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  1. I don't know if this will prove helpfull to anyone I got a letter in the mail from cap 1 asking why I had not used my card and asked me to call this number 1-877-513-9959, Nice woman answered and asked what she could do for me. I said I recived a letter asking why I was not using my card. She asked why I said I was not happy with the 5k line said instantly said if I were to change your line to 10k would you consider using your card. I replied I would consider it. She raised the line, we parted ways and I put the card back in the safe. Maybe this number can help ya'll out. - No credit report pull Updated scores for me about 730 - 750 across the board.
  2. They always hold my avl credit for 5 business days. I had a balance of 8$ on my carnival card and pif and they held that two. Find it funny they trust me enough to give me a 22k line but are afraid an $8 pmt might not go though.
  3. Applied approved instantly, 5k temp line, called the number on the back of one of my other chase cards went though the automated system 10k actual credit line at 15.24% which is fine by me after I make my purch Ill move the line to one of my other chase cards. INQ was TU btw.
  4. I called the Chase number and selected the balance transfer option, when I got to a rep I asked to move 15k from one line to another to do a transfer she put me on hold for less then a minuite and came back and said it was all set. Last time I did something like that it cost me two hards. I checked truecredit about 2 hours later and no hard at all and the lines have already been moved. If you all want to move lines around maybe instead of going to a customer service rep you should go to the transfer department. Just a thought. Hope it Helps Wow my 100th post!
  5. We received your Credit Line Increase request and have forwarded it to our Credit Department for review. You'll receive a response from us via U.S. mail within 7-10 business days. Thank you for using our website. Is this an automatic NO or is this just typical of submitting the form?
  6. Im gonna have to agree with this post 100% Im glad I'm not the only one thinking it. I have to wonder was putting 18k in credit card debt in his name really ment to help your son or you?
  7. In my post I had called on two days ago asked to go from 2.5k to 20k and was approved. Never underestimate saying you want sideing and new windows!
  8. Called this morning to ask for a cli after haveing the card sit at 2.5k for 2 years, Got customer service rep asked how much I wanted said would like 20k line, she transfered me to underwriting, had a quick talk with an analyst wanted to know what "projects" I was working on. Boom 20k line, painless. TU pull FICO as of last week 726. Ah well but now up up to 1 inq on tu :-)
  9. No baddies, score from myfico yesterday was 713. And debt to income about 15% UTL about 6%
  10. MC, I thought I'd play nice nice with the MC till Jan than try for the amex, Guess Ill throw the MC the business. Usually I use my chase cash plus but I have maxed the 300 cash back.. Now I understand that citi dividend is no longer 5%.... so back to using them only for bt's
  11. Had the account for 2 months, started with 10k line, only used the card once for 5$ called today and said I was ready to make this card the only one I used but felt uncomfortable only have 10k line, asked for a increase and they raised it to 25k, asked which bur they pulled while talking to the underwriter and was told equifax :-( was hopeing for TU but oh well. 15k worth the hard.
  12. Is it be or does almost every price at walmart end in .97 Maybe its their way of being funny?
  13. Call the credit department and ask the have the decision reconsidered have someone look at it. 1-888-807-6262
  14. are u military affiliated? And are you talking about the Debit card or CC? Yes, had the military affiliation. Talking about the USAA Amex Cash rewards card. That's the card I applied for; I am not expecting to receive the rewards part of the card. Glad to be in the door with USAA, though. You must have applied for this while I was on vacation. I thought you were only going to do the savings account for now. What limit did you get? Heya, sg. I did apply for the AMEX card while you were away. Got $5000 limit with a 11.99% APR (which I understand is pretty good for non military). I'll be asking for a bigger line at activation. I wonder how their underwriting works, I applied got a 10k line but an 18% rate.... anyone have any luck asking for a lower rate?
  15. You might want to check the fine print. Most cards don't give rewards for BTs. I don't know about Juniper... I'd just hate for you to go through all those extra steps for nothing. ETA: Congrats on the new cards! Yea they are actually running a special where you can get 1 point per dollar you transfer for up to 10k

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