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  1. Keep in mind Walmart Neighborhood Market codes as grocery. I buy Walmart gift cards there for the 6% cashback and spend them at regular Walmarts and online @ Walmart.com.
  2. My WM store card is $25k, but that's from 2012. Maybe things have changed at Synchrony?
  3. Both my kids started as being AUs on our oldest cards and then got their own Citi, Discover and WalMart cards. Believe it, or not, most college kids go to Walmart a lot. The Walmart cards have since morphed to the MasterCard versions, so easy to show a little activity on them. In less than 5 years, both kids have over 500k cl thanks to their own cards and selective AU cards.
  4. We get the pre-approval offers from Commerce at our house about once a month. There are much better fish in the sea.
  5. I'd think long and hard about Section 8. It's a lot of work at times and it wasn't that good of a deal for me. I have friends who are landlords and love Section 8, though.
  6. This is a little known card that has a nice bonus. You and your spouse could each get one. https://applyonlinenow.com/USCCapp/Ctl/entry?sc=VACSTX#b
  7. You're on a roll - keep it going!
  8. nocash


    There is a wealth of information here! Congratulations on utilizing it!
  9. Proud of you! It's a slow climb, but picks up speed after aging. The best time to start was 10 years ago, the next best time to start is right now.
  10. Both the colleges my kids attended accepted credit cards. One had a 3% service charge and the other had no service charge, but did not accept American Express. I paid the 3% fee one time to hit the bonus spend needed on a card.
  11. 828!! My first time ever in the 800 Club!
  12. Walmart Neighborhood Market codes as grocery for AmEx. I don't know how far you are from one, but I buy Walmart gift cards there for the 6% BCP and use the cards at both super centers and online orders.
  13. nocash

    Quick free $100

    $50 for $500? I'm getting $100 for buying an almond joy on my uPromise. I bought a beer with uPromise for the $100!
  14. For maximum score, all of your CC's should report a $0 balance when they generate the bill, with the exception of one card that you leave a couple bucks on (not Chase or Discover). Chase doesn't report less than $2.00? I missed this somehow. Do they also "write it off" like Discover?
  15. Not anymore. AmEx changed their policy sometime within the last year. You have the current billing cycle when the account fee is billed to cancel.

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