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  1. Thank you, will do. I’m really just trying to maximize my scores. I can literally pay the balance every month, But I hear having 0% utilization which is great is not the very best option. I may be wrong on that.
  2. Basically have a couple of chase cards. None subprime.
  3. Thanks for the reply. The only thing that confuses me about this is my cards usually report on the day interest is charged. So basically if I pay it off before it’s reported the utilization will be 0%. I hear it’s more beneficial for your score for it to report between 1-7%
  4. Good afternoon. Is there a way to keep your credit card utilization between 1-7% without paying interest on your credit card by leaving a balance?
  5. I defaulted on my NY hesc student loan about 6 years ago which resulted in my wages being garnished. I was eligible for loan rehabilitiion after making 9 on time monthly payments. My loan was given to another company for repayment and I was taken out of default status. I lost my job about a year or 2 later and missed a few payments. My loan then went back to ny hesc under default and my wages were garnished again. I paid through the garnishment but the cost was beginning to become too much. I worked out a payment plan monthly to stop the garnishment, but my loan is still in default. I am no longer eligible for rehabilitation, but I would like to get out of default. I dont have much left to pay (between 6-7k). My question is would it make sense to just keep paying it this way or attempt to find another method to get out of default ie another loan. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey, Not sure if this topic should go here but a percentage of my biweekly wages were just garnished by my county for an old credit card debt from capital one I forgot all about. I defaulted with their credit card over 9 years ago and it appears they sued me (which I had no idea about) and won a judgement. The debt is not that much, but I was wondering if there was anything I could or should do other than just totally paying the debt. Is there something I would be able to workout payment wise at this point?
  7. I was thinking about getting a gas card. And my bank Washington Mutual preapproved me for a card with a line up to $5000. Do you guys think I should apply for either?
  8. Thanks for replying George. So what your saying is that I can call capital one and get all of those cards combined into 1?
  9. Hi everyone, a newbie here just looking for some advice. I have 5 active creditcards. Chase Universal card: limit $300 Capital One card: limit $300 Capital One Card: limit $600 Capital One Preferred card: limit $1000 Direct Merchants Bank card: limit $1400 The Chase card and the regular capital one cards are paid in full. I owe 1100 on the DMB card and $700 on the preferred card. My questions are, Do I have too many cards? Should I cancel the lower limit cards and take up 1 higher limit card? Or should I just leave it as is and just build up my credit score? Thanks in advance.
  10. It was opened 10/03. The payment history is excellent. No annual fee. I still owe a balance of 200. Hope thats enough info.
  11. I have five revolving credit cards. One of the cards expires at the end of this month. Capital has already sent me a replacement. Would it be wise to just cut this one up and not use it again and close the account? Or should I keep it open?

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