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  1. Indeed Thank you. Forgot to post cause im still in a bit of a cloud 9. Call me crazy but day after I got the Delta card I said what the heck and did a pre-qualify on amex site to see if I had any offers which I have never have before. The standard Hilton honors, gold card and one other that I can even remember came up. I wanted the Hilton but wanted the Delta first so was happy to see it pop up and I had gotten an instant approval SoccrStar Enjoy Your New Hilton Honors American Express CardMembership! Welcome to Hilton Honors American Express Card Membership! We're excited that you have chosen American Express again. Your new Card will arrive before you know it. If you already have an online account, you can add your new Hilton Honors American Express Card now. If you don't have one, you can set up an online account now and take advantage of online account features like: Checking your balance Tracking your rewards Paying your bill Signing up for account alerts We're here for you We want to let you know that you can contact us 24/7 online, via social media, or over the phone, if you have any questions big or small - that's part of our commitment to delivering our award-winning brand of Relationship Care® service to you. Thanks for choosing American Express again. American Express Customer Care 2 new amex without 24 hour period. Resulted in 2 hard pulls but oh so worth it. Now for that Chase card that I got that 30 day message... I kept calling the automated number and kept getting the will notify I'm 30 day message. Said that yesterday but!... Tonight when I check... It said congratulations! You've been approved! I've damn nearly dropped my phone! Approved for the $5100 SL Chase Sapphire preferred! Holy crap! The card that I've always wanted for years and after 4 years of hard work and credit improvements I finally got it. 8 days to approve meaning a lot of hmmm should I approve or decline thinking 😂🤣😂🤣😂. This will now be my daily driver. Was using bank of America cash rewards. Chase Marriot bonvoy is the 2nd Chase card I want to get but going to wait for history and more overall CC balance reduction. That's a signature card so 5k SL minimum so need to garden, age, and paydown balances to improve my chances. Plus got CLI on all 9 of my comenity cards totalling $3400 in increases between them. Talk about amazing end of a month. 10,500 in additional buying power. Will help my overall utilization tremendously as I continue to work on being CC debt free by 1-1-2021. Data points... I'm at 2/24 at time of applications. 2x amex sets me to 4/24 chase approval sends me to 5/24. Come October this year I'll drop to 4/24. 6/2021 I'll drop to 3/24 and 0/24 on 7/2021. Amex approved 2x cards with 2 pulls using Experian with FICO8 of 688 Chase pulled Experian with FICO8 of 688 AND Equifax with FICO8 of 702.
  2. I went through this late last year. Had a 2016 outlander gt that I loved and enjoyed and planned on keeping for many years to come. Problem is the bank wouldn't finance me alone and she ended up cosigning for me. 2 years later crap went to hell. during split she insisted that her name be removed from the loan. Credit has improved though nobody would refinance cause I was majorly upside down. Only option is to buy new. Went to few dealerships and they wouldn't touch me without 15-20k down that's how upside down I was. Found a dealership who I explained the situation to (lady wanted name off loan). They said it's a long shot in hell but went for 0 down on a majorly upside down vehicle as I didn't have much to down. Submitted to the banks and I left. Next day he calls and says I got approved by 1 bank, hell even he was floored and jaw dropped. Not what I was planning to do 2 years ago but c'est la vie. Ended up grabbing the loan, she's happy, I'm in a shittier financial situation, oh what fun. Yes I know, most people would've told them to FOAD but miles too kind and don't have the heart to tell people to buzz off. /End story.
  3. Two of 4 credit scores went up (innovis unknown) to over 700 (eq: 702, tu:702, ex 688) Annnnnnnnd got the itchy finger. Apped for the chase Sapphire and amex Delta blue. Got 7-10 day notice for Chase but... Instant decision for American Express! Say what! Who would've thought I'd ever get a freaking instant decision from American Express! That's still with 4 charge offs with blended reporting. Starting limit $1000! I'll take it! 3x CLI after 91 days! Mark them calenders. I'm 💯 sure Chase is a denial. Not special for them yet. I'll wait and see what they say in mean Time in the garden I go. Til I get 725-750 which should put me in better Chase territory. I have never in my life gotten a 7-10 day message and end up getting a card ever in my life. So excited! My first ever travelers card! First ever amex! SoccrStar Member Since: Today! Welcome to Card Membership! We're excited that you have chosen American Express. Your new Card will arrive before you know it. In the meantime, you can set up your online account, which will let you: Check your balance Track your rewards Pay your bill Sign up for account alerts We're here for you We want to let you know that you can contact us 24/7 online, via social media, or over the phone, if you have any questions big or small - that's part of our commitment to delivering our award-winning brand of Relationship Care® service to you. Thanks again for choosing American Express. American Express Customer Care
  4. okay dokie. Thank you for your feedback and everyone else! I'll wait 🤗🤗🤗 Sad news but c'est is life. Thank you! I'll wait Seems like Chase is too with their CAR v2?... My bank card fico 8 is a little higher then normal fico 8 but still holding on I was looking to apply for the chase Sapphire preferred first then the Marriot card down the road. The 4 baddies with balances haven't updated in 4 years and was told by mortgage officer to let the sleeping dogs sleep if you will as touching them will bring them to current which will do way more harm then good. Other baddies capital one, Fingerhut, credit one won't budge and settled those already. Best I can do is a Goodwill to CFNA and hope for the best which I plan on doing. Those scores doesn't take into account my BOA card 1 on TU haven't updated my CLI to 1000 from 500, BOA card 2 Balance reduction from 900 to 0 on all 3 CRA, PayPal balance reduction from 800 to 0 and CLI from 1000 to 3500 on all 3 CRA, and CFNA balance reduction from 1000 to 0 on all 3 CRA cause they all very slow to update least for me. WHICH hoping to give me 10-15 point boost. But anywho thanks again everyone for the valuable information. I shall wait and check back next month with updated scores if everything updates but will wait for scores to improve for Chase and AmeX. I'll continue to cultivate my current cards and going for more CLI. Latest card DCU @ 5K SL Wells Fargo and discover both refuse to unsecure. Discover 3 years and counting, 6 years and counting. BOA 1 unsecured after 4 years. BOA 2 unsecured after 6 years.
