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  1. Good Afternoon All, I have a bonus from work coming next week and I wanted to get opinions on what would be the best use of those dollars. I will be getting ~$17K after taxes and after paying tithes and college tuition for daughter I will have ~$8K left and have the following obligations: Card/Loan Balance CL Interest 1. CSP $6,000 $22,000 13.99% 2. PSECU Visa $8,000 $15,000 9.99% 3. PSECU Loan $7819.35 N/A 2.49% 4. AES $5,746.02 N/A 3.625% What is the best use of the remaining balance if I want to maximize FICO? Thanks, Daina
  2. As I stated in my beginning post the OC is not interested in me paying them. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with them and they are adamant that the debt is sold to A-1 and they no longer want payment or the horn. Do you have anything at all from the loaner transaction? Was it a loan while they repair yours, in which case, is there fine print on the receipt for the repair drop-off? No I don't have anything...not even sure they gave my husband anything because it was supposed to be a quick turn around.
  3. Thank you for your resppnse! Yes its definitely within the SOL which is 7 years. The debt is brand new essentially. I will send a validation letter and dispute with the three bureaus. Other than the car don't need anything credit related for awhile. I signed no rental agreement with the music store as it was truly intended to be a loaner. So not sure what they could send me to validate. Do I need a copy of my reports before I can dispute? I know its on all three because of the credit union pull for the car.
  4. Seriously please don't reply if you are not going to be serious or helpful.
  5. Good Afternoon All, I posted about two weeks ago wondering if anyone had ever dealt with A-1 Collections? Long story short, they own the debt from a trombone that was a loaner from a Music and Arts store. My family moved cross-country and the horn was in storage while we built our house. I forgot about the horn, as life, a difficult pregnancy, having a preemie and this job move has made things very STRESSFUL!!!! Needless to say now that we are in our home and everything is out of storage I realized we still had the horn but its too late. I contacted Music and Arts and they sold the debt to A-1 and refuse to take it back and don't want the horn. The original amount from M&A is $546 and the collection agency has added on about $200 in fees and such. My issue is this dropped my credit score by 60 points. My Transunion FICO was 750 and is now 693. I know the exact score because my husband and I applied for a car loan and it came back refer to loan officer. Has anyone dealt with A-1 before? Will they do a pay for deletion? There are no other baddies on my report other than this. At this point I am willing to pay in full but only for a deletion but I wanted to talk to the experts here because I know you will be able to help me with the best way to approach. I think we'll still get the car loan from my CU but I'd like to see my score back solidly in the mid-700's. Please help!!!! Thanks, Daina
  6. Good Morning All, Has anyone dealt with A-1 Credit Collections? Not sure how to handle this but about 18 months ago my husband took my son's trombone to Music and Arts store to have it repaired. They gave him a temporary loaner until his was fixed. His horn took much, much longer to be repaired than we expected and in the interim we were transferred out of state for my job. So new phone numbers, address etc... I have not heard from them live or spoken to anyone from the store, I assume they attempted to contact us months later to say the horn was ready and to return the loaner. The horn has been in storage as we built a home in our new location which took 15 months to complete. This debt just popped up on all three bureaus as of 2/1. The amount from the original creditor Music and Arts is $546 and with A-1's fees they say I owe $761. I had completely forgotten about this horn since its been sitting in storage. Should I reach out to Music and Arts to see if they will take the horn back or if I can settle the debt with them? The horn is definitely not worth $500 bucks let alone $700 and its in the original condition that we received it in. Or should I deal with A-1? If you have experience with them, will they do a pay for delete? My score dropped about 25 points on Transunion but so far Experian appears to be unaffected. My PSECU Experian is 786 as of 2/7, Wal-Mart TU FICO is 730 and Discover TU FICO is 730 as of 2/15. There are no other baddies or lates on my report. How should I approach? Thanks, Daina

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