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  1. It is the OC, so FDCPA does not apply. While the OP might have protections under other State-specific laws, the phone calls to the workplace suggest that calls to teh house were being ignored. In the interim, OP probably would be well-served to go into their online account profile and change the contact numbers. Oh, and STAY IN CONTACT with the creditor...it is the LACK of communication that allows the problems to mushroom out of control... Thanks, thats what I was afraid of. I've actually retained a BK lawyer and have considered telling them to call him but I wanted to wait till I get closer to filing time (feb) in order to give a case number and get a jumpstart on preventing a lawsuit. I am in NJ btw.
  2. Even after I've told them verbally 4 times over the past two weeks that I cannot take these calls at work? Is this a violation? Barclays is the offender. Can I sue? Or does this only work for collection agencies? Any further information would be appreciated.
  3. So she owes 3k. They auction it for 8k and she's clear? -or- She owes 3k. They auction it for 8k, but end of lease purchase price is 13k so she owes 5k?
  4. I am in the process of getting ready to turn my daughters leased 2007 Focus back to Ford. The lease was a 3 year lease of which she has 12 payments left and she no longer can afford to pay for it. If she does a voluntary surrender of the vehicle back to Ford, how are any deficiencies calculated? The remaining balance of the lease is around $3000.00.
  5. I have a $12000 barclays card that was charged off and the acct was handed over to Firstsource Advantage. They gave me a 25% settlement offer for $3000.00 if I send them a check by the end of the month. If I dont pay that, the settlement gets restructured to $6000.00 payable over 4 months at $1500.00 a month. Simply put, I dont have that much to give them. I told them I could pay maybe $300 or $400 a month and they said that would nullify the settlement offer and bring me back to the $12000 balance. I'm at a loss as to what to do. No family or friends to help me out with the $3k at this time and nothing in savings. Do I have any other options that I'm not aware of that I could do? I hate the thought of losing out on the 25% offer. Thanks
  6. You mean a BOA checking account? They pulled the money out of my Patelco account.
  7. I have a BOA CC and a MBNA sallie mae loan that have gone past due. I have been receiving calls from FIA card services with requests to pay this account as well as numerous letters. Last time I spoke with them was Aug 22nd and they wanted me to make a payment by the end of aug. I told them that due to the holiday coming up that I wasnt sure if I would have my paycheck deposited into my account by then. Lo and behold I look in my online checking account this morning and see that they withdrew a total of $400.00 from my account on Aug 30th!!! I never gave them permission to do this and it is the second time it has happened. I am changing my checking to another bank today. Do I have any recourse? Any recommendations? I know the first thing is to stay off the phone with them from now on for sure.
  8. I haven 't seen any B on TC in about a week. 15 removed over the past month then nothing.
  9. Lender: Patelco Lender Website: http://www.patelco.org Your State: Ca CRA(s) Pulled: Exp Your Score(s) per CRA(s) 681 EX New or Used Vehicle: Used Approved Amount: $30,000 Approved Term: up to 84 months Approved APR: 8.25% (missed their best rate by 4 fico points) Monthly Payment: $416.00 (84 months) Put $1000 down. Additional Pertinent Comments: 2004 Chevy Tahoe Z71 fully loaded - $25995 + tax
  10. Been doing it for about 2 months and have TU down to 5 from 17. EQ hasn't budged.
  11. It's only *B* TU. Do I need to sign up for a different service than truecredit for *B* on EQ and EX?
  12. Finally, after 4 months of a broken luv button Amex decided to fix it and double my credit line on my Delta card! Woot! Just made a $15.00 minimum payment yesterday!

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