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  1. It must be pre-approval season at credit unions... in the past couple of weeks I've gotten: Schools Financial CU: Auto loan up to $50K and CC CL of $7500 Patelco: CC CL of $15K NFCU: Auto loan up to $50K, bal xfer offer 1.99% for 12 months PenFed: endless personal loan offers
  2. If you're in CA, pretty much all the CUs use EX here - I've emailed a few others with "open" membership, and these *said* they use EX: (take that with a grain of salt for CSR reliability :) Affinity Federal Credit Union America First Credit Union America's Credit Union Bellco Credit Union Bethpage Federal Credit Union First Tech Federal Credit Union Hughes Federal Credit Union InFirst FCU Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) ** USED to be TU - but I was told EX, so not sure
  3. I've had the card for about a year and a half, and have been very happy with it. They were quite generous with the limit, and the few times I've had to contact them, the dedicated Altitude Reserve reps have actually been knowledgeable and friendly. A while back they added the "real time rewards" feature for travel, which is pretty handy. When you register for it (and get 500 bonus points for doing so), after you make a travel purchase, you'll get a text asking if you want to redeem points for it. It's at the same 1.5cpp rate as the online portal, and you can book direct. One quirk of that I ra
  4. I opened one last week, and there was no HP. Yes, you have to be a personal member first. They use TU for business credit products - if you keep it under $25K agg. you don't need to fill out all the personal financial statements on the app.
  5. NFCU is pretty sensitive to debt-to-income and overall utilization. You have some pretty high balances, so unless you have a very high income and other high limit cards with no balances to offset them, I would expect your approval chances to be fairly low.
  6. Here if you don't pay any of your water or sewer bills they attach it to your property taxes as a lien and you can't sell/transfer the house until it's PIF. When I was house shopping I saw a few places with oddly high property tax bills listed, and when I went to the county's website it was because they owed a bunch of back water/sewer bills.
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