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  1. So, do not send a soft DV?
  2. This is a Repo that my son has on his CR. The Repo happened 7-8 yrs ago, But now Synergetic has it now. I was just curious if I should send a basic DV letter to them?
  3. What are the SOL in Missouri for a Four-wheeler Repo?
  4. http://www.creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12953
  5. What I usually do is send a short DV just to get the party started.
  6. Your Name Date Re: Account # 123456787 Dear CA, I dispute your claims in their entirety and request validation pursuant to the FDCPA. Sincerely, Joe Consumer This is what I use with NCO, They will run big time .
  7. My PM will not show me my reports, I called them and still nothing.
  8. Don't know who this is. Thanks.
  9. How can they ratejack when I never been late on a payment. Paid on time! They say they are going to raise my interest by 2 points, cause balances to credit limit too high. Too much owed on rev. accounts! Too many consumer finance accounts! WTF!
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