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  1. Geico: 3 Wrecks in one year. None my fault. One driver was uninsured. Rates only continued to go down. Geico cut checks for all of the wrecks to expedite repairs. Had the check the next day.
  2. ... glad to be back above 700!
  3. My name is pastpolls and I, too, am a apploholic.
  4. GM Flex HSBC Direct Merchants used to have Orchard...
  5. GEICO: 1992: Became GEICO customer 1994: Declared BK, discharged 1995: Three wrecks in one year, none my fault (one uninsured driver) 1996: Moved, changed jobs, bought new truck two months later. Rate dropped $100. GEICO considers me a safe, clean driver. Credit, not an issue even after being DENIED for a Geico CC.
  6. I am assuming it is valid so.... Don't dispute online, they can stretch the investigation time to 45 days. Also, always ask for how they validated the information.
  7. Getting cards is only 1/2 of the equasion. I suggest you spend planty of time reading this site.... I think we typically tell people to read until your eyes bleed, then read again. Cards alone won't do much for you credit.
  8. pastpolls


    I don't know about that combo, but I have has 3 HSBC cards one time; Orchard, DMB and GM.
  9. I have put a call into my attorney's office. During the initial call the attorney said that he believed there to be no liability whatsoever if I turn it in now, and that I could blow the miles and turn it in later and they would have no recourse either. He thought it strange that they did not demand a reaffirm because, on the surface, it is a lose, lose for the lease holder unless I was a perfect customer. He asked me give him until monday for him to draft me a letter as to what the liability really is, so I will let the board know once I get it.
  10. That is what my BK papers said. We did NOT sign any re-affirm papers and filed in a ride-through circuit. I am about to "blow the miles" on a lease with 23 more payments. I have been approved for a new loan through citifinancial with 10% interest (pretty good with no real car credit since the BK). I want to buy a car, but I want to make sure I will have no liability to the leasing company. Opinions please... I am planning on calling the leaing company and asking them... but I want to have my info straight first...
  11. I closed GM and Orchard after getting denied for an HSBC and an American Dream card for reasons like.... wait for it.... too many other credit cards (only reason)! I kept the DMB because of the CL, but as soon as I get a good replacement, it is gone. I even told the girl on the phone, nicely, HSBC is dead to me.
  12. Here is my opinion. She is sponsored by FICO. FICO has no real interest in everyone having a top score. Also, she does not take "people" into the equasion, she only looks at what someone should really do. Example of something she said... Q. I want to by a house but the mortgage company said I need to pay down to debt to raise my score. A. Pay hightest interest debt down first so it saves you money. My Note to that: Yes, that will save you some money, but FICO does not care what interest rates are. If you want to raise your score, lower your utilization both overall and per card. Move money around and make sure they are all below 50% util (or less), and then pay off the smaller balances first. You will see a quicker score jump than if you focus on one or two high interest cards.
  13. Well, they are BK friendly. Just got $2k limit. FICO ~670.
  14. Juniper uses NextGen FICO scoring, research it. That is why they are "wierd."
  15. CCCS is going to better than BK, especially at your income levels (new laws...). I would go that route, and learn to live with your new circumstance. I would try to accelerate paying off the debt as much as possible. I would not rush into a house because the interest rates will be MUCH higher than before, if you can even get a loan in a year (FHA maybe). Good luck, I will keep you in my thoughts. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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