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  1. Ok am learning. Is this the thread you are referring to? Here. Certainly I would rather not re-invent the wheel. I am simply looking for an effective foad response. Second, on what grounds can this go to court while it's way past SOL unless they are boneheads?
  2. Just received a letter form convergent alleging some CC debt from 2004. They stated it's way past sol, can't sue, it's an attempt to collect blah blah bley. They sent it to an address I am in the process of moving from. End of 2020 I unfroze my CR. I will re-freeze and pull my annual report and keep a close eye anyway. Fico is about excellent, so I wouldn't take kindly to unwelcome tradelines. 1-Should I include my new upcoming address in the foad letter? 2-Here is my sample foad letter. Any suggestions? Dear ... I do not owe this alleged debt, nor any other. Do not attempt to make any tradeline insertions or otherwise, into my credit bureaus reports, regarding this alleged debt or any other. Do not contact me in any way, shape or form regarding this alleged debt, nor any other thereof. If you violate foregoing instructions I will pursue legal relief as allowed under relevant laws. Sincerely Me (PRINT, not signed)
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