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  1. What would you do in my situation. I need some good advice please as I am at my wits end. Went to Mayo clinic last July 2016 and had some test etc run. I have private insurance (United Healthcare) with my employer One procedure was 4k (laboratory biopsy) United Healthcare denied that claim as medically unnecessary and refused to pay it. I have done an informal appeal, level 1formal appeal, level 2 formal appeal, level 3 formal appeal and all that is left now s the level 4 appeal with state board f insurance independent reviewer. Meantime Mayo Clinic sent me to 3rd party collections. I called Mayo and explained I am appealing with United and they recalled it. Now I get a dunning letter from them today saying because I owe them this debt any further procedures need to first be reviewed by the pre-appointment business services team and service may be denied. I don't have 4k and live paycheck to paycheck but they said that I make too much money for them to reduce the debt or write it off. 400 percent of poverty level gets it cut in half 200 percent of poverty level and they would make it zero. I make 450 percent of poverty level. I will be submitting the level 4 appeal to United for sure but I am pretty tired of all this. This debt should be paid by United not me. I paid Mayo my 5k out of pocket max last year. I also paid them my 5k out of pocket max this year. Here are some of my other ideas/options. Tell me what you think or if you have any other ideas please. * Write a letter to CEO of Mayo asking him to write off debt. My insurance has paid them over 250k this year alone and it is only August. They are going to cut off their nose to spite their face over 4k. I don't want to go somewhere else but if Mayo sends me back to collections or refuses to treat me further I will have no choice. *Contact local TV news consumer advocate to try to pressure United Healthcare to pay the 4k? * Due nothing go to collections and get sued? If it matters I probably have less than 3 years to live so the hit on my credit report for 7 years doesn't matter however I don't want to get sued or have my wages garnished.
  2. No I am sorry but the Magic words are "Here are your keys"
  3. I had a BK a few years ago and ended up with a santander car loan at 14 percent interest because of it. 6 months later I found Logix here on creditboards and applied for a refinance. They came through with flying colors and got me a new loan on the same vehicle but now at 4 percent interest. They also gave me a $500 credit card that I took looking to grow quickly. I pushed 10k through that card in six months and that's no easy feat with a 500 dollar limit. Now 2 years later my credit is much better and I am looking to get a new vehicle so went to them first. I have made every car payment for the past 2 years on time and always paid extra. I do direct deposit with them and also have 5k in my savings account there. So i was very surprised and floored when they said they would only finance 85% of a new car and I need to put 15% down. Also my $500 credit card with them is still at you guessed it $500.00. At this stage of rebuilding I have a 8k and a 10k cards with Barclay and a 20k card with Capital One. I traded in the car yesterday and the second the loan disappears from my online account access page I am going to close my checking, savings and cancel the $500 credit card. For whatever reason it sounds to me like they don't want me as their customer. Good riddance.
  4. I bought a new car yesterday (2015 Hyundai Santa Fe turbo for about 27K) and I feel I got a great price on the car, I received lots of rebates from Hyundai and have no complaints about the price of the new car. The dealer treated me professionally and fairly. However they did not give me as much as I thought my trade was worth (they took a grand off due to needing new tires, 2500 for excessive mileage and 300 for a chip in the windshield) ) and the financing could have been better. They ended up giving me 6.9 percent. They say I missed the 0% Hyundai memorial day promotion by 5 points and also I have EXP frozen and wouldn't let them pull it. They did not like that one bit as they say it is the default for Hyundai (creditpulls says otherwise) How soon can I try to secure a better rate with someone else? I assume I need to at least wait to see who the lender is going to be so they can be paid off? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. We bought a new home and signed all the paperwork at the title company wednesday. Due to the holiday and the way everything worked out we wont be funded and get the keys until Tuesday night. I have had off work since last wednesday since we thought we could maybe close Friday. I have all next week off as well. Most everything that needs packed is packed and now we just WAIT. Every second is dragging by. I feel like i am in prison doing a life term. Normally weekends fly by. I have tried everything i can think of to make time go by quicker. I cant even take a nap. I just lay there. Help me
  6. phoenix and nashville When we visited the school Southwest Airlines had the lowest prices.
  7. They are real scores but 1 month old. I bought them from myfico before I applied for mortgage. No change other than reduced balances so may have gone up. My fakos have. Son got a great aid package so school cost will be manageable House is in perfect condition. It had to pass VA inspection. It needs things like drapes not items like repairs I have cash for washing machine dryer etc but was thinking about using a cc for points or f or Lowe's free financing etc Thanks for the replies so far
  8. So if everything goes as planned I am closing on a new house in two weeks June 1st. On June 2nd I want to apply for some new credit. Here is what I am needing and thinking about trying to get. If you don't mind please tell me what "order" you suggest I take. I need a bigger car. I will be trading in my 2011 jeep wrangler for a 4 door small SUV. Maybe a new or used Hyundai Santa Fe? The goal is to get a larger car for roughly the same payment I have on the jeep even if it means going more years? My jeep loan is with Logix Federal CU at a pretty good rate. %4.0 I think Should I use dealer financing or ask Logix for the loan first? I need a travel CC. My son is leaving for college in 2 months so I am looking at at least 4 round trip plane tickets a year for him to come home fall, winter, spring summer etc. I was thinking Cap one since they are giving absurd limits right now? The Cap1 pre approval site recommends the venture? I need a home improvement card. The house I am buying needs some little things but also a washer/dryer and a refrigerator. I was thinking Lowes? Thoughts? So what do you suggest? I buy the car first or apply for the 2 CC first? Should I app for Cap1 and Lowes at the same exact time? Score wise I am looking at middle to high 600s ie 655,672,698. I have a 2 year old dischard BK I appreciate your advice
  9. tangoisinkorea


    Thats awesome Congratulations!
  10. Hi Tawny So just as an update I called a lender and they gave me a p an official preapproval even while the student loans were still in deferment for 3 more days. They just required a letter or statement from the servicer of what my regular payment would be once out of deferment status. The lender actually sent me this about a month ago so I already had it on hand,. That is in addition to all the regular paperwork such as bank statements, W2s, paychecks taxes etc. that I had to send them. Hope this helps.
  11. Hello I just went through this myself 2 weeks ago Go to myfico.com and buy the 3 credit scores report. It cost $60.00 That one item will have all the scored you need to see. There is a specific section for the fico 04 information and it is marked on the report "this is the report most mortgage companies use" Just make sure your middle score is above 620. Good Luck
  12. My student loans are in deferment for 8 more days. Do I need to wait until after they come out of that status to apply? Or even worse do I need to wait until my credit reports show they are no longer in deferment. I am afraid that could take a month. I already have a letter from the lender Navient stating exactly what my payments will be and I have own done my DTI calculations using that amount. It will be a VA loan if that matters. Thanks in advance
  13. I just purchased my FICO 4 (various different names) scores since I am going to applying for a mortgage in a few weeks and thought one or two members would maybe be interested in seeing the variance between my 08 and 04 scores. From my long time hanging out and reading here it seems that it is generally accepted that 04 scores can be a bit lower than 08 scores but it looks like my TU score is swinging in the opposite (right) direction. Exp EQ TU USAA FAK0 668 695 695 FICO 8 639 653 666 FICO 4 612 642 719 I know my FAKO is not a score it is there for my own tracking. Last but not least Experian if you are reading this I hate your guts.
  14. I will buy the 3 scores lenders use tomorrow from myfico. Thank you for the suggestion! This way If they come in too low I still have time to pay off some hight CC balances and lower my utilization for a score bump. I have been socking away cash for my reserves and just making regular payments on my CCs.

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