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  1. Cfpb complaint I've seen that they have been doing this to folks lately. They won't stop until the Cfpb starts taking a closer look at them. They can't validate that's why they haven't. They lied in their response to my complaint and said they didn't receive request for validation even though I attached my tracking info to the complaint. Keep a paper trail.
  2. I'm dealing with these turds now, they ignored my DV Request, reported. I made a CFPD complaint, they said they would delete. Well I disputed the TL on my report and it came back verified.. They are scum!!!
  3. Modest CLIs from synchrony PayPal MC 2000--> 3309 (I know weird number) Walmart MC 1600---> 2400 Ebates 800---- 1400
  4. It's not ACS its whichever lender has your loans though, ACS had my loans sorry for the wrong info. I also Obtained secured card with wells fargo, no annual fee, and it may graduate... Eventually.
  5. Figure out which lender has your Loans and inquire about student loan rehab, if you rehab your loans all derogs will be erased after making like 8 payments I think, don't quote me on that though. Paying them in full won't erase the derogatory marks but rehabbing them willl.
  6. Nothing unless you get them deleted. Have you DV'd them? Is it with in your states SOL?
  7. Just keep swimming (you lucky eff). Please confirm when you're done. will do!!
  8. B on TU... a pull from 2/5... I'm in Tex-a$$, Using the last few days of TUP before it cancelled..
  9. Slate and BCE. Slate its not a cashback card but I figure I will just reallocate the line to freedom. Freedom is only $1500 and they have me $4800 for slate. I've earned about $150 cashback already on freedom so far and ive already earned my points for AMEX ED and have no problem making the 20 purchases per month.
  10. It's been a long time Amigos, no big changes in scores. High 6's on ex, EQ and TU in low 7's . Got a new car, interest rates from double digits down to single digits. Highest TL is a care credit $9600. I've added another AMEX and chase since last check in. Utilization total around 10%. 2 baddies, 1 due to fall off in August. And one CO from WF due to fall off next year August. I disputed for early removal already from TU awaiting the outcome.
  11. I hit the Luv button a few days short of my 6 months and got a increase from $300-$800 then a few days later an auto increase from $800-$1300.

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