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  1. Yes. Bank Atlantic. Can't say for sure, but I don't think it reports to personal. I do show up from time to time. My main haunt these days is FW. Been busy extending my CL all over. I remember a couple years ago, I thought I'd be happy with a couple of $10k limits...now I've got $45k+ with Amex, Citi, Chase, and Juniper. And I've taken after George...I used to have only 7 cards and thought that was plenty. Now I have a back up or 20 or 30. LOL. Hope you and everyone else has been doing well.
  2. The big BT was how I found out about my approval. I did an AOR at the beginning of the month before all this madness started, so Juny was handing out big limits before the 14th. My biz card app wasn't approved instantly, but a couple days later I found out it was approved with a $40K limit! I was floored when I saw that. I did one personal card and one biz card. The personal card came back with a $5k limit.
  3. Speaking of generous, I logged in found yet another $5k increase on my first card with them. That card is at $41,600 now and the 2nd card is at $8K. I would think I was at their max exposure long ago. I havent lied about my income or anything and my credit limits are equal to approximately 40% of my household income. Most banks exposure limits are 20-25% of your income. If I could just get them to cap that darn BT fee, I'd take major advantage of a 0% BT offer I have available until next October. I'd take $48k @ 0% in a heartbeat. Not worth a $1400+ transfer fee though.
  4. Hit the LUV button! See if by magic, it'll give you back some of what you lost.
  5. I love me some BofA. They are VERY generous with their CL. I started at $7500 back in '02 and have steadily progressed with them and currently sit at $44,600. It did take applying for a 2nd card to get additional limit, but I ended up leaving just $1k on it and moved the rest to my original card.
  6. Too little too late...and not because they wanted to. I won't ever go back....unless they offer me say - $30-$50K with 0% for life and no BT fees!
  7. I'd move on too...but now without fear. I don't think too many lenders will be happy with a fresh 30 day late on the report. Just don't let it happen again and as it ages, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  8. It's almost like stealing I wonder if my pp biz card counts as far as 2 apps in 60 days goes lol >????????? No doubt man. I've made $250 cash off of Chase and BofA signups recently and scored about 60K in signup points between Citi and Amex just this year alone. BTW, long time no see.
  9. Ever sold anything on Ebay or Craigslist? You're in business! Your business name can even be your own name. Most of the business cards will use your personal reports for the approval (sole prop being the best example)...and that's it. Most (actaully, none that I'm familiar with) don't report to the CRAs unless you fudge up and charge off the acct. Pretty good deal, eh?
  10. More details. In this case, my co-worker tried to do the right thing. Actually did the correct thing. He bought the car on a Friday night after lender/insurer/everyone was mostly closed for the evening. He called his insurer at 8:30am on Monday morning when the ins co was open again and updated his coverages. For who knows what reason (and I'm not sure who the ins co is) - the insurance (new coverage levels) wasn't to take affect until the following day at 12:01am. Then his wife had the wreck around noon or 1ish. Who knows who is right. I'm not worried about it too much though since it
  11. Thanks Marv. Any idea on what to do to get the dealer to stop shopping the loan though? In your opinion, do you think it's illegal? Or just immoral?
  12. I think it is, but I think the coverage is carried over from car to car. And that's the crazy thing. He knew the coverage wasn't up to date, so he let his wife drive the car - her car has full coverage - and he figured if anything happened, they'd be covered because she had full coverage. Their insurance company didn't see it that way though. They said that since he traded in a car that had liability, the new car (automatically) only set up for liability. I agree, I think the dealer insurance should cover this since it was their responsibility to verify full coverage before he left the lo
  13. Marv, this is directed more towards you, but hopefully someone has some knowledge on this. I'll make this as short as possible. Co-worker got a car from Kia. Traded in a paid off Escort that only had liability coverage. Dealer let him leave the lot and the car was in an at-fault accident before the insurance could be upgraded to full coverage. Bank that was gonna lend the $$ found out and didn't fund the loan. They obviously wouldn't want to fund a loan on a wrecked car that the consumer is likely not gonna pay for since it is practically totalled. Consumer can't afford to repair said c
  14. That's not always bad either. Under the same presumptions I made last night (using cards for BT offers), I've made it a point to have 2 cards or more from the issuers that I've chosen to do business with (Amex, BofA, Chase, Citi mostly). Each card has its own BT terms and some may be better than others and some may not be and some you can get modified. My prime example was just last night. I have 2 different BofA cards...one had a 3.99% BT rate with 4% of amount transferred and a $90 cap on the BT fee and the other had a 0% apr but no cap. Since I wanted to borrow in excess of $30K, no ca
  15. Congrats! Feels great doesn't it?
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