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  1. My Target Red Card limit ($500) is reporting to Equifax.
  2. Discharged in December 2000 1 IIB Cap1 CC shows on TU and EX.
  3. Credit Application: Your Age: 43 Your Equifax Credit Score: 622 FICO Your Experian Credit Score: 648 FICO Your TransUnion Credit Score: 651 FICO How long have you been on file with the CRA?s? 13 Yrs Previous Automotive Credit History: Do you have an open auto loan? No Will this loan be a trade-in? No Number of late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? Number of late pays within the last 13-24 months on the currently open loan? Current open auto loan is financed with? Current open auto loan payment is? Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? Rate this open auto loan from 1-10 (10=BEST) Revolving Credit History: Total number of revolving accounts? 13 (11 opened in last 4 months) others opened 1/2001 & 7/2003 Total percent utilization overall? 28% Your Information: How long at residence? 4.5 yrs Rent/Homeowner/Live with relative? Rent How long at current job? 8 months Total Provable MONTHLY GROSS INCOME? 3000 Provable via computerized paystub or what method? Paystub Your Downpayment in CASH: $500 Rebates not considered; Trade Equity not considered: CASH ONLY PLEASE INPUT. Does any credit repository contain any Public Record? Yes Is so, please describe. Chp 7 BK filed in Aug 2000 Does any credit repository contain any Collection Account(s) No If so, please describe. New or Used Vehicle you are considering; please describe: New. Not sure of model. Sticker around 16k to 20k Your creditworthiness on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best: 5 OVERALL credit: Installment Credit History: Defaulted student loans, now consolidated in Jul 2005 Revolving Credit History: No late payments ever. 11 recently opened accts. Marv, Do you have any idea what kind of interest rate I could qualify for?
  4. So far, mine is only reporting to TransUnion and Experian.
  5. If you read the fine print, I am sure it says that any payment will be applied in the most advantageous way for the credit card company. Did the BT amount go down by the amount of your payment?
  6. I logged into my Target acct today and got a surprise...an automatic CLI to $500. $200 was my previous CL. The CL was done the day my 4th statement cut. I have never carried a balance and never had a balance over $43. I have added 10 new TL since 10/21/05 to my previous Crap1 and Household Bank MasterCards, and this is my first CLI I have got on any of my new cards.
  7. I had to fax a written request with a copy of my DL and SS card. Had you been doing daily pulls? I had been pulling since October and never had any B I have been pulling daily since mid Dec with TC. Also about the time my disputes were to hit 30 days is when my file split, wondering if it had anything to do with that. Normal CO stuff and ADDYS I also had disputes that were at 30 days (Dispute from Jan 2nd) . I disputed some TLs as reporting incorrectly AND 3 PREVIOUS ADDYS. I wonder if disputing TLs and addresses in the same dispute is what triggered it?
  8. I had to fax a written request with a copy of my DL and SS card. Had you been doing daily pulls? I had been pulling since October and never had any B
  9. skemo

    Merrick Bank

    CALL AND ASK All I know about them is that they are NOT VERY PRIME I know I could do that...BUT I would rather find out what other's experience has been. BTW, I never said or asked if they were a prime issuer...but thanks for the jab
  10. My EQ file split on 2/1 into two reports, one file had 28 accounts and the other file had 25 accounts. On Friday, I called to see if my faxed request to have the files merged had been processed, and was told that she could only find one file for me and that file has 27 accounts. She searched several minutes and could only find the one file. I asked where the other TLs went, and she started tap dancing and said that maybe they were duplicates or it was time for them to fall off. She was very nice and she told me every TL that was still on my report. Here is what is now gone: 1 IIB CC TL from 2000 8 Student Loan TLs that were reporting 120+ Past Due / Paid Collection with lates reporting from 2004 till the middle of 2005 (I still have 17 more that are showing ) 14 Student Loan TLs that were reporting "Pays as Agreed", but had lates showing from 2002 to 2004 1 Student Loan TL that was reporting Closed and had 2 lates from the end 1999 1 CC TL (current account) that was from the same issuer as another TL on my report. (I have already talked to the bank and they will re-report this TL) I took a big hit on average age since I have 10 new TL from the past 4 months. Am I correct in thinking that the SL TLs that were reporting "Pays as Agreed" really weren't helping me since there was a ton of lates reporting? Has anyone had a similiar experience when I file was merged? Thanks
  11. skemo

    Merrick Bank

    Has any been able to get Merrick to lower their interest rate? Also how frequeent do they give CLI's? Thanks
  12. skemo

    Well, I tried

    I had them close carnival. Both USair and Carnival were only $500 limits. Thanks! I may do the same thing.
  13. skemo

    Well, I tried

    Did you have them close the Carnival card and combine the two credit limits, or just move a portion of the credit limit to the US Airways card and still have the Carnival card open? Thanks
  14. So one of the CRAs is down, and not a problem with one of my reports? Thanks for the quick reply!
  15. Credit Bureau(s) Cannot Validate Info We are unable to obtain your credit report information. What happened: Invalid or unknown record. Has anyone ever gotten this error before?

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