later, they looked at it again and opended one up to my complete suprise.......YMMV.....BTW, the credit line they gave me, equals to all my 5 cards COMBINED + $500
  9. I did it via email on the site, i just responded to their decline. After a couple days of not hearing anything, i forward it to the customer service asking them to please review my email. Someone read it, after logging in yesterday, i see i now have a generous credit line for a cashrewards card. IMO, doesn't hurt anythign to try.
  10. UPDATE, after my decline last month, i sent an email to Navy asking what i needed to do to have a card with them, they replied with keep paying your bills on time, and maybe check out our secured card...............thought it was all over..... Navy calls me on my cell this week to verify my job work number, HR says they called. Log in today to view my accounts, and shows i have a cashrewards Visa, with a decent little limit!! I love you NFCU!!!
  11. a little confused??? Here's some acutual #'s Hard's on my report as of 12/20/09 08/05/09, 09/18/09, 09/29/09, 10/10/09, 10/20/09. went to dealership, next days's pull all gone, but replaced with 12/20/09, 12/20/09, 12/20/09, 12/20/09, 12/20/09 Continued pulling all three a couple days.....no hard b*, only soft b*. Dates softs i'm losing....11/07/09, 11/08/09, 11/10/09, 11/11/09, 11/12/09. Some are softs from CCT, some are softs from when i stopped using TC service. One thing that is constant, is the #'s of softs, which i miscalculated, i counted my last soft since the 20th, total softs are 236, with a new one (12/28/09), taking the place of one b*'d off.
  12. I'm not sure i would call it C* as much as i would call it Alternate B*. It just b*'s one or two softs a day, depending on how many i pull. I'm at 236 softs. Just makes me think it's full and can't take anymore, so when i pull, it takes one away to make room. My question i guess is, why not a hard.......is it because they are too new? they are from 12/20/09? And question two, why take it from a soft only a month old, why not the older ones?
  13. I was zero'd on TU and down to 5 on EQ. Applied for auto loan with carmax, they hit me with 5 hards on EQ and 1 on TU..........b*'d off the 5 that were on EQ, and , replaced with the new ones....(didn't know hards could b* hards)They were not due to fall off, and in fact were only about 2 months old. So now been stuck at 5 on EQ and 1 on TU since the 21st. Been pulling MCK, CCT and USAA.......bumping two softs a day from EQ, don't know about TU i haven't checked the back door. Wierd part is bumping softs, wierder......is the one's bumping off. My CCT softs are bumping off, oldest first.....for example 11/02/09, then the pull on 11/03/09, some truelink when i used to pull TC. But i have old softs that are from 2007 and 2008 that are on there and they are not being bumped off. Maybe i should take a break for a while?????
  14. Well, i learned my lesson about appling thru lending tree. Sure it might be 4 offers, but depending on your credit, you can get alot of hards pulled. I think they give you the best 4. But last time i applied, i had tons of inq's for that day. Never again with lending tree.
  15. This would seem to refute the assertion that CCT and USAA are not unique daily pulls, would it not? I would have to say so!! On TU hard copy, they are listed with the same name, "Consumer Info, same on TU backdoor and on EQ hard report, it show's as one "cosumer info" and then "TXxxxxxx" for the other. Via back door it only show's as "consumer info". I get one b* of EQ when i pull CCT, and one b* after pulling USAA. I have to think it has something to do with adding MCK, since i was only getting one b* a day from EQ, and only after adding MCK did i start getting two a day. I don't see a fresh b* when i pull MCK, and that's the first report I pull, then CCT, then USAA.....then i check EQ via EQCWG and confirm that they are gone, and they are!!!! I should only need a couple weeks if it lasts, since i'm down to 23 now on EQ. i started at 69 from EQ and 39 from TU. BTW.....TU is clean!! Most recent on TU were a couple of auto inqs from 10/2009. I started the begining of NOV. with CCT, mid month added USAA and EQCWG, and just last week MCK. Once i get to zero i will cut all except CCT.

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