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  1. HI Breezey - Been awhile! <3 <3 <3 CB still.
  2. The General Discussion board used to be "lively" - which was a good break from the tedium and waiting of credit repair.
  3. Where do you go in the mall to get these cards? I don't go to the mall much but I am shocked by how much that I've been missing out on. guest services. Also, sometimes certain shopping areas (like downtown YOURCITY) will have gift cards you can buy for any merchant in the area. Usually small, locally owned restaurants and shops, but if you shop there.... why not?
  4. good news is that you'll have the TDCA on your side. fwiw, the company did try to serve me but since I instructed UPS not to receive/sign certified mail and I worked for myself.... they couldn't find me (or didn't try very hard). I don't recommend this as a strategy, but it was a nice byproduct and bought me a little time until I could deal with the zombie-debt-buying-SOBs on my own terms/time. YMMV.
  5. is it SOL? are you in NJ as well? are these the last baddies on your report?
  6. Thanks, that was bugging me but I didn't post about it. "Mines" used this way is one of my biggest pet peeves, along with "irregardless" and "Valentime's Day" and some of us have pet peeves about people quoting large posts without it adding to their quality of their response
  7. This. When I started on this forum, a GAP or Target card would have been my baby step up to credit worthiness.
  8. just a thought since you're moving and your credit may not be 100% clean..... What I did was forward my mail to a UPS box (like $90/quarter or something). Had ALL my mail sent there while I was in credit cleaning process.. When it was clean, I applied for the cards I wanted with that address so that was the address on my credit report, then closed the box and gave only those who needed to know my address. (I had the box for about 18mos). With tracing companies, I'm sure my new address isn't private (thank you utility companies), but it was nice to know everything coming to my new house w
  9. Another way to double dip cash back is through fatwallet. I buy almost everything online (including amazon pantry purchases! ) By doing so thru fat wallet, not only do I earn points and/or cash back on my cards, I earn cash back thru FW. I average between $35-80 per month depending on purchases. http://www.fatwallet.com/?referral=jjjenks That is a referral link fwiw, but doesn't negate how awesome using that site for extra cash back has been for me. Even for work travel, I find booking hotels thru there and of course paying with my personal card for reimbursement can really add
  10. I must be slipping, I didn't make the list. Hi jack! no, we just try to forget
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