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  1. i was $2000 upside down when i traded that car for my current in 2020. KBB is now saying I have over 10K in equity... the markup on used cars is CRAZY
  2. US BANK APPROVED ME- for a whopping $100 Id much rather had gotten the denial
  3. on the day of my grandmother's funeral someone broke into the family home, assuming they watched the family drive away with the procession. A neighbor noticed something called the police. Someone else showed up before the cops, let loose a couple of german shepards into tge house and closed the front door. By the time the cops arrived the would be thief was screaming begging to be saved
  4. I went on an app spree a few weeks ago got Home Depot MC and Best Buy MC denied Citi Diamond still it proves to me Citi forgives
  5. I was on Barclays blacklist due to defaulting on the Carnival Cruise card eons ago. My Old Navy/Gap card was Synchrony, now is Barclays as of a few months ago... I was worried they'd shut my account down..: so far so good. I havent tested yet if that means Im free to apply for other Barclays products- mostly because there isnt one Im interested in
  6. well i just used mine a few days- in the past they'd allow you to move the limit to your credit card hmmm I just checked and mine is still open
  7. my grandma had an account with them that I was POA on.... I thought they log went under...
  8. Sorta....well, Almost correct.... the closed accounts will affect it in the upcoming years.... if there are 5 accounts in 2023 that are 8 yrs and 2 get closed in 2023.... in 2024, FICO will see that as 3 accounts that are 9 yrs old and 2 that are 8 years old.... The closed account do not age further once they are closed
  9. it will affect debt to avail credit & that affects the score.... the age of credit card affecting length of credit history wont happen immediately
  10. I remember some issue back in the "GEORGE" days.... but I figured even if so, much has evolved since then
  11. its been quite a few years but there was a history of adverse action from Amex towards those who used the card for purchase of these items ( as well as for purchases at "brothel" type of establlishments... I recently made a few "pew-pew" related charges at a couple of Cabelas and it when I was reviewing my weekly purchase history it rang a bell in my head... Anyone have any recent issues with Amex ( or any issuer for that matter) with these purchases?
  12. I use "The Ordinary" products and since Sephora is now in Kohls, it is my sole reason to keep that CC out of the freezer...
  13. i did no such animal..... I had no credit lines with WF then... only a Xing account that was closed about a week after I filed.
  14. yeah i was kicked to the curb... bleh
  15. I didnt have a WF CC before BK but they closed my Xing account when i filed... actually caused some checks to bounce leaving that account in the negative for like under $500... FF like 7 years , got approved for Reflect Visa CC for a mere $4k... i used it for like $2k... paid it off in like 4 months... been trying to get CLI ever since- denied due to not having a WF bank account.... that'll never happen so the card keeps my socks warm
  16. i got 2nd BoA after charge-offs, then got a 3rd BoA after IIB... never repaid in either case
  17. Chapter 13 reports for 10 yrs unless ya lucky
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