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  1. Problem is that the first dealer won't give enough for my trade. They are 3000 off. they just ran a credit app for the new truck, no trade. If I get the judgement off and my score goes back up above 620 and I reapply are they likely to decline because of the 6 or so inq that have been added from this or because of the previous app? Is it worth trying?
  2. Hi Marv, I have another question. The new dealer did a credit app for the same truck, but we had to add a little in for my trade and sales tax. The total came to 35,409.40 to be financed. In the mean time, while we were working on this deal, a small claims judgement for ~$200 was reported on my credit and dropped my FICO from 626 down to 619. (I can get rid of this judgement but it will take some time) Now GMAC is saying no and Chase said max of $22,000. Is the drop from 626 to 619 to blame or did the higher amount kill the deal?
  3. Would the same lenders pull another hard if I applied in the next few days?
  4. I was looking at a new Chevrolet pickup Friday and the dealer put in a credit app for me and it came back with multiple approvals. The amount was about $32,000. The best was 72mo @8.95% w/0 down. Not sure who this was through but I know GMAC also approved but at a little higher rate. My credit was pulled by Bank of America, GMAC and Chase. My question is if I end up buying at a different dealer will my approvals be good there or will they have to do a completely new app? Also would they pull another hard inq. if I applied at a different dealer and possible for a different vehicle/amount within the next few days? Thanks!
  5. Sent first 2 for after SOL accts. Result: Collection accounts marked closed w/open date of 1/1/0001. Should they have deleted?
  6. OK one more question. If I have a few other HIPAA disputes to do involving other CA's, should I do those at the same time or wait? In total I have 8 HIPAA's to do with 5 different CA's.
  7. I am doing this process again and I have one more question. If there are 2 accounts on my report from the same CA but difference OC and both are past SOL should I dispute both at the same time, or do one at a time?
  8. The TU entry is gone! I haven't received a response in the mail yet but noticed on CCT that it's gone. Thanks why chat and everyone!
  9. boxcomp

    AMEX is nuts

    It still says online that "charges will not be approved" when I click check spending ability, but the card is working.. I don't see any of my recent activity online either. Do they have me locked out of something?
  10. boxcomp

    AMEX is nuts

    The Charge Cards are very different from the Credit Cards in terms of how flexible Amex is. Just use the card like you want to use it. They will either get with the program, allow you to submit the proper documents to get it up where it needs to be for your business, or they won't do anything but remind you to make multiple payments and you know to move on. There's no sense playing games. I can't believe the lengths people go to to try and outsmart Amex (Starbucks for first purchase, no Wal-Mart, etc.). I loved my Amex's. But they aren't so absolutely amazing you should be altering your life and habits to suit them. The card is supposed to work for you. I *never* had a problem with them. I charged anything and everything anyplace and everyplace -- seedy or not. A few times they asked me to call in to "update my profile" (salary, etc.). I sent in tax returns for one of my business accounts. They let me run obscene amounts through my cards. If they started capping me at 1-2 transactions before I needed to make a payment or if I needed to consider "will Amex not like this type of charge" before using my card at Wal-Mart, they would have been gone and I would have found someone else to deal with. The whole point of paying the large annual fee was to avoid having to think, not add more things to worry about. If you have a business that has $25,000 a month in charge volume and Amex doesn't treat you well, someone else will. But I urge you to give them a chance. If you have documentation to back up your request, they can be very accommodating. We've decided to go ahead with the card. We have docs to support our spend and cash in the bank so we'll see how they do. I just hope we didn't blow it by being proactive with asking about our charging ability.
  11. boxcomp

    AMEX is nuts

    AMEX would really freak out if they saw a paypal for exactly $2000 to the same company as who owns the card... They would repo the cards!
  12. boxcomp

    AMEX is nuts

    Well, actually, it does bug me that they tell us we can charge 25k in a month and then change their minds and say 1k. That is crappy.

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