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  1. Well - my main question was wanting to know if someone has had the fee reversed after a PC, but I guess I’ll answer what everybody seems to be flipping out about instead. the card started as a HSBC card back in 07/08, then eventually flipped to a Capone when hsbc sold it to them. Since being a Capone, the first few years it had I believe a $29 fee, but I just paid it as the card was the only one I had at the time and I was rebuilding. I suppose at some point the fee inched up, but I kept paying it each year. I don’t remember it being as high as $59 and I suppose it was printed on a statement, but for the past 3yrs this has mainly been a sock drawer card with light usage to keep it active. I suppose it’s my fault for not looking at the statement each month, but then again I’m sure we all have a card like this that gets maybe $50/mo on it and is PIF each month so looking at a statement doesn’t really happen... so, now that that’s out of the way, has anyone been in a similar situation and had the fee successfully reversed after a PC with Capone?
  2. So I login to my Capone account expecting to make my ~$40 payment for the month and see the balance at $99!! there is a $59 “membership fee” billed to the account. I call Capone and ask them if they can reverse it and they refuse, telling me it’s there so offer better value with the card and offer me “benefits” like 1.5% cash back 🙄 I basically told them my other cards give me better benefits with no fee and that I have no incentive to use the card. they then suggest I can PC to an identical Quicksilver card with no annual fee and “all the same benefits” (Keep in mind, these are the same exact “benefits and value” they just told me they needed my $59 to provide 😳). so I agree to PC, no hard pull, no more annual fee and I thank the lady and get off the phone. NOW, the $59 charge is still on my account..., has anyone been in this situation and successfully had them refund it post PC? I honestly barely use the card except for ~$40/mo, but want to keep it open as it’s in good standing and has ~10yrs history. Just really don’t want to eat the $59 either...
  3. Not sure what state you are in, but in some states like Texas, your homestead is protected, so the cant take your house. I'd advise speaking with an attorney ASAP to understand what your options are, and what/when you announce to landlords you may be in default. Make sure the attorney looks over the leases to protect any rights or assets you may have and come up with a strategy and plan to work through this with our without the business on the other end. Its not easy, but if you've worked hard for this, do what you can to preserve what you can for you and your spouse - don't let the creditors and landlords walk all over you.
  4. so surprise! - got a letter in the mail from AMEX today - states they "borrowed" from the Cash Magnet card for the new Biz Blue card "to give me a more usable limit". Letter also states if I want to shift some amount back to Cash Magnet, to just give them a call. @centex, regarding their loans, I could never reason taking one from them with the rates and terms they offer - especially compared with the biz LOC my bank gives me.
  5. ok, so maybe this is just more a by product of the current economic situation then... even the $8500 cut while not huge, is still going to bump my utilization up a few points. I probably should pay down anything else I have to maintain the utilization at 12% or less. Thanks for all the quick replies from everyone! Hope you're all doing well otherwise sheltering at home
  6. ok, so should I be concerned about my Citi card then? I am a PG on the biz card, so that does make sense as well - curious does AMEX do the 3x CLI on biz cards as well?
  7. Was wondering what the affect on me is from an AU's personal credit file? My issue is that AMEX decided to whack one of my cards from $18k down to just $9500 overnight. I have a fantastic history with them, 3 cards: - my biz plat I spend ~$35-40k/mo and PIF, never missed a payment - persona plat, always PIF, no missed payments ever - Cash Magnet card, PIF, no missed payments - and they just gave me a 4th card for $23k for my business 2 days ago. The AMEX card they whacked in half (Cash Magnet) is the only AMEX card I have my spouse as an AU on. When I told her about the decrease in limit, she let me know that she just got a 30 day late on one of her accounts for a store card that I was unaware of.... Now I'm worried that 1) AMEX saw this 30 day late on her file and whacked my card in half since shes an AU and 2) will Citi be doing the same to me in short order since AMEX just did?? Shes an AU on my Citi card as well, $20k limit. If so, my utilization which is around 12% now, would shoot up and could drop my scores? Anyone have any background on a situation like this? Should I remove her as AU from all my cards before they all start whacking my CLs? Concerned as I've worked hard to get our limits up, my score up and my keep my utilization low.
  8. @centex this is Pendrick out of PA who is operating under the name of Commonwealth Financial and Dynamic Recovery. Correspondence was sent under Commonwealth Financial and their right to transact business in TX is not currently valid even though they do have two active valid bonds. @whychat my refi has been completed already and I opted out and deleted addresses 4yrs ago. Additionally during my refi process, I obtained a burner number that I used for soliciting the refi offers and while working with the selected lender until closing. After closing, I called and updated the new lender with my personal number. I know the data mining game and how it works lol My main concern was related to why TU keeps said the account doesn't exist on their end when I disputed it for the second time?
