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  1. Has anyone had any luck with this program?
  2. I called and got a hardship with them for 24 months but they cancelled the card IDK I want out of debt...
  3. Will Chase Bank open a savings if you are on chexs? All I want is a savings account with an amt card.
  4. OP Good for you All of the posters that flame you have never been in your shoes. I have and I'm waiting to hear from my servicer to see if they will help us out....Glad it worked for you......
  5. Would you all go to this site and vote for this lady she is a great women and deserves anything she gets, please go vote and help her out.......http://www.celinedi onbeauty. com/sensational Crystal Davis Thanks
  6. I have 12 back as of today
  7. Ours May 6th direct deposit but changed bank account so I guess we wait.... last 2 ss 38
  8. I have friends that Chase did this to they have now lost the home they had an attorney and went to court in the end Chase won and they were kicked out..... Good luck
  9. I know what your saying thank god my mortgage co did freeze our rate but there's tons out there that can't get any help... My friends mortgage company told them to let the house foreclose they had between 6-12 months to live there free so guess what that's what they are doing..... Just wonder how far out of hand things will get, I couldn't sell my house for what I owe to save my live.... Good luck I hope all works out for you.....
  10. But I heard they will deduct it from your tax return next year so how is that going to do anything?
  11. Denied got the message 24-48 hours TOO MANY RECENTLY OPENED BANK/NATIONAL REVOLVING ACCOUNTS RATIO OF REVOLVING ACCOUNT BALANCES TO REVOLVING CREDIT LINES AGE OF OLDEST ACCOUNT They pulled EQ in Michigan i will try after I pay the others down.......
  12. Mine cost $350.00 for the paper work
  13. Where I live they charge 29% interest on a hospital bill if you make payments... They started this about a year ago
  14. Sharnese I agree with you 100% I also have a home daycare and we work hard for our money if most of these people had to do our job they would quit after a day....I don't think you are getting paid enough for all that you do I get paid if the kids are here or not and all hoildays and personal vacations theirs and mine... The kids are not the problem it's the parents most of them a PITAS!! I have one right now that has done the same thing I had her kid for a month and no pay I have learned a lesson I will no longer keep kids without payment in advance..... Good luck I hope you get paid......................

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