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  1. I want this Acct back & my Amazon both was at 5k. Can anyone help with this problem. If I remember it was 300 on Newegg & 900 on Amazon. I hit a rough patch last year & now thing are fully back on track
  2. Approved just had to send in a void check & a copy of my DLs 😉
  3. They want me to have 5yrs or pg if under 5 I started building in 2015 but I had my EIN since 2013 so I sent that letter I got from the IRS & they said they will look it over & let me know
  4. I just applied & got the we will send you an email. I left out my SS & DOB has any one gotten this message
  5. How should I pay it or to who
  6. This acct went bad & I want to pay the OG creditor & they won't let me they said its been wrote off. I want to know when I pay this off how will it look on my business report.? Should I pay D&S this is who it went to
  7. YEs i was behind & they where closed already. I didn't care because these are new to me 2012 accts & so I closed a bunch more that was in that yr & I focused on my 2003 & older. To get those deals they want your acct closed. .
  8. So NFCU reduced my rates to 6% & said the acct is current. I'm on a 1 yr term with that one I spoke with Synchrony Bank for PP & they reduced to 0% Here is the problem I got a letter from Synchrony from Amazon stating the acct term may not bring the acct up to date & you are responsible for any past due amounts So does this mean they will keep reporting late on all the Synhrony accts
  9. Thanks & it's cool I just want to get back on track as soon as my trailer is ready & wanted a plan. This board has NEVER let me down since I jointed back in 2003. I just never thought I would fall off, but I'm glad you guys are still here to help
  10. I can have the money go into my banking acct, on a debt card or cash depending on the customer. My total debt is only 44k on all the CC. To me that's not a lot of money. I'm sure it's people on here with that on 1 card.
  11. I don't think you guys get it. It is NO way in the world to no which company I will fill out a w-9 for. I drive for a living & each Comapany I haul for I must fill out a W/9 which is in my business name. I have my own business & I fill out what you call a carriers package for every company I hauling for. So this is why they can't garnish my wages & I'm not worried about no one taking my money @ this time I have 19 dollars to my name. I'm broke as F$$K lol.
  12. That's Great! Any updates OP? Yes this was a good feeling
  13. If you receive any 1099 income, they can certainly garnish that. And the state and the feds can also just attach your assets such as bank accounts... All my banking accts are negative & I usually pay taxes or break even OK, thanks. Do you receive any 1099 income? 1099 -Misc that's just stating what made from that company. I think your thinking of W-2
  14. That is not even remotely what happens in a court. If you show up and put up any minimal defense at all, then it goes into more hearings or it is referred to mediation to try to resolve it. The judge doesn't make any sort of quickie decisions like that, even in small claims court. In small claims court they usually make both sides talk and provide mediators. Then later if no resolution is worked out the judge will reschedule it for a future hearing and scheduling for a possible future small claims court trial. First appearance, mediation time, second appearance ... that could easily have the legal expenses for the bank exceed the $5,000 limit of small claims (if they even allow a lawyer to represent in small claims court. Some small claims courts don't allow lawyers). And courts don't award legal fees on top of judgments. They usually only allow recovery of court costs such as filing fees and process service fees. If we are talking an amount above small claims ($5,000 usually) then it is even more expensive to get to a judgment. All the defendant needs to do is a minimal answer by saying, "Defendant does not have enough info to admit or deny, therefore defendant denies the allegation(s)" and repeat that for every paragraph. That simple action alone is likely enough to put a lawsuit into a 12-24 month process of discovery, hearings and eventually trial. That simple action alone is enough to cost the plaintiff (bank) about $20,000+ in legal fees. None of these things are one appearance and "bam judgement" unless the other side ignores it entirely. It sounds to me like you have no clue how the legal system actually functions. The only quickie judgments that exist are the default type where the defendant doesn't show up at all. And that is what the banks are hoping because that is usually the only time it makes sense financially for them. If someone puts up ANY response at all to create legal fees for the plaintiff, then all of the economics of taking an unsecured CC default to court basically collapse. It becomes throwing good money after bad for the bank. They will waste more money than the original face value of the debt. WHATEVER. Your not the guru genius you think you are. Just because something happened a certain way in a certain situation for your does not mean thats how it happens in other state or with other people or another judge or whatever. WTF is wrong with some people on here thinking they KNOW IT ALL because they know SOMETHING? Is it possible that some states have a very streamlined process you dont know about? You must have passed the bar in all 50 states. I dont come on here and talk out my flowers about stuff i dont know through experience, so respect that, and ill respect your knowledge from your experiences. OP i know you think BK isnt an option, but you havent share specifics, so my best advise at this point is just sit down with a BK attorney and see what your options are, not necessarily bk but maybe theres a loophole or other option thats applicable to your unique situation that fits best for you, whether it be settlement, bk, CCC or something else, consultations are free in most casesHere is the thing I make pretty good money when things are going good. I bought a new truck & trailer to start my business & then a yr later I bought another truck & trailer. 2 months later the drive leaves me with that payment & insurance. Total of 3500. This goes on for about 2 months & then a good friend of mine took over the notes. One month later my truck breaks down then my trailer, the truck again then trailer. I bought all of this EQ new. Now at this point my funds are gone CC are maxed, then I have to have surgery & I'm out for months. This is a part of my story I didnt not want to take up a lot of time telling it. My goal is to get back on track ASAP

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