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  1. eker services inc dba eker plumbing eker services inc dba eker landscaping eker services inc dba eker cakes and pies the legal company name is "eker services inc" credit applications asks for the LEGAL COMPANY NAME and EIN they may give you a seperate place to put the DBA name but the LEGAL NAME is what matters
  2. why would you apply for a loan if you didnt want a loan? the terms of this loan was known beforehand and everyone has the same 3.75/30 yr terms
  3. you will establish business credit when you make purchases and have payment history purchase items and/or services you need/use for your business every business needs tangible items and/or certain services to operate make a list and crossreference the list with vendors listed on this forum that supply those items/services and setup accts with them make regular purchases, vendors that report will report your payment history to business credit bureaus the point is that business credit comes by businesses purchasing from vendors, and getting payment experiences reported to experian, equifax, dnb make sure your business is in order.. see threads in this forum
  4. instead of this: 1234 MAIN ST APT 5678 type this: 1234 MAIN
  5. as already stated, use home as physical addr and get a po box for a mailing addr dont make your physical home addr avail to "angry customers" for official stuff and biz credit use your physical home addr everything else should have your mailing addr a reg agent svc is fine for state docs but dont try to use it as a phys addr also keep in mind, DnB will reject any kind of fake phys addr, virtual, mailing etc.. so no point trying rinse, repeat
  6. thought I posted here already (wasn't logged in) but I mentioned that amazon net and/or revolving would be something to consider since you can buy pro audio, video and professional photography equipment thru them or 3rd party people like bhphoto, adorama, etc
  7. so have you established any kind of credit accts in the years that your company has existed? and also, can you find your company listed on experian or equifax?
  8. i got one of these accounts back in like '07 think i used it once maybe charged $50 bucks, didn't like the fact that at the time they only took mail in payments in fact i remember going in walmart and everybody from the checkout lady to "management" was like wtf and mesmerized because they NEVER seen the card before the card swiped and went thru but they thought it was bootleg or something i have no idea what the criteria is now but i dont recall a personal guarantee being required when i got it try your luck dont pg these kinds of cards though... pg major cc
  9. everything since it's a retail space, any build out costs, permits, signs, etc
  10. there were "no pg" business credit cards but what happens is eventually they shut em down nowadays certain accounts and discoveries people probably keep to themselves to avoid abuse and eventual shutdown
  11. go to randall's and buy the $150 vsa gift cards, use your store discount card and you make like $5 per card off the deal after the 4.95 fee if you live where there is a safeway/randalls/tom thumb etc
  12. yes, you can give them your credit card number and they will "verify" your account
  13. you don't need to pg those accounts, you can get them after getting a couple accounts like uline, etc reporting I forgot how soon you can get amazon revolving but I don't remember it being hard
  14. don't.pay.people.for.stuff.you.can.do.for.yourself.for.free your on this board, so you can use the methods here to build up your biz credit for free and with ease if you just needed biz vsa/mc/amex then really it's your personal credit scores that matter anyways

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