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  1. Cabo Fish Taco, NODA, Charlotte, NC Interesting dishes, incredible eclectic atmosphere and best of all, great drinks with reasonable prices....oh, yeah good people watching too..
  2. Thanks guys; this would actually be my first HDTV purchase. The main family set now is a 35" Sony Trinitron---for an analog set, the picture has been fantastic but alas i guess it is time to move on. Jetta---sorry about your experience..that blows... The 42" W on display in Costco, had everybit as sharp and clear a picture as the higher priced sonys etc beside it.... Radi...I figured these LCDs are a lot like a home a/c unit---basically the same inside with cosmetic differences and big price diffs for name brands... Who knows........
  3. ok, so I am supporting a defunct industry from days gone by...my primary is a 73 tr6.......methinks GM is kindof like British Leyland in the 70s [well without the cool cars, lol] Anyhow who says a 37 yr old supposedly poor quality car wouldnt last???
  4. Hello, Anyone have experience with 42 inch westinghouse lcd? They have one at costco for $599 now; seems to be a decent deal but you never know?????? Thanks,
  5. 'Bout two hours. (I'm in West Columbia). When things quiet down .... I see road trip to Gaffney for me, Nem, and Marilee.... you can come hang out and have lunch with us as we laugh at the giant peach butt. HeHe, I laugh at this thing everytime I drive from Clt to Atl....I really want to climb up the tower some night and put a giant pair of panties on it...
  6. The US national whitewater center is da bomb. It is near the 485 &85 junction. Also the cafe there is nice if you dont feel the need for whitewater adventure. If you go to NODA, you must eat at Cabo Fish Taco. I would stay in Soutpark, Uptown or down by Ballentyne, Not University city or airport area. Lake Norman is nice if you have a boat or rental. Best nice restaurant in town is Lavecheccias in east uptown. have fun.
  7. I am fired up. I have been eating salads, fruit, and fish for the past month or so and running 2.5 miles each night. I have to head to Atlanta today so plan to blow it and stop in GA at Krystal and get a big greasy 6 pack of Krystal sliders..........GeeZ, I can taste 'em now.
  8. I despise the holiday just for this reason. I grew up with just Mom, Dad, and Bro. Mom's parents didnt live far away. We were always home on Christmas but sometimes would head to Mom's parents in the pm for dinner or whatever. Never had to spend the night. Along comes DW. Her family all loads up and drives forever to a forsaken South BFE with 25-40 other family members. We had to spend several days there---uuuuggghhh in a 2 br house with 1 bath and 9 adults and 6 little kids just because they had always done it that way. One of the other grandparents had a large farmhouse with lots of brs and bathrooms but NO, can't change the tradition. For the OP's hubby, I recommed: BEER. in my case they were a bunch of tea toadlers (sp)-----AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH...bringing back bad memories, lol. Good luck
  9. thanks guys. I'm debating on whether to call her [sis] at this point.
  10. ok, we've been running the A/C upstairs and DW turns on the gas logs downstairs.... Decorated the shrubs and trees with Christmas lights Sunday in shorts and a tank top
  11. Last week, I was sitting at my desk and get an email from my older sis. She tells me that my other sis's[actually half sis] daughter was found dead earlier in the week. Now I have not seen/spoken with the other sis in 15 years but did know that her daughter [29yrs old] was a mess. She has two kids [8 and 6] that sis is raising and has been into drugs etc. To make a long story short, her death is blamed on a combination of a violent act by a boyfriend and sleeping pills. All hugely tragic but I did not go to the visitation and funeral as I figured it was a long ways away and would be very wierd to show up after we haven't spoken in years. (i did order and send a spray0 My Bro called her and she basically guilted him into going (they havent spoken in years either). Not sure if I just feel guilty now but believe that her side of the family thinks me to be the schmuk. What would you guys have done?
  12. ok, not exactly a pickup line but more of a end of the date line: She: "Um, I don't do that on the 1st date." He: "Ok, then, how about on the last?"
  13. The step in a buckle bindings are way better. Those with the metal "pegs" on either side are usually found on rental equipment.
  14. ((((((SG))))))) best wishes to get through this..

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