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  1. Closed Positive Accounts still count towards AAOA INDY for 10 years This has to be one of those things I have heard so many different ways over the years that I am really not sure. So, based on what you have said, if a positive account is closed, it continued to accrue age for another 10 years, or that it simply retains the age it had upon closing and stays on your report for 10 more years. Just want to be sure I am not mis-reading.
  2. I have a bit of an odd procedural question. Lets say someone had a mortgage that was previously discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy without any reaffirmation. Could they then 5 years later include that debt in a Chapter 13 payment plan since they have no personal liability to it?
  3. Looks like $114/month right now for the MPI. Looking at the current schedule if I keep going with the payments as they are, I will be done with the MPI January of 2017. I sort of expected that this was just banks trying to make a buck off my back, just wanted to ensure I was not missing out one some magic program I was perhaps unaware of.
  4. Greetings All, I have been getting slammed with FHA Refinance paperwork promoting the values and life altering euphoria if only I would refinance with them for the past six months or so now and have for the most part been ignoring it. I have been pretty happy with my rate, 3%, on my 15 year mortgage which I am a little over two years into. Since I am feeling rather lazy at the moment I thought I would attempt to channel the collective wisdom of Credit Boards to see if there was any useful reason to even look at perusing any of these options. I will attempt to add some additional informa
  5. Wound up going for a pre-approval with DCU, got 1.49% at 60 months. I asked for and was given 25k. As a bit of extra info, I was told my Equifax was a 701, and that everything above 675 qualifies for their best rate. Also, if I need any other credit products in the next 45 days, they would use the same credit pull.
  6. You may be right, perhaps we should plot them both out. There may be certain caps under each variable that would become evident.
  7. Would be interesting to see a chart showing score vs. highest credit limit.
  8. Navy Federal does it now too with the new Chip + Pin cards. I even noticed the other day I can set individual credit limits on other cards.
  9. Hey All, I am looking to purchase a car for the significant other soon. I wanted to ask the great collective wisdom that is CreditBoards who has the best rates these days. I am unsure if it will be new or used, will be recent model within last few years at most though. For what it is worth, I would be looking at a Kia Optima or a Kia Optima Hybrid. There is no need to recommend brands or models, the significant other has a preference as this make and model is already owned and I don't plan to tempt fate. Oh, one more question for the wise ones, what should I be looking for as to a
  10. I was lucky and about 6 years ago hooked up with Navy Federal while working as a contractor on a Navy Base (Had a Navy CAC as part of the job). I really did not take advantage of them for many years and just kept a checking and savings open for many years with little usage. In the last few years I really stepped my usage of the up as part of my rebuilding and initially opened a secured card with them for 2k, that in turn got increased to 5k and then 10k, at one year they unsecured the card, I had it converted to the Flagship, 6 months later 22k, and a year and a half later here we are. I
  11. They did not specifically state it was based on income, just that they were not able to extend the full 80k to me at this time, but would be willing to go to 55k if I was willing to accept it.
  12. Hey All, Since the last round went so well, I thought I would go for the gold and ask for the full 80k limit on my NavyFed card, turns out do not warrant the maximum, but I was offered 55k which I gladly accepted. I can not even imagine what I would ever need that limit for short of an emergency escape from some foreign land on a privately chartered plane. But it is nice to know that in the course of normal spending, utilization on this card should never pose a problem. I did want to note that the last increase and this one were both granted without a credit check, and I was told thi
  13. They did not request proof of income. That being said, I do have the majority of my pay deposited to my NavyFed checking account, though it would not account for all of my stated income. I am unsure if they even look at that when making the decision. All they asked was if the income was the same as what they had on file. Probably the least intrusive credit limit increase request I have ever had.
  14. Well, I am not rich by any means, but I am a little north of 100k/annual.
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