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  1. I got Amex before I got chase in fact before I ever applied for chase I had four Amex cards.
  2. So strange I was in Wal-Mart and bought some of this stuff today and I come here and the thread is still alive and kickin'. Hello to everyone.
  3. I find the Target Grocers more expensive. Every since Target changed lenders, increases seem to be very rare.
  4. I like playing the slots too. I leave my cards at home and take a certain amount and if I lose that's it but at least I rack a few points.
  5. Good stainless steel does not rust.[/quote I would still not pay 500 per year for it. IMHO just not prestigious, investments are....
  6. Oh I hope you get the Medicaid approval, they will give cabs and medical passes to get to your appointments. Check and see if there is a group called Americares in you area, they may be able to help until you get insured. Check with Catholic Charities to see if they can help or point you in the direction you need to get your medications. God bless you!
  7. Hope all works out for you Moriah. Long time no see. This is something that is needed, more help for depression. It's real as other illnesses. I live in Ct. And Sandy Hook was a wake up here, but there still needs to be a lot done. There are groups that give rides to people who need to make doctors appointments.
  8. That's a shame people are paid to do a job and come in and steal. I'd check out everything else even count the beer. I would feel violated. I don't like no one in my house when I'm not home.
  9. I am cooking here and enjoying friends and family for the holiday. In Ct. All of the stores and even restaurants will be opened on Turkey day. Yes I'd like an LED but I love the warmth and smells of Thanksgiving, my second favorite holiday.
  10. Yeah I'm almost dead being such a good neighborhood volunteer and helping out with my friend at TVCCA. Every child in the class was sick, and of course I celebrated my birthday sick and on antibiotics.
  11. My fingers are too sensitive for rust from a stainless piece of steel that I had to pay for every year at that price. That's not prestige, that's pure nonsense. Buy gold or add to a good portfolio. That's prestige.
  12. Congrats to you on your Amex approval. I never leave home without them. You should see something within 2 billing cycles.
  13. To the OP, I understand the need to get excited about building credit, but you wingspan is just too wide with store cards. Not many CU's or banks will give you the logo cards you need to help your FICO. I would keep a few and just realize your over eagerness and move on when your FICO rebounds. Good luck.
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