  5. Hello I'm looking to apply to chase and amex at the end of the month but wanted to know which score model they use. My scores very depending on which model is used and can't find anything about that. Don't know if I should apply it work thinking on my part. I have 8 negative accounts, 4 with balances. 7 expected to age off in 2022. 1 two year late. 33-35% overall utilization reporting 24 inquiries between the 3 63 total accounts Under 5/24 My fico 8 Eq: 696 Ex: 680 tr: 687 Fico 9 Eq: 699 Ex: 726 tr: 708 Bank card 8 Eq: 712 Ex: 688 tr: 694 Bank card 4,5,2 Eq: 680 Ex: 650 tr: 664 Bank card 9 Eq: 706 Ex: 725 tr: 706
  6. Hello, People are reporting denials of credit limit increases in Walmart card even with great credit. Myself applied for increase 6/16v and for denied, immediately after approved for increase on Amazon store card to 3000 from 600, then after PayPal smart connect card to 3500 from 1000. Which leads me to believe CLI CLOSED. Last reported increase was the 11th or 12th of this month and feel 6/15 was the last day for increases as synchrony prepares to hand-off accounts to capital one where we get lovely hard pulls for increases.
  7. All this month! New credit: DCU PLATINUM credit card - $5000 starting limit. Funny part... A day after DCU card started reporting on my Equifax I got an auto increase on my NFCU go rewards card from 4500 to 5300. Seems navy wants to be my highest limit prior to DCU. NFCU wanted it's crown back. NFCU also upped nrewards card from 3000 to 4000 Equifax at the time 664 fico8 Today I decided to try synchrony again. First up Walmart. Tried 5k... Denied, 4k... Denied, 3k... Denied, 2k... Denied, 1k... Denied. They refuse to budge on my 500 limit. Wonder if there is a freeze on Walmart cards for limit increases due to takeover? I thought all hope was lost but decided to try my other 2 synchrony cards (these 3 only ones that survived synchrony wrath of shutdowns when my credit tanked 4 years ago and only survived because there was a balance on them. They even balance chased me so I kept charging and slow pay to keep them active. RIP; Old navy, thx, carecredit, Lowe's, JCP, Chevron) anyrate tried pay pal smart connect store card and requested my standard 5k from them during a denial. Floored to see they countered to 3500! 1000 - 3500 Gave me some hope with Amazon store card. Limit was 600. Requested standard 5k and they countered with 3000! 600 - 3000 Unbelievable! Which leads me to believe there's a hold on increases with Walmart TransUnion fico8 670 Quite the hall for me! Best ever in my life actually $11,700 in added buying power
  8. Is it updating every month? Sent from my LG-H931 using Tapatalk
  9. Target credit card auto CLI 900 TO $1,200 Sent from my LG-H931 using Tapatalk
  10. Really? I've never in my life received no such documents when refinancing / PIF an auto loan [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15] Sent from my LG-H931 using Tapatalk
  11. All for good reason apparently! Thanks for chiming in 👍 Didn't know about the penalty for paying off early. That's why I posted this... To gather info on them. Thanks for that. Everything before "Given that this is a re-fi..." Useless... Nope driving hard and fast n paying like normal. 75 month note... 2 months in. I had already planned on going through a credit union. IFS popped up and was curious that is all. Just keeping options open. Seeing as they have prepayment penalties they can go shove it. I'll get my scores above 700 and refinance then. They strictly deal with deals already done elsewhere minus company car. IMO I figure they have primary (1st) lenders do the legwork in weeding out the potential sours before getting the notes then they get people transferred to them to collect the interest. That's music to my ears 😂🤣😂. Love my phone font. 👍
  12. I randomly stumbled upon them yesterday and they do offer soft pull pre-approval so I did that. I understand it's as low as 5.9 and high chance it'll be higher same with payment. Not going to pull any trigger, Just curious. Current loan... 9.48% APR with 73 months left. Still few things I want to fix up on my credit. Looking for 4.99 or lower APR and I'll be happy. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. Walmart store card luv button increase. Starting limit 100 bucks. Requested 1000 countered with 500. +400 bucks. I'll take it. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. More and more people heavily rely on gig econojobs for income. Ride sharing, courrier, food delivery, any on demand work when you want job. People don't want to be tied down to that 9-5, 9-9, 7-3, whatever job and want the flexibility. No paycheck or paystubs for those. Some give statements most you wait till tax season. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. LoL I'm a testament to bank of America. Had active checking with direct deposit with them and 2 charge off credit cards. They didn't touch my checking account. HOWEVER! if you have a mortgage with them and charged off credit cards they will apply the charge off balance to your mortgage. Happened to my mom. Whether it was legal don't know but that happened! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk

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