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  1. How about another noob question? ;)


    I recently purchased myfico credit scores/reports. Can I not use the backdoor method with that? I've tried TU, and it wants me to register, etc. Does this mean that I do not have an account with the individual CRA's...just myfico? I used annualcreditreport.com last year, but apparently that doesn't register you as having an account with TU either. I'm very reluctant to give CRA's any more info than they already have. They can't even get the information the do have right. :lol:

  2. I've just done the 1-2 punch, but have two follow-up Q's. Somewhere (and I thought it was on this thread) I saw that you should try to catch CRA's in a re-insertion before their 30 day time limit is up. So I've sent verification letters to CRA, and just got the green cards back from them this week. How long do I give them before pulling a new credit report? It's going to be a manual report for them, because I did the letter on security paper.


    I did buy the first credit reports, from Myfico, so as not to give them the extra 15 days. Is it okay to use the annualcreditreport.com reports as follow-up?

  3. Thanks for the quick follow-ups.


    Instead of doing a DV, DH sent them a letter informing them that the alleged debt had already been disputed with prior CA, and they were in violation of FDCPA 807(8). If they are dumb enough to keep calling, we'll add a few more nails to the coffin.


    Kevin, thanks for the licensing info. That's another nail.

  4. Thanks for the follow-ups! This board moves fast, and it's hard to keep up.


    Jvaca, if you are still around, I wouldn't worry too much about these guys. Based on your experience, as well as DH's, it sounds like they are good at blowing smoke up your tailpipe. DH never received a summons; just more harassing phone messages.


    Yesterday, Mr Ramirez at ACM left a message that said "If you do not call me back today, don't bother. I will make the decision for you." :cry2: Good one, buddy! They have never dunned DH, so at this point, I'll just sit back and collect evidence on these clowns.

  5. I don't think ACMgroup.com is the same bunch. They called out of CA, and I googled the phone number (888-310-5566). A search here came up with nothing. They appear to be a relative unknown, but are rather lax in >their< interpretation of the FDCPA. But if anyone has any dirt, please share.


    I told DH to tell them to only contact by mail, and let's just see what they got.

  6. I don't think ACMgroup.com is the same bunch. They called out of CA, and I googled the phone number (888-310-5566). A search here came up with nothing. They appear to be a relative unknown, but are rather lax in >their< interpretation of the FDCPA. But if anyone has any dirt, please share.


    I told DH to tell them to only contact by mail, and let's just see what they got.

  7. (And for some reason, he decided to talk to them on the phone. Not recorded, of course. :mellow: )


    They are saying they represent Bank of America, which apparently bought an alleged debt of unknown origin. He sent a CMRRR letter, asking for validation, to Creditors Interchange, who was attempting to collect this supposed debt prior to this. Creditors Interchange never validated, and apparently sold the debt off to another company, who has since sold it off to this company.


    They told him that IF no one is around to receive the summons, then he would have a "failure to appear" charge against him. Ummmm. I don't think so.


    He has never received anything in writing from them, stating that they are attempting to collect a debt.


    Does anyone know who ACM Group is? Googling does not help, so I don't even know if they have a license to collect in NC.


    I am far from an expert in this, any suggestions and laws to research would be appreciated!

  8. Wow this board moves fast. I couldn't find this thread.


    The CRA's came back as "verified, no change".


    If the 30 days isn't written in to law, what basis would I have for contacting the BBB or State AG's office? B)


    From what I've read, it sounds like my best action may be to wait and see what CA comes back with, then send a second validation letter, with specifics of what I want validated. Then after CMRRR from CA gets back, send CRA a letter asking for Method of Verification. Does this sound like a good plan of action? Any suggestions on how to improve?



  9. I received collection notices from Palisades on two different accounts, both in SOL, in December, and responded CMRRR within 30 days. The letters I sent them request validation (not verification) three times, and gave them a 30-day time limit to respond. Today, 60+ days after they received the letters, they have responded that they are "verifying" :good: my account, and placed the accounts in dispute status.


    After reading some of the suggested validation letters here, my 30-day demand sounds weak. There is no verbage such as "...if your offices fail to respond to this validation request within 30 days from the date of your receipt, all references to this account must be deleted and completely removed from my credit file and a copy of such deletion request shall be sent to me immediately." Instead my letter says that they have 30 days "to respond to the validity of any claim you believe you may have."


    Any suggestions on the best option to take? Since they have exceeded 30 days, should I write a demand for deletion letter? Should I go back and send a stronger validation letter? Just wait and see what sort of verification they come back with? Other? ???


    TIA for your help!

  10. An aquaintance and I were having lunch today, and he mentioned that he recently had bank account assets seized due to a medical collection that he never knew about. According to him, the collection is from a deductible that he never knew he had, based on an event 7 years ago. Apparently he moved shortly after the event, and was never served, so the OC/JDB/? got a judgement without him ever even knowing he owed the debt.


    Recently a sheriff showed up at his current address, asked him about his checking account, so he gave the deputy his account information. You can see where this is going. He went to write a check, and guess what? It bounced, due to the account being cleaned out by whoever obtained the judgement.


    According to the aquaintance, his attorney told him that the collection can be renewed. My contention is that he was never served, never should have a judgement against him, and his assets have been falsely seized.


    How would you advise him? He is in NC, and to my knowledge, that is where he lived when this event occured.

  11. Update


    Not going to happen even talked to a supervisor she said that can't that it is wellsfargo policy


    The guy said I should dispute it.anyone have luck with that? I wanna refi in couple months I have to get it off If I don;t I know one thing I will pay them off and close all 3 accounts faster then they can blink an eye

    but there again they won't bat an at that .

    I did a goodwill letter to the CEO last year. CEO did not respond, but a "Sandy Johnson" did. Goodwill letter netted me a copy of my deed of trust (mortgage) with some highlighted information and a "too bad, so sad" letter. I'm still pondering my next tactic with WF. Good luck!

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