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  1. Once these loans are paid off, which organizations are the best for me to file complaints with? I"m also going to provide the recordings to the former collections manager, so she understands that her former employer is telling members why she was terminated.
  2. screw it, here are the full details and the email convo from today: Loans: Auto Loan $415 payment Due on the 15th Credit Card $60 payment Due on the 25th Intent To Repo Letter: Sent Via First Class Mail, Received on 6/6 $830 due by close of business on 6/10 ($830 in addition to the $500 payment they siphoned from 5/12) Must pay in person via certified check CT has different laws for repo, if an intent to repo letter is sent, or not sent. Must be served in person or via CMRRR Must be received at least 10 days before repo date Payments made: 5/12 - $500 6/5 - $500 6/7 - $100 6/9 - $100 Emailed the collections manager today, copying the director of compliance and other Execs explaining that what she is doing is shady/unethical at best, and I not only have taken full responsibility, but I personally chose not to declare bankruptcy and I"ve been trying to make good on my debts. I asked her kindly to stop being shady, as my payments applied to both accounts, more than makes them both current. Her response: Dear Former Member....your terms are acceptable. Please note after the payments mentioned above are applied to the account, there are arrears of $70 on the auto loan. If paid this week, your next payment due will be JULY 15 - $415. Your next card payment is due July 25 - $60. So what she is saying, is that I really owe $70 of the $415 June payment....and that payment is not DUE for another 5 days. So in reality, I am $0 in arrears.....it's all so shady!
  3. Nope, no funds going into this CU. Going forward, payments will only be made via debit card, using their baconpay site.
  4. I completely understand the cross collateral agreements, and I'd fully expect them to make me pay off the credit card balance AND car loan before releasing the lien. I'd even somewhat expect them to shift some balance/equity around, etc. But literally, they are removing a car payment and applying it to the card.....not only making the card current, but paying down the balance of the card while forcing the car to be in arrears. That doesn't sound kosher to me..
  5. Approximately 5k worth of equity in the car. Credit limit on my card is only 3k, I never asked for an increase after the initial approval. Balance is approximately 2k. https://www.mygecreditunion.com i could see them potentially pulling equity or whatever but how can they make my car loan appear late, and force a repo....to pay down the unsecured credit? That just doesn’t make sense to me
  6. Hi All, Hoping for some help, as this doesn't smell right. Changing some of the financial details, but the state info/general info is correct. Trying to summarize to keep it short and readable Have a car loan, and visa card with a credit union based in CT. I live in NY. Been a member for 5+ years Received first class letter on 6/6/2019, advising if I don't pay outstanding balance ($850) by 6/10, in person, with a certified check, my vehicle will be repo'd. They also sent notice via regular email, not via their encrypted/secure email portal. Didn't see it, didn't open it. From what I can find, CT law requires 10 days notice IF they are going to send notice. And the notice must be sent via certified/registered mail. Does first class/email count? I think the Past Due Balance was incorrect, but this is the problem I'm having: Notice says I have to pay ~$800 by Monday This includes April and Mays payments, plus interest, late fees May 12th, I paid $500 on my car loan. This would have covered Aprils payment, late fee, plus extra May 29th, someone at the credit union took the $500 car loan payment and removed it, then applied it to my credit card balance, so it appeared as if I never paid April. On May 29th, my Via Card was 1 month behind. My monthly payment is roughly $70. So the $500 payment they moved, roughly $100 went to the credit card amount due + late fee, the other $400 went to principal. June 3rd, I paid an additional $500 to car loan, to cover May's payment + late + interest. Had the credit union left the May 12th payment alone, I would now be more than current and only owe the 6/21 car loan payment I understand Credit Unions operate differently than banks, and have a different set of regulations. However, logically, it doesn't make sense to me that they can completely remove/apply a payment from a past due secured loan (auto loan) to an unsecured loan (credit card) at will....*IF* they can, I can see doing so to make a loan current but not to pay down principal while making another loan past due. Am I correct here? Any advice? I've been contacting them/the collections manager. However, I get the feeling she hates me and some of this is due to an interaction in 2018. In 2018 she first contacted me, and was extremely rude/unprofessional and I called her out on it. She disclosed why the previous collections manager was fired, referred to "people like me" (deadbeats), made comments about why I'm not married alluding to me not paying my bills, etc. Was just very very unpleasant and not what I expected from a credit union. (I have these conversations recorded, but haven't disclosed any of that. I'm pretty sure NY is a 1 party state, but CT is a 2 party state and I'm not an attorney, didn't want to potentially tell someone I broke wiretapping laws) Please help, Monday is coming up fast!! Thank you!
  7. Looking for a way in to this credit union. They don't have their select employee groups lsited on the website, and it appears as if the link to that page was taken down. Anyone know what any of these groups happen to be? Would love to join this credit union. Thanks!
  8. Is KPBS for USECU? Why don't they mention this on their website?
  9. It's a valid email address. I emailed it, and they responded.
  10. I was attempting to work with an "Attorneys Office", to settle a debt. I really just want the collection marked as paid in Full. I realize it won't do anything for FICO, but I don't want it to haunt me and I want potential banks to see it as paid in full if I go for a mortgage down the line. They were supposed to email me the settlement letter, and kept claiming they sent it to me. I never received it. Finally on the third time, confirming my email address for the third time, I got it. However, in the email history I can see the emailed it to the wrong person, TWICE. For example if my email address was joesmith@yahoo.com they were emailing it to joesmyth@yahoo.com The settlement letter contained my entire name, address, Creditor name, amount owed, past due status, and the entire credit card number. Do I have any recourse? Are they liable for anything?
  11. My credit is in the 500s, I've made lots of horrible mistakes and had issues out of my control. I'm trying to fix everything. I just got a job offer for an amazing company and I'm so excited to start, but so worried I'll fail the background check. I'm in I.T., not involved with money in any way, finances, etc. However, they pull credit on every new employee. They are a hedge fund. What are my chances of still being hired? Anyone in the financial industry who is familiar with this? Thanks in advance, I can't sleep anymore I'm too worried about losing this once in a life time opportunity
  12. I would expect it to be reporting that my payments have been on time from April until now, seeing as how they have been made on time. How would you expect it should be reporting? Late even though every payment has been deducted successfully?
  13. to be honest I don't remember. I had a charge account and a furniture account. I would make one payment per month, and it would be divided between the two. I'd have to go through my old statements to figure it out.
  14. All, I feel behind on my Macy's payments due to illness. I entered into some kind of payment program with them in April. Basically my interest is reduced, and I have a set monthly payment for 60 payments (unless paid off early). My payments are removed automatically every month. There have been no payment issues, all payments have come out successfully since April. I looked at my credit reports, and they have been marking me 90 days late April, May, June, July, August. I contacted someone at the company and got referred to some kind of executive support secretary. She is now advising that this is correct, I'm late even though my payments have been successfully taken out. She can't explain it to me, and this makes no sense at all to me. Does this sound right in any way?!?
  15. I've been trying to but I haven't been able to turn up anything concrete. I looked for GEMB as well as I have a JCP card. I guess I need to spend more time searching.

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