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  1. Nope, Dallas Texas. Surely, a much better place than Dallas, GA . I wasn't even aware this cu existed until recently and I think I saw it on the credit pulls database from someone who said they had a 585 and got approved for an auto loan at 4%. I was approved for membership pending I return the application with 2 forms of id or go into a local branch.
  2. Anyone use Dallas Credit Union? I'm thinking of getting a new vehicle. Currently I have poor fico scores and was curious if anyone here had any luck?
  3. Congrats, started working on my credit again recently and just started the b process after going on app spree. Can't wait to see my tu and equifax inqs go away.
  4. Back in 2007 I co-signed for an auto loan with my ex girlfriend for a car that she needed. Recently she paid off the loan, but was late several times in the last year. The bad thing about this is that now I am trying to get a car, but her late payments are hurting my auto enhanced fico. Is there someone I could talk to at WFDS that might be able to reverse these?
  5. Anyone know a good lawyer or company in the Dallas, TX area to help get some baddies removed off my credit?
  6. Well got the answer back. They denied her for limited credit experience and pyramiding debt(what?) according to the comments. Anyone know another place that might approve her. Her credit history is 1 year old...
  7. ok, got her to do the app and signed her up, how long does it take to get an answer?
  8. What is the website to refinance for penfed? I don't see it?
  9. How quick does penfed go through? I assume she would have to sign up and then open a checking account? What are the requirements? Would they approve her by herself? She only makes about $1500 a month...
  10. I did a cosign for my girlfriend to get her a car and now I'm trying to get her refinanced on her own to get it off of my credit? Would it be best to go back to the dealership and let them do it? Is that even possible? Right now the loan is through wachovia...
  11. So I got locked out of both of these guys for excessive credit pulls, the bad thing is now I feel like I'm blind without knowing what is going on with my credit? Where else can I get daily pulls?
  12. I applied in the store last night and they gave me a 10-14 day msg. Not a denial, but not an instant approval. Was gonna find out if I could find the status out...
  13. I just disputed through the bureaus. Haven't talked directly to national credit systems...
  14. Okay there is a broken apartment lease on my credit report from 2006. They claimed I owe them $2100. I have disputed this several times and it always comes back verified...Today they send me a letter saying they'll settle for 50%. Now I know most people say that this is a waste of time, but since it is recent won't it help to pay??

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