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    hsbc-500 cl<br />orch bank-500 cl<br />hooters-1000<br />kay-1500<br />macy-100<br />bloomies-100<br />
  1. Not really sure what to do about this acct. it is 5 yrs old and really no CL. hsbc has this freeze on CL's right now. it was my first rebuild card and it has an annual fee of $59. come april should i close it or leave it open just for the AAOA? is it worth $59 to show a TL of 5 years? thanks in advance?
  2. i'm dealing with them now, i have an acct that is almost 7 years old. now the harassing phone calls come! damn will they ever stop?
  3. oh and my income is over 100k, which i think helped out.
  4. in regards to seattle and sk8r, my EX scores are 620ish, i have ) inq's and 1 bad collection that is 4 yrs old, i have 23 accts open all in good standing. 2 cars, 1 mc loan, mortgage and various CC's. i havent missed a payment in 3yrs so i'm not sure how i really got my green AMEX but i'm stoked about it!!!!!!! now i can shoebox all the hsbc cards!
  5. thanks guess i'll have to wait for card. thanks for the link.
  6. what is the link for exposure limit?
  7. actually i got approved for it, thats why i was wondering about how they reported, by having the AMEX TL does this somehow help my score?
  8. i have a household, orchard gold, and a a bbrz. did you use the pre-selector site?
  9. i agree. i'm also disappointed in the customer service side. i must have heard i'm sorry 400000000000 times. if they are that sorry increase the damn card!!!!!!!
  10. what does AMEX green card TL look like if you dont have a CL? just ondering if this tl will help out in the future, i have a lot of subprime cards right now. looking to make a leap into the GOOD credit rating.
  11. i rarely use this card i just wanted a CLI for the cushion on utilization. i'll never use this card i'll leave it sit and age. i have better cards that this ob gold.
  12. 5 yrs no lates either, they dont give any love to this acct, guess it'll be socked!
  13. no love, whenever i call they tell me HSBC made a business decision not to offer cli's. funny cause my standard orchardbank card just cli'ed me for no apparent reason. WTF!

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