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    Classical music!<br />I'm a professional flutist and piccoloist!<br />My family!

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  1. Soooooooooo creepy! I always think that if I look too closely at them, they will jump up and get me in the face!
  2. SC?! Secret codes. Congrats OP!
  3. I have this pool ladder, so I thought I would pass it on in case you have it as well! Pool ladders recalled for fall hazard Monday, April 16, 2007 | 04:35 PM ET About 34,000 above-ground pool ladders are being recalled because they pose a fall danger to users. The Canadian recall applies to the Intex, Easy Set and Sand N Sun A-frame ladders in the following sizes: 4.58m x 1.22m 4.88m x 1.07m 4.88m x 1.22m 5.50m x 1.22m 7.32m x 1.33m The manufacturer, Intex Development Co., notes that if the ladder steps are assembled improperly the steps can break. The company has received three unconfirmed reports of the ladders breaking during use, causing minor injuries. The ladders were sold at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club in Canada from February 2006 through February 2007 for between $250 to $900, depending on size. Consumers should stop using the ladders and contact the company for a free replacement. Company site: Intex Corp You can visit the site to find out if your ladder is affected.
  4. Right. I always hover the mouse over the link, and usually it will give some sort of weird address that doesn't match up. Abuse@whoever, spoof@whoever, or just visit the legit website to forward the email would be a good thing to do.
  5. If you ever get these, it's a good idea to report them to the real bank(s), even if you are not a member. There are several banks that take these things seriously and will track down where it started to try and stop it. I don't get many of those emails anymore, but I still get the lottery ones all the time!
  6. I know how you feel. I have been doing so well on Atkins and I blew it big time the other day. Hang in there, everyone is allowed to screw up from time to time.
  7. Hi ON-MY_way I just thought you needed the siggy again
  8. I already said what they asked for. So I guess just getting the finger isn't as good as the fist that you got. I hear ya LOUD and clear buddy boy!
  9. Yawn. Sorry my F/R isn't as big of a deal as yours was. It must not be a true F/R. .... Just wanted to see my siggy again.
  10. lol! I can't! I love Darrell..it looks like Darrell, but it's pronounced Da-rell! So ummm listen.. Can I have your number? Can I have it? Can I have it? Edited to say: the video can be found at you tube by doing a search for :can I have your number
  11. I don't recall saying anything about stopping my credit repair? Perhaps making an appearance in every CB F/R thread isn't necessary since things tend to get heated up.
  12. I don't know...comply or don't. That's basically it. LIFE GOES ON...
  13. They are worth it to me. Why? Because now I don't carry First Premier or any other card I used to think was a good card before I came to CB. These two AMEX's represent my hard work repairing my credit report. If they want me to prove that I make the income I say, I will prove it. I don't mind a full rectal at the moment. Your prerogative was to close yours, and that's fine.

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