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  1. Blah blah , youre a troll . You have nothing. You're a wannabe rich man. Anyone with $75000 can get those accounts and thats not even a lot. Youre just a typical liar and Most people who have wealth dont go to a forum and act like a child talking about their fake premium relationship managers. So everything you say and do are bogus. Youre a troll and want to be important, but in reality youre not. You gave false info on our credit cards and accounts. Even when you mentioned that your premier manager gave you reasons for our retained hsbc cards that was bogus. All of this info I have given has been verified by premium relationship managers, online chat, and the 800 number. So all you do is spread misinformation because you want to feel like you're important. Youre not important and if you want to act like you are then give real information. Factual information. Just like what HSBC told me what was going to happen, happened. Good luck with your life, you seem to need it.
  2. Its all done people 😁😁😁 and if you need info on your cards you can go to the HSBC USA website. Its under the resource center in the Credit Card section.
  3. Yea I did mine but I am closing it today. I opened a citibank account yesterday to get the bonus money, but then I will just put it all in Barclays or Goldman Sachs. Im not really into American Banks other than Goldman. Too many weird fees for travel and simple things. Hey did you say youre in Cali but have Citizens? They absolutely botched that, maybe you should close it or transfer it to the bank of your choice. Oh by the way our cards are still on the hsbc site but you cant apply for them. Its in the resource section. Im not sure if you seen that.
  4. Hsbc can tell you if youre being retained if you just call them. Just call and ask they will tell you. They told me in December and I didnt believe them but Its still there. Goodluck 😊
  5. That is incorrect, the Barclays View had already existed and its only given to previous card holders. Second of all my overseas account has nothing to do with them retaining my card!! I opened it the last minute and i was told months ago i was being retained!!! Maybe reading previous post or researching previous cards will be something you should before blabbing nonsense. 😊
  6. It was another forum where other people got their cards. Everyone here didn’t from what I know.
  7. This ain’t random, if you would of inquired about your account the previous 3 months they could of told you if it will be retained or not
  8. Yea many transferred. The people you see are the ones who’s accounts had not transferred. Obviously you ain’t going to see too many peoples account that transferred on forums because it happened how it was supposed. I seen a few people said they got their cards. Including here someone said they got their cards
  9. I’m just happy that so far the HSBC customer service agent was correct and they retained my account, but now what? I never heard of a bank picking and choosing credit card accounts. I even asked my parents to see if this ever happened to them. I been investigating the motive of all this 🤣😂🤣
  10. Well there is many reasons to keep certain customers. They might want to sell our accounts to another bank or reissue us a rare specific card. Barclays did that to me when I had the Uber Card and they switched me to the Barclays View Card. The View you can’t apply for. All in time we will see what the evil empire will do. Regardless I still love HSBC and I have an overseas account now with them. I think that was their goal. Move our money overseas.
  11. The one thing that most people have in common that we’re retained from what I know is that we travel. I always use it for travel and been traveling through the pandemic. Maybe they want to keep international travelers. That’s my new theory 🤣😂🤣. Other than that I have no clue. I been trying to figure this out for 2 months and I needed to see it to believe it. Today is February 20 and the switch happened and now I believe it.
  12. I think Cathay and Citizens knew which credit card customers they would get because a few people were told that their cards will be retained like myself. Some knew 120 days ago on other forums. They just never explained that to people because they probably didn’t want thousands of calls begging to keep them. My therapist kept her card too. Do you travel? I’m still trying to make my theory and the type of cards ain’t one.
  13. I have been accepted again by Citibank and JpMorgan after defaulting. I applied apx 10yrs later and I had no issues. I did not file for bankruptcy. The one institution that is known to black list you is Amex. So other than that go for it. I even got more money than what they gave me in 2008-9 when I defaulted. Try to remember high credit scores help too.
  14. They retained your card so there’s nothing to worry about for now. Keep using the app to pay your bills and it’s better for all of us. Citizens ain’t a great bank and customer service has been been horrendous. Tuesday I will pull every cent 😂🤣. I only kept it to see how they are but the first week has been a nightmare. My debit doesn’t even work and they told I need to wait to the 22nd to be sent a new one, so I have a solution for them. Don’t send me anything! Give me my money lol.
  15. If your account disappeared from the HSBC website I would call but if not that means it was retained. I still have mine on the app. Checking and Savings disappeared.
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