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  1. mixedup

    VA mortg loan

    It's been a while ! Hope everyone is well. We are considering buying a single family home with a VA loan. What does the dti ratio need to be ? If it 41%, does that mean 41% of our monthly income covers everything including the new house payment ? Or will the other 59 % of our income cover the new mortg. Is all income counted ? I have a seasonal job- about 6 months a year, but I make about 25k. Some may be put off by the seasonal but others may love the income ? Our total income for the year is going to be approx 106k maybe a little more. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Tweak, There is no reason to close it, you actually do have a point in putting it away. I have just paid off some cards in the past couple of months and closed them ( Macy's, Dillards, etc ) it was just time to move on from them. Thanks a lot for the reply.Have a good day.
  3. Good morning- I have 2 Visa cards DCU has a daily avg of 9.9 %. And my other card is issued thru my local credit union charges a variable which is currently 16.24 % . Obviously I can tell that 16.24 is higher but, does it end up being cheaper in the long run ? I don't understand how they work. I have just paid them both off this morning and one of them will be closed. Thanks so much. Have a good day.
  4. Here's the update- DCU 4.49 % he ended up financing $ 9600.00 No cosigner. Thank you all !!!
  5. Dollar Dog ,he brings home about $ 400.00 a week. I will have him call DCU.
  6. Alright . Thank you all so much. Yes, he has only spoken to the salesman and it was over the phone. I wanted to make sure that rate was not a standard set by Ford because of it being a special program. Thank you again .. You're the best😀
  7. His scores are in the 700's . He has a Visa card and a walmart card that are always pd on time and the accounts are over a year old. I can not cosign for him now, my credit is good , but still trying to buy a house. I had posted lastnight about the Ford first time buyer program, I found some information about that, the dealer told him 10% down which would be about 1500-1800( he was looking for a truck) The salesman kept telling him that he has to pay 19% because he has no car credit. Thank you all !😊
  8. Is 19% interest rate to be expected for first time car buyer ? Son was approved through Ford, but so far the only thing we can get out of the dealer is that he thinks the interest is 19%, is that negotiable ? He is a first time buyer, going through Fords program and has $ 2,000 down. Thanks .
  9. Sorry my question didn't post the first time. My son is 19 and has an income of about $ 1500.00 a month. He has a walmart card and a Visa card. His FICO is about 720. Our credit union will not give him a loan because of his income. He does not have a cosigner. Are there any places that will finance him ? Is the FORD first time buyer program really for first time buyers ? Or just a bait program ? He has about $1200 or $1500 for down payment. Thank you for your help.
  10. Looking at a foreclosure , the last sale was in Nov 2013 for 130k that's what the bank paid for it. Did they really pay for that ? Or is this a way to make it look like the property is worth 200k
  11. Hello !! Been a while since I've been here so, I hope you're all doing well. I am thinking of a different career path. It's been a couple of years since I have worked. But, I think I would like to get my insurance agents license. I would like to get my property and auto license and then branch out into something maybe like title insurance etc. Can someone please tell me the schooling that I need to have, possibly the names that will give me the hours etc. When I go to "my Florida " website, the links don't connect me anywhere. Thank you in advance and again, I hope you're all doing well

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