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  1. From original post: "I want to offer 95,000 with 19,000 down @ 3.5% for 15 years." Ended up offering 100,000 with 20,000 down @ 4.125% for 20 years.
  2. I closed on Friday, 05/06. It was a good decision to buy. Had the rate locked in for past 6 weeks, so it isn't bad at all. Best to all of you!!
  3. Thank you! Since I've lived in the place for 3 years I feel I don't need a real estate agent.......just the lawyer. Frankly, my idea of a bid is writing a number on a piece of paper, facing it downward, then sliding it across the table. LOL......I'll get an education in this before too long.
  4. 2 pre-approval letters today. One for 30% more than I asked. 30 years......around 5%. I may go 15 years to get 4%. I'm late to the game, but better than never.
  5. I applied with a commercial bank. I will then apply with the FHA. Thanks.
  6. Thank you! Mortgage score? Don't know. I'm looking to see if I have 2 legs to stand on when applying for a mortgage.
  7. Buying wasn't on the radar 10 days ago, until..........landlord wants to sell small (460 sq ft) condo I've rented past 3 years. I've been getting a great rent deal for this area. Now, I'm searching only to find prices at least $400 more than I'd been paying. The place is a wonderful fortress of solitude. I was offered 1st opportunity to buy. Assessed @ $ 91,000 last Spring. Building is 50 years old. HOA dues are $210/month. Taxes are $200/month, though homesteading could drop that about 25%. I've lived in this general area all my life. No military service.....Vietnam ended the month I was to go in. I'm semi-retired. Income from SS, small pension, and W-2 (SS max of 19,500/year) is $4,000/month after small amount of income taxes are paid. I've been off the credit grid since a bankruptcy in 2010. I have nothing on my report. Score is 600. I have $75,000 cash on hand. I want to offer 95,000 with 19,000 down @ 3.5% for 15 years. I'm not gonna ask whether I should buy........obviously a personal decision. But, if there's an opinion, feel free. Are the terms I want doable, and with whom?
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