  9. Also known as Pendrick Capital Partners (PCP), Commonwealth Financial systems (CFS), Dynamic Recovery Solutions (DRS) Was doing a refi this summer and these guys popped up out of the woodwork trying to collect on a balance from 2013 that is set to expire in early 2020. I was pissed because my score dropped 50+ points so I fired off a letter to them asking for DV and also telling them I would sue them if my refi fell through and would seek damages equal to the amount of interest I was supposed to save (six figures). I also disputed with the CRAs as PCP does not have the right to transact business in the state of TX. Within a week I received a letter back from PCP stating they would remove from my CR "while they researched the issue internally". And TU sent me a letter saying they didn't see the account on my CR and that it may have been removed by the time they investigated it. Meanwhile my score popped back up to where it was and about 10 days later I get some very weak sauce validation form from PCP that looks like someone put some numbers in an excel sheet and printed it along with a letter stating this is their validation documentation and "to call them when convenient to discuss." Since it was removed from my reports and my score popped back up, and their letter was basically BS and I know they are a JDB with a bad history, I just blew it off. Finished my refi and everything has been fine for the past 5 months. EXCEPT, two weeks ago they reported again, but to just TU this time!? (and tanked my score again by 43pts) I left it for about a week to see if it was going to report to EX and EQ, but nothing, so I started an online dispute ONLY with TU and submitted documentation from the state of TX showing PCP does not have the right to transact business and asked for removal. This time I did not reach out to PCP at all. Within 48hrs it was gone from TU, BUT again, I received a letter from TU today stating "they did not see the account on my CR and that it may have been removed by the time they investigated it." Anyone have any guesses why TU said twice they haven't seen it on my CR? First time I was under the impression PCP deleted before TU could investigate, this second time I'm not sure why it was deleted if TU "doesn't see it on my CR"? Is this standard protocol/form letter for TU?
  10. So I've got huge balances I put on my amex biz plat each month (and PIF), but this doesn't report to my personal credit as its all under the business. That said, I have my amex personal plat that DOES report to my credit each month, but I dont typically put larger balances on it (always PIF) If higher balances showing on personal would benefit my score, then I'd can easily shift over some of the biz purchases to my personal card for the reporting benefit and then turn in the expenses for reimbursement. (I own the business, so I can do easily) Wanted to know if charge card balances reporting tend to typically affect your score and if this would benefit my score in any way?
  11. Hello, Currently have 2 AMEX cards, 1) biz plat which I regularly run $20-60k a month through and PIF, never missed a payment 2) Cash Magnet card with a $2k limit - have had for 90 days now, always PIF and usually pay every 2wks because its so small, have never paid any interest on it and always pay the statement balance in full by due date. Anyways, I asked for an increase on it last month and it was denied, "not enough history" reason given and rep said try again in 30 days. Today is 32 days and I asked for CLI again, was told I'd get an email and a letter in 7-10 days. No email yet (its been 30mins) and the rep didnt tell me yes or no on the CLI, just wait for the letter or email. Scores are 715-730 range, utilization is at 23% across the board and this is the smallest card I have. Any ideas on why they would not increase it? Is the cash magnet card not that great? The SUB was $150 credit after first $3k spend and $300 credit if you spend $6k in a year.... I hit $6k last month (after having card 2 months) and got my $300 credit, so should I just pay down the card and sock drawer it maybe? Anyone else get a CLI with this card?
  12. @deanmartini - actually I did try to apply at the time, but they declined it stating that I had ZERO history with AMEX at the time. I also did receive a letter stating that the reason for denial was basically lack of history and to try applying again after I've got some history with them. I would think at this point, I've got a good history with them, but am concerned about the 2 very old accounts and the 42% utilization hurting my chances. I really don't want the hard pull on my credit unless there is a good potential for approval.
  13. What is needed for a (potential) case is a blatant, obvious, documented violation of either FDCPA or your state's debt collection laws. As stated above in this thread, your state laws may differ from federal laws, so you need to understand the process for both state and federal first. Once you have a good understanding of "the rules", then I would re-assess your situation and any documentation you have that shows a blatant, obvious, and documented violation of the law. Once you have this, then you most likely have a case and could sue... If the intent is just to sue to get it removed, this would be considered frivolous and you could be on the hook for the court/attorney costs of the other party. There are posts on here of people who have successfully sued CAs due to violations the CA has made, but also as others have said, sometimes presenting a letter of intent to sue while pointing out the violation to the CA is enough leverage to get what you want without the added cost/time in actually filing.
  14. I'm looking at apping for a revolver amex to use for my monthly household expenses. Currently I have a Business AMEX Plat charge that I pif $20k-60k/mo every month - I've had this since Dec 2016 and have a perfect history with them. Current Ficos are in low 700s (703-720) Only bad items I have are: one 30 day late from Feb 2016 on a paid off auto loan and a few 30/60 day lates on a Crapone card from 2011/12. The crapone account is in good standing (past 6yrs) and these 30/60 day lates should fall off in October this year, so they are pretty old. Overall current utilization is at ~42% Should I wait to get my utilization down and would the old late pays hurt me at this point? Thanks
  15. So I have one 30 day late on my reports that I'm trying to get rid of... I had a vehicle financed through GM Financial starting in 2012 up to the final pay off I sent them in Feb 2016. I have had perfect payment history with them up to the very last payment. I bought another vehicle Jan 2016, so I called GM financial, requested payoff for the old vehicle and mailed payment in full. Long story short, the time it took for payment to arrive and be processed by GM Financial was apparently just past the due date grace period of 15 days, so GM Financial process the payoff on my car and marked me 30 days late for Feb 2016 - on my very last payment of an otherwise perfect 4yr payment history. I have called, written letters, disputed with CRAs and just now tried to call again. Their stance is that its not their fault that the payment arrived late and they can only report what's correct. I told them I have no control over the postal service either or the time it takes to run it through their payment systems to post.For all I know they could have received it, and held it for a week before running it through their system. Does anyone have any method of dealing with GM financial? or advice on how to get this one 30day late removed?
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