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  1. I've caught "Princess" a few times and this was my reaction.... The folks on that show, it's mind boggling to me to even listen to the words that come out of their mouths. I can't believe anyone is that spoiled or that ignorant in general. And Suze Orman...nothing cracks me up more than someone who is already rich offering money advice to the "average" person. It's easy to give advice when you don't have to worry about your own finances.
  2. Strange as it sounds, I feel very fortunate that we were able to file for bankruptcy and start over with a clean slate; trying to get it deleted is not a game I would want to play. While I give the original poster of this thread kudos for being able to pull this off, I would not remotely feel comfortable doing it. I'm willing to pay the price I have to pay for having filed and be at peace with it.
  3. So WONDERFUL to see you again! (And that beach picture still relaxes me!)
  4. For Orange County, Florida, couldn't recommend Walter and his staff anymore if I tried! Law Office of Walter Benenati 105 E Robinson St #302 Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 226-5787 http://www.407bankrupt.com/ Made the seemingly daunting and scary process of filing for BK incredibly painless! The entire staff is amazing, communication is astounding...just can't say enough about this great folks!
  5. I found them years ago and this is my first time posting since I think sometime in early 2009?! It's been a while to say the least. However, I have visited frequently to do research and hunt down answers to questions. AMAZING site, always informative! My husband and I have gone through a ton the past four years, including filing for bankruptcy, which I never thought we would do...amazing what being unemployed for two years can do to you financially! LOL We were fortunate to find an amazing attorney who made the entire process about as painless as it could be. Things are definitely looking up and despite what folks may think, filing for BK isn't the end of the world. Not by a long shot! Glad to be posting again and look forward to continuing to better my knowledge thanks to all the folks here!
  6. I can attest that BOA's rate jacking has begun! I logged on this morning to find my 8% card had been jacked up to, get this....27.99%.... Never been late with a payment, never missed a payment, have been a BOA card holder for years, but since they posted a loss it's time to stick it to the consumer. What gets my goat the most is I never received any kind of notice they were even considering hiking my rate. Amazing....
  7. That is just AWESOME!!! Needless to say that this a great place, so much information and so many members who are incredibly knowledgeable! Glad that CB has helped you achieve so much...many congrats to you!
  8. We actually just opened up a BOA GoldOption line of credit, 8.99% interest on $30K...figure we'll use it to consolidate a few things. The 3% transaction fee Steve mentioned seems to be standard for this particular LOC.
  9. I've had a National Parks card through Juniper (now Barclay's) for a few years, interest rate of 6%, nice credit line, great BT offers....we've never had any issues with them. I think depending on what your APR is and what fees are associated with the card, you could almost consider any issuer to be subprime...if your basing it on those figures.
  10. We've been with our local CU since it was just one branch, that was 15 years ago, they now have six branches in the area. Never had anything but great service from them, I also like the fact that they don't (well, ours at least) make you carry any certain balance in checking or savings. I remember when I joined this particular I was also banking with First Union and you had to maintain a $500 balance in your checking account or you were charged a monthly fee....yeah, as if I had that much extra cash just floating around back then! LOL In any case, personally I'd recommend credit unions in heartbeat. Consumer friendly, great to deal with! (At least in my experience!)
  11. Needless to say that with me being unemployed this past year and sucking our emergency funds dry, our CC debt has skyrocketed and we want to get out from under it all. Just curious has anyone done a personal loan with BOA? We've got two cards with them and they've been very good to us. I was just curious if anyone knows what they look for in regards to the amount and APR they give? Anyone's experience with this product would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Speaking of lowering APR's, we have two that could be lower...anyone know what credentials are needed to get a lower APR? Do the CC companies look at anything in particular before making a decision? Thanks everyone!
  13. Happy 2008 to ya NB!!! Hope that life is treating you well, we haven't talked in ages! Great to see you posting again!!! Happy New Year sweetie!
  14. Is paying a CC bill a few days late as bad as paying it a few weeks late? I ask simply because I'm starting a new job where my paycheck frequency will effect our current line up of bills. (i.e. I'm getting paid a few days later than when some of the bills are due...) I realize that any late payment isn't good, but I wasn't sure if a few days was akin to the same repercussions as a few weeks? (Yeah, I need to bulk on my credit knowledge again, 2007 was a lackluster year for me to say the least...) As always gang, thanks so very much!
  15. Best of luck tomorrow and let us know how things go! Sounds like they are incredibly interested already, especially if they want to do a Saturday interview. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

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