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  1. I got a phone call from the IRS. I was receiving five thousand dollars because I'm such a good taxpayer. They were going to wire it to me once I gave them my bank info, but wanted to make sure I knew I couldn't spend it on things like drugs or alcohol (in which case, what's the point?). I was having a light day at the VA and only needed one hand to view my slides and make notes on the report, and since these "IRS agents" only get paid when they get someone's info, I kept her on the phone a good half hour thanking her so sincerely and being so confused as to why they couldn't mail the check to my home address since they had it and whether craft beer counted as alcohol. Then I mentioned something about not having a bank account but wondering if she knew how I could open one. Good times.
  2. Thank you. I have you guys to thank. I went in with a credit score in the 500s, which no loan company federal or otherwise would have touched. One year, a lot of CB reading, and many many many certified mail receipts later (with a few BBB complaints and goodwill letters), I was at 680 or so and approved for all loans. Next step will be jumping over the elusive 800. Got as close as 793 a few months back.
  3. Thank you; that's incredibly helpful. Fortunately, due to our current rental lease, we're not in a huge hurry to close (November 30th) so I have ample time to play nasty with them. I hadn't seen the "collection report" sticky. That sounds incredibly shady.
  4. interesting. are your other scores over 700? UW usually goes by the median score, not lowest or the average. Well over 700 and the company indicated it didn't seem like it would be a problem, but whatever this thing is, I want it off if it's being sent out to lenders, particularly at mortgage time. This is my first home buy and I'm hyperparanoid. Plus, I have good credit limits and interest rates which I don't want affected if an Equifax credit pull is sending out shady stuff. I did. They were very nice and are sending their copy.
  5. That's a nice feature. Someone poached my AmEx number off the interwebs a few years back (they called and asked if I'd purchased a 700 dollar flight inside India, and then I found two other charges from a few months prior) and they were great about it and even deleted the three month old $40 dollar Dunkin Donuts (the frick was someone paying forty dollars for at DD??) charge but had to change the card number and update anything tied to it which fortunately wasn't a lot. Having a push to linked vendors would e a *huge* help, particularly if someone got their hands on my actual bank card.
  6. They used CBC Innovis. Physician mortgages require little to no money down, no PMI, and the cutoffs for "mega loans" or "super loans" or whatever they're called is higher. They also tend to ignore student debt (so long as it isn't delinquent) and are happy with credit scores over 700. The reasoning is that doctors are one of the least likely professions to default, but tend to go in cash poor with deep debt, but then make progressively more money each year and have a more stable job market than most. My Experian and Transunion scores are much higher and my husband's credit is good (though he isn't a physician) so no one believes it'll be a stopping block, but the current mortgage rate offered is decent for this type of loan, and I don't want it to increase because of these knuckleheads.
  7. Hi all! I was here in the way back and you guys helped me clean up my credit so I could get my loans for medical school. That was 10 years ago, and I made it! I have also been meticulous ever since. My current problem: I monitor my credit fairly religiously. While my scores bounce around a little due to credit utilization and inquiries, I've had no negative reports in years. My husband and I just applied for a physician mortgage. Everything is still going through thanks to Experian and Transunion, but when they pulled my Equifax credit report, they had a score of 692 and under "things that hurt your score", reported "collection". Naturally, I freaked out and went to check my normal credit report checks through my American Express card, which had no collections reported and a score around 750. Went to freecreditreports, since I know AmEx isn't definitive; same thing) no score. So I called Equifax and asked what the deal was. He said I had no collections. I asked about a split file; he said there was no evidence of one. I spoke with my mortgage broker who directed me to call the company that does the credit check. They were very nice, reported the 692 and said while there wasn't a lot of information, I had two medical collections listed from May of 2011 and August of 2011. Armed with that information, I called Equifax back. They stated they *still* didn't have any reports of medical collections and had the audacity to suggest that since the creditor had pulled my report on the 15th, it had probably been there and been deleted since then, which is garbage. I have an AmEx full report from the 15th that suggests nothing of the sort, nor had this come up on any of the reports before. I don't have a myfico or anything from that date (why would I?) and if I furnish one now that's blank, they can just claim it had been deleted since they're sticking to the idea that this item someone miraculously appeared on the 14th and vanished on the 16th. The lender is sending me a copy of the full credit report and I have the AmEx report so I can fax both to Equifax. My question is then what? Since they can't find the delinquent items but the delinquent items are being sent to creditors, what recourse do I have and how can I both prove they did it (they could dismiss the AmEx report as not being a *real* report and deny damage, and ensure they won't do it again? I know furnishing negative information I have no access to is a giant violation of the FCRA, but I'm confused as to how to proceed since Equifax doesn't seem to realize they're furnishing false information. I can't press them to delete something they're claiming isn't there. They're aggressively denying any evidence of a split file. Sorry for the novel, but this is a weird one. Thanks! Ishie
  8. Congrats!!!! Maybe it's time to ditch my Juniper as well... 500 dollar freaking limit and they just did their annual fee take out, so blech.
  9. Ishie

    Wow you gt an AMEX

    I got my SkyMiles with a fairly low score, and I keep it and my Starwood! About 10K limit between them now!!! I still keep my old stuff for the age though. I may start closing some of it out (CJ, I'm looking in your direction), but I still have that 250$ Orchard!
  10. Hit the AG of your state and theirs. They may try some dancing around with "no, we've sent the account to these people who are also us", but with my account, I complained to enough agencies that they sent me a 'Good freaking god, we're getting it off; just give us a minute!" response and knocked it off my reports. They're obnoxious, but I didn't find them to be one of the really BrandEvil collection agencies as far as responding to threats. I'm surprised they didn't respond at all though. They sent me those "Gee whiz, we'd love to help get this resolved. Could you sent us your social security number or a canceled check?" letters.
  11. Ishie


    GROWL. Can't get in. Father in the States can't get in using my info. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Fortunately my AmEx access is still working, but it's just not the same... Plus, isn't that one more likely to cause a split file?
  12. Nooooo no no no... If you already are having problems on the student loans, GET THEM BACK UP!!!!!!! Only pay off the CO if your student loan was fine (ie, like I do, you have a deferment so they're not negatively reporting).
  13. Still nothing, cleared cookies and all. I get the gift card, I get the options, and all three give me the error message. When I called, I got a guy saying something about issues between AT&T and Transunion (wtf?) but I am still in credit limbo.
  14. A student loan (an installment account) shouldn't be hurting your utilization much. If you're in danger of having your student loan go into a late status, then definitely pay it before anything else, including even a single 30 day late. Better one negative than two, and student loans tend to be nasty. If you can defer your loan with no ill effects, that would be the route I'd go. I'm in deferred loans due to medical school, and despite having the new loan reporting as 20,000 dollars of additional debt, it didn't actually do much against my credit score. If you can pay for deletion for a charge off and suffer no consequences on your student loan other than still having a high balance, than by all means, pay the chargeoff.
  15. Ishie


    I tried viewing the old report or the scores or going from my account pages. No love. I can't get myfico scores either since I'm out of the country, and my family's internet is down so they can't pull them for me. I'm in credit withdrawal!!!

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