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  1. Thanks for the chart. It really put everything into perspective for me.
  2. I want to know this as well because this is the step im on. Should i say i never lived at these addresses and list them out or should i just say this is my name and address please remove all other information as it is incorrect.
  3. Hey guys, another newbie question. myfico.com offers so many products. Is this the one that I should be ordering? How many new reports does the deluxe offer a year? Thanks guys. Fico Deluxe
  4. Do i want to buy the fico deluxe or fico standard? thanks
  5. I guessed i asked the wrong question. My real question is whether myfico is detailed enough so you can view each report so you can ask the cras to verify each record.
  6. What is the best package to get when pulling all three reports? Should i go to each individual site and buy the one year package? thanks jon
  7. Thanks guys, just to make sure i have the facts straight. Its ok to use the free ones but it gives them an extra 15 days to dispute. So pay for the first copy to dispute and they will send me free copies.
  8. I'm getting some mixed suggestions regarding where to pull credit reports from. I went to each CRA and pulled my annual free credit report but people on the board say that these reports are not good enough for disputing. Is this true? If so do i pay on each of the three and get an actual credit report? thanks guys Jon
  9. Thanks guys, I have already opt-out online. I found a link in one of the newbie threads and opted out for 5 years. So my next step is to call each cra and ask that the addresses are deleted and put a fraud alert on the credit cards and voicestream bill. What do I do about the Marlin collection agency. I have an idea where thats from, do they do collections for MCI? I remember not paying a bill from them in the past. Is it possible to pay them now?
  10. Hey all, I read Psychdoc's transcripts 1 and 2. Wow I'm still trying to digest all the info. Well im just taking his advice and am tying to be a little less post-shy. I am currently 24 years old and due to old bills occurred when i was 18, 19 I couldnt even get a cell phone. Here is my situation. I printed 3 credit reports from TU, experian and equifax (all free because i havent done so this year). I noticed on my Equifax report that I have: 1. My current address is not a place I have ever lived at (fraud?) 2. I have 6 revolving accts with $404 outstanding (This seems to belong to an account called CITI CARDS CBSDNA) I have never had a credit card in my life! 3. I also have an open account called INOVISION MARLIN CO ($317) I have no idea what this is for 4. Lastly I have a voicestream wireless bill (dated for 07/2002) for $223!! I have never had a voicestream phone Having bad credit really affecting my life, and i want to try to fix it. I'm not trying to make the community do my research for me. I have read a lot myself but really have a hard time understanding everything. So from what i gather I should write a letter to the CRA's (equifax, TU and Experian) asking for them to show me proper documentation for each of the accounts with balances, if not please remove the damaging records from my report? Or do i send the letters to Inovision Marlin, Citi cards and voicestream? Thanks for all the help guys, sorry for posting a huge biography. Jon
  11. Thanks for the quick replies guys. Ok so I’m not going to waste my time with changing my addresses. I’ll just give them a call and if changing them helped, then it’s a plus. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction CramItCCCAs and tal. I will definitely check out those transcripts as soon as I get off of work. So are my free reports good enough for now? I don’t understand what FACTA means, sorry must be a common noob question.
  12. Hey guys I’m new to the board. So far I’ve read the 101 in the newbies section, had to read it a couple times before even starting to understand it. So this is what I’ve done so far: I’ve printed out my free credit report from Experian and Equifax, but I couldn’t get Trans Union. It seems I already got my free one sometime this year for TU. Anyways I know the next step is to dismiss my old addresses and any nicknames. My questions are: 1. My full name is Jonathan and on my Equifax report it says Jon. Is that considered a nickname? 2. How do I go about dismissing my old addresses, should I call each agency and tell them that I never lived there or no longer live there? Thanks guys, this site is a godsend. Jonathan